Modern Family Recap – Can you hear me now?

Tonight’s Modern Family, called “Regrets Only,” really focused on the importance of listening to your significant other. Or, rather, what happens when you don’t listen well enough.

Rather than break down the entire episode, I am just going to offer a quick “Top 10” moments recap:

  • Jay finally got Gloria an awesome birthday gift that she loves, but he is definitely paying for it. Gloria’s not so sweet singing voice can only be drowned out by metal going into the disposal.
  • “I do Jay, why can’t I do you?” (Gloria offering to cut Phil’s hair…and Phil salivating at this enticing offer). Not to mention, her actually cutting his hair with her boobs directly in his face. I love that the show constantly gives us just enough inappropriate teasing between these two, with Gloria oblivious.
  • Cam is excited that no one called in any regrets to the musical society benefit he is hosting. And that is when Mitch sees Lily playing with the invitations he was supposed to mail for Cam in the back seat of the car. Apparently Mitch threw his gym bag on top of them…and he feels really bad because “I haven’t been to the gym in 6 weeks.”
  • “Happy valen-birth-versary” (Phil trying to cover for…whatever he did to upset Claire).
  • Phil back-tracking to Gloria the various comments he made to Claire the previous day to determine what he did to piss her off. And Gloria giving him a piece of mind.
  • “Want to hear the guest list for tonight? So far it’s anger, betrayal, terror and sadness. Congratulations Mitchell, you packed the house.” (Cam realizing that Mitch never sent his invites, which means his guests are nonexistent).
  • Alex trying to catch Haley in her lie about her restaurant job by bringing the family to the restaurant. I loved Hayley ordering the drinks her family ordered to the actual waitress… “What, I’m pregnant.”
  • Claire unleashing on Phil at the restaurant when he tells her to try the wedge salad. On the plus side, Phil finally learned which of his comments actually set Claire off the day before.
  • Manny having the balls to tell Gloria the truth about her karaoke singing, and calling Jay a coward.
  • Claire getting a massage at the mall. How to describe her pleasurable moans? Well, I think Jay said it best: “You know when you get a massage you sound like a Tijuana prostitute.”




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