Glee Recap – Trying to Make a Comeback

Tonight’s episode of Glee was called “Comeback”—and ironically that is exactly what this show needs to do right now. In my opinion, that did not happen in this episode. This episode felt a little all over the map and didn’t have the flow and control that last week’s Kissing Booth had. This show frustrates me the most when character development not only erases itself between episodes, but even throughout a single episode. It is hard to root for a couple or feel any emotional attachment when in the course of one hour the characters involved are so completely wishy-washy and flakey (ahem, Quinn!).  It wasn’t until the very end of the episode that anything of substance happened.

“Comeback” centered on Sue joining Glee Club for a week, which was a promising premise. However, things only got particularly interesting at the very end when she announced that this experience ‘inspired’ her to become the part-time coach of New Directions’ regionals competitor, Aural Intensity (so she can further destroy Schue and the kids). Everything else in this story arc involving Sue’s same ole antics—like only pretending to be depressed to give her an excuse to join Glee while actually plotting to take it down—felt tired to me. Even the opening in which Emma and Will feared that Sue committed suicide seemed off and in excessively poor taste (and not in a “it’s so inappropriate it’s funny” Glee way). And the hospital scene that showed us Will and Sue singing to pediatric cancer patients was certainly moving and heartwarming, but it was also pretty shameless and orchestrated in being just that.

I got a good laugh out of the B-story tonight, or more accurately, the B-ieber Story. Glee is “the show” of the moment and Bieber is “the performer” of the moment…so it was only a matter of time before their popularity charts crossed paths. I am rather surprised they didn’t get him to do a cameo—he actually IS the correct age to be high school student. I think the show did a good job of capturing the inexplicable Bieber Fever that has swept the teenage girl nation to the dismay of boys and adults everywhere. And Sam was certainly the best choice to be the founder of “The Bieber Experience” boy band. The highlights for me were definitely watching Sam test out his new act at a bat mitzvah for tween girls who storm him on stage, and then Puck sporting Bieber bangs. Sam’s main reason for even bringing on the Bieber, however, crashed and burned. He had wanted to secure Quinn’s affections, which it did in fact do, but after speaking with Santana he finally admitted to himself that Quinn cheated on him with Finn. I am glad Sam has started dating Santana for the sheer fact that they will be a more interesting couple and bring on some good drama.

The side stories tonight dealt with Puck still trying to score with Lauren—and sweetly helping her have the courage to perform solo for Glee—and Rachel trying to stage her own comeback as a driven diva. Her efforts to be a fashion trendsetter backfire when Brittany gets all the credit for dressing like a sexy schoolgirl (I do like her arm-warmers idea!). Then Rachel and Mercedes do a fantastic rendition of RENT’s “Take Me or Leave Me” for a diva-off that serve to bring them even closer together. Finn even encourages Rachel to keep going with her passion and instincts—and to write an original song for New Directions to sing at Regionals.

As always, a few of the more memorable lines from tonight’s episode:

  • “I wore a tank top today because I thought it was summer and no one ever taught me to read a calendar” (Brittany)
  • Emma’s latest Guidance Counselor Pamphlet: “I am too depressed to even open this pamphlet”
  • Spongehair Square Chin (Sue’ latest nickname for Will)
  • “I don’t care how depressed I am, I will not date a curly” (Sue to Will’s offer on going somewhere mysterious with him).
  • “I look hot and smart, like Michelle Obama” (the girls now dressing like Brittany, who is channeling Rachel)
  • Santana proposes being Sam’s mistress…and that means “not only am I giving you full visitation rights to the set of rambunctious twins that live above my rib cage, but you get the chance to show that pastry bag Finn that he can’t mess with Sam Evans”
  • “Your little field trip to the house of sad inspired me a little” (Sue)

Am I the only one who thought this episode mainly succeeded in showing some of the uneven flaws Glee has been struggling with this year? Is its second season capable of a comeback that can rival the awesomeness that was season one?

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3 Responses to Glee Recap – Trying to Make a Comeback

  1. Jenny says:

    Just wanted to let you know, I read your blog, and then could not resist going and watching Glee, even though I should have been finishing my paper. Your blog is a great accomplice to my procrastination:).

  2. Alla says:

    I finally got around to watching this episode. While most of it was just fine, I LOOOVE the Britney storyline. But then again, I love every Britney storyline.

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