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90210 Recap – Wipe Out

On tonight’s 90210 episode, “Best Lei’d Plans,” West Bev High held about the 90,210th class party of the school year—and it is not even Christmas yet! This week we were treated to a good old-fashioned luau—complete with tiki torches, pork … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Love me tender

None of the family stories intersected on tonight’s episode, “Mother Tucker,” but each one was strong and true to character for the respective families. If you want to stretch a theme, you could say that there were some touchy-feely circumstances … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – What the Furt?

I was wondering what “Furt” meant when I first saw the episode title in my DVR guide. I should have known it would refer to the now-brother duo of Finn plus Kurt along the same lines as “Puckleberry” (I guess … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Thankful for Blitzgiving

Tonight I give thanks for “The Blitz, “ a smorgasbord of pop culture references and a heaping helping of comedy. It was like someone made a special Thanksgiving sandwich with my favorite ingredients—How I Met Your Mother, LOST (with Hurley!) … Continue reading

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The Office Recap – WUPHF

I must admit that when I saw the description for tonight’s episode on the DVR, I was skeptical. Let’s face it, The Office has been extremely hit-and-miss lately, and I figured it would be asking too much to have two … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Old MANny and Childish Behavior

Two words: flash mob. For me, this episode really kicked it up a notch when a flash mob broke out at the shopping center and Mitch—of all people—was a part of it. And then, the show surprised me yet again … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – Oh it’s a jolly Holiday

Tonight’s episode, “The Substitute,” was jam packed with fun musical numbers and funny dialogue. Holly Holiday was breath of fresh air for the Glee Club when Will gets sick…but it was also a breath of fresh air for me because … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Secrets, secrets are SO fun…secrets, secrets hurt someone

Secrets began to unravel in tonight’s 90210 episode, “They’re Playing Her Song.” Apparently “her song” referred to Adrianna’s totally happening singing career. UGH! And also, HA! But on a serious note, several serious things went down (and locked down) in … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – You’ve Gotta Have Friends…and Glitter!

I have learned many things over the years since being introduced to one of TV’s greatest character alter-egos, Robin Sparkles. There was the importance of going to the mall TODAY; there was the frailty of summer love being washed away … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters Recap – Business and Pleasure

Tonight on Brothers & Sisters, we experienced “The Rhapsody of the Flesh” and learned some new names for the, ahem, private parts of the Walker men: Happy Captain (Justin), Little Big Horn (Kevin) and Magnificent Seven (Tommy…wherever he is). In … Continue reading

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