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The Office Recap – Sending Packer packing

Tonight’s episode saw the return of one of The Office’s most notorious obnoxious characters: Todd Packer. Packer is Michael’s “best friend”…if a best friend is someone who takes a dump on the carpet in your office as a special surprise. … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Can you hear me now?

Tonight’s Modern Family, called “Regrets Only,” really focused on the importance of listening to your significant other. Or, rather, what happens when you don’t listen well enough. Rather than break down the entire episode, I am just going to offer … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – Blame it on the alcohol

Wow—if that doesn’t scare kids into sobriety, nothing will. Turns out that the ultimate in public humiliation (i.e. puking on stage at a school assembly and listening to your own drunk dial on the intercom) pretty much sells the horrors … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Down in the dumps

Tonight’s episode of HIMYM, entitled “Garbage Island,” was a little all over the place, with the various story threads not quite connecting. That doesn’t mean that each one didn’t work in its own right or hit solid moments, but it … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Girls (and boys) gone wild

Girl on girl….guy on guy….girl on nerd….we got a little of everything in tonight’s enjoyable installment of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. In tonight’s 90210 episode, “It’s High Time,” there was a lot of forward motion in our storylines…and each one … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters Recap – Brody parks in Pasadena

I was out of town this weekend, so I just got around to catching up on last night’s Brother & Sisters in which the infamous Brody made his first appearance! And I have to say, I was kind of disappointed. … Continue reading

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The Office Recap – Threat Level Midnight, Entertainment Value Awesome

Ready…set…DIE (laughing)! Tonight’s episode “Threat Level Midnight” was the level of comedy we have been wanting for quite a while. Everyone (seriously everyone—even former cast members) had a chance to shine in the long-awaited screening of Michael’s action-spy thriller. The … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Princess Party crashers

Guess who’s coming to dinner? And a princess party? Nana DeDe—Jay’s ex wife and Claire and Mitchell’s mom! Oh yeah, and Claire’s high school boyfriend Robbie who DeDe hooks up with. It was another excellent episode on all fronts for … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – Trying to Make a Comeback

Tonight’s episode of Glee was called “Comeback”—and ironically that is exactly what this show needs to do right now. In my opinion, that did not happen in this episode. This episode felt a little all over the map and didn’t … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Take 2.0

Not gunna lie, tonight’s 90210 “Revenge with the Nerd” seemed a little dull compared to the last several episodes we have been treated to this season. However, in all fairness, the last few episodes were insanely intense. I feel as … Continue reading

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