Brothers and Sisters Recap – Brody parks in Pasadena

I was out of town this weekend, so I just got around to catching up on last night’s Brother & Sisters in which the infamous Brody made his first appearance! And I have to say, I was kind of disappointed. Maybe I was just exhausted from my long drive back home, but I did not really see or feel any true chemistry between Nora and Brody—either their “amazing” romance long, long ago really was so long ago that the spark is gone, or all the characters built up the spark so much that nothing could live up to it.

Nora got a call on her radio show from a man who was debating about reaching out to his old high school love after many years. She immediately recognized the voice as that of Brody’s, and despite her warnings for him to leave well enough alone, she returned home to a giant RV in her driveway and a dog running in the yard. Brody had arrived anyways. As we knew from the last episode, Sarah had paid him a visit. We quickly learned from Sarah that he put to rest any questions of him being her father, so at least we don’t have to worry about another paternity issue for the family (even Nora made an amusing comment to Brody about there being a lot of paternity crises in their family!). But Brody’s visit certainly caused quite a stir for Nora and her curious (and fearful) children. You see, neither Sarah nor Tommy/Rose wanted to catch the wrath of Mama Walker for bringing her long lost love back into her life.

After some squabbles—and Nora hilariously mopping up after Brody’s dog Lily who left a little mess in her kitchen—the two eventually had a heart-to-heart and realized they both made sacrifices and had regrets in their lives, but they also did so to follow their dreams. This chat between them was by far their nicest moment together, especially because it seemed so true: they both gave up each other to chase what they wanted (Nora a family and Brody a baseball career) and while they each had their share of struggles, it was clear that they probably would have struggled even more as a couple. But…now they are older and have both changed as people. The fact that he left his ill dog with her when heading out on the road for baseball only means he will have to return. Nora said herself that Brody could not be more different than William—but maybe that is exactly what she needs! Except, why does family-oriented Nora always get paired with a total loner?

The rest of the family dealt mainly with shenanigans revolving around Paige’s class project…the age-old ‘pretend a sack of flour is a baby.’ Paige even named her flour baby Joaquin. This whole plotline was so trivial—No Saul? No Scotty? No Luc?—and didn’t offer much in the way of any developments other than Paige accidentally learning that her grandmother Nora got knocked up with her mother Sarah at age 19. It also offered one good sight gag of Kevin dressing the flour sack in a little hoody outfit. But seriously, is this what we have come to? There have got to be some other storylines for this family!

Looking ahead, it seems that Kitty will FINALLY return in the next episode! Hoorah! I hope we get a good story as to what she has been up to. Just as Kitty returns, it looks like Tommy and Rose will move to Arizona for Tommy to take a job managing a baseball team, which Brody set him up with. And Justin…is that a plotline calling your name? Justin has not had much to do this season other than say goodbye to Rebecca and date an annoying nurse. His new project looks like he will help a homeless war vet.

What did you think of Brody? Did his reunion with Nora live up to your expectations?


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