How I Met Your Mother Recap – Daisy

Season 9, Episode 20

Sunday 2pm, 4 hours before the wedding…

We are down to the wire with episodes and tonight’s HIMYM episode, “Daisy,” didn’t deliver til the very end. I mean, after last week’s [literally?] killer twist, the first half of this episode felt a tad weak exploring Lily’s “secret” disappearance in the night. Then, fortunately we were treated to an awwww-inducing payoff.

Daddy Dearest
Robin’s mother is in the house, at long last, after a surprise arrival for the wedding day. For some reason I was expecting more of a strained relationship, but I guess I was just thinking of Robin’s daddy issues. Instead, she and her never-seen mom actually have a pretty nice mother-daughter vibe and are at ease with one another. It is unfortunate timing that the show had a couple of lame fear-of-flying airplane disaster jokes involving Robin’s mom, given the scary Malaysian Air news this week. Just like Robin’s mom freaking out on the plane, that part didn’t sit too well.

Robin and Lily hang out with the ex-Mrs. Scherbatsky and start chatting about the groom. It is at this point that Robin’s internal fears over marrying a defective man like her father are verbalized inadvertently by her unsuspecting mother. It seems that Robin’s scary father has several uncanny things in common with Mr. Stinson, right down to impersonating a Prussian aristocrat and having a portrait painted just to hook up with girls. This leads to Robin’s 99th panic this year about her impending wedding to ultimate womanizer Barney. Please can we just get these two down the aisle already? Perhaps with a ring bear?

Mum’s Mom’s the Word
Meanwhile, the boys are brunching, complete with Ranjit and Billy Zabka. Marshall mentions his confusion over Lily’s disappearance during the night when they argued, and how she returned suddenly willing to give up Italy and let Marshall take the judgeship. Thanks to Billy Zabka’s late night dirt-biking, the bros quickly piece together that the mystery car belonged to the Captain…ahoy!

Barney ditches (temporarily) the meeting of his future mother-in-law and a saltine cracker challenge so that they can all head over to the Captain’s Long Island estate and avenge the Lily situation. Marshall immediately punches the Captain in the jaw—and challenges him to sword duel because he does like a good fake duel. But the Captain says that Lily only popped by bizarrely, used the bathroom and then left. His fiancé, the infamous “Boats! Boats! Boats!” Becky, corroborates the Captain’s account.

Thanks goodness for another installment of the Mosby Boys, incorrectly solving crimes since childhood. Ted pieces together an elaborate rationale behind Lily’s strange disappearance and recent behavior tics, all leading to the conclusion that she secretly started smoking again while Marshall was away and that she snuck off to smoke in the Captain’s bathroom that night. And in true Ted fashion, he took about 15 self-amused minutes to explain the sentence I just wrote. Just as Ted reaches into the Captain’s daisy plant to pull out what he thinks will be a cigarette butt, he instead pulls out….a stick Lily peed on (i.e. a pregnancy test)!

The guys go rushing back to the Inn so that Marshall can confirm the news with Lily. You see, she CAN keep a secret! And it turns out her Kennedy drink package this entire time has been water with lime. Wow, that is quite a bit of money to pay for some water. But, Linnus has been on top of every sip! Marshall and Lily really and truly make up, re-solidifying their relationship. In that moment, Marshall declares that they WILL move to Italy to follow Lily’s dream, because she is already making his dream of fatherhood come true for a second time. It is a sweet moment and it is nice to see a couple follow the female’s dream for once. Granted, going to live in Italy for a year or two isn’t exactly a hardship.

Even sweeter is the flash forward to a year from now, with Lily and Marshall using their stock Italian phrase to speak of Funyons. But they have picked up more language skills and seem to be enjoying la dolce vita. That’s when new-ish lovebirds Mickey (Lily’s dad) and Judy (Marshall’s mom) come out to join them on the terrace with their grandkids: toddler Marvin (awww) and a baby girl…Daisy!

Were you surprised by the Lily pregnancy news? Or the “now we ARE going to Italy” twist? You just knew that there had to be SOME kind of twist to Lily’s minor disappearance if they were going to dwell on that in one of their very final episodes. And I left out another nice moment when Barney finally met Robin’s mom and gave her a big ole’ bear hug. It’s just too bad that Robin still feels a little shaky on whether Barney can be reliable for the long haul. But I say, onward with this wedding! It’s about time already. Unless the Mother is going to be dead. Then I don’t want time to move forward.

One last overall comment, really more of a shout out. I happened upon this very well constructed and helpful timeline of Ted’s life, written out with his significant moments in chronological order based on all the details we have been told. Very cool.

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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Daisy

  1. Alla says:

    I love that the show is giving us an epilogue of sorts for all the characters. We know how Marshall, Lily and Ted’s lives turn out many years into the future and after investing so much time into their lives it only seems fitting. Now we just need more info on Barney and Robin.

    • Jeni says:

      I totally agree on how nice it is to get some kind of epilogue in phases throughout this season. Granted, we don’t quite know how Ted’s life fully turns out (whether the mother is dead or alive in 2030) but we do know a lot. And it’s funny because so many people out there complain that we are not getting enough of the mother. I have actually been pleasantly surprised by how much we HAVE seen her. For many years watching this show, I mostly thought that if we were lucky, we might get to see her face in the very final episode. But then the writers gave us a major gift of seeing her in last year’s finale, and this season have done such a good job of fleshing out her character in short but highly satisfying moments. We have been getting to experience a lot of Ted’s happiness with her this entire year, and that is more than I ever thought we would see. And yes, lovely to see Marshall and Lily with their little family in the future.

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