Glee Recap – Blame it on the alcohol

Wow—if that doesn’t scare kids into sobriety, nothing will. Turns out that the ultimate in public humiliation (i.e. puking on stage at a school assembly and listening to your own drunk dial on the intercom) pretty much sells the horrors of getting wasted to teens. I think Glee has a point…most teens think they are invincible, so scare tactics really don’t work. But humiliation, well, that is serious. Tonight’s episode of Glee, called “Blame it on the Alcohol” further proved what most fans of this show have begun to realize—Glee is at its best when it has a common unifying theme that is enhanced by a good song choice, rather than trying to force a theme around a single artist or type of music. So, tonight we were in for a fun-filled episode!

It all started with an epidemic at McKinley, and it was not lice. Figgens needs the Glee club to prepare a song about the dangers of drinking for an assembly due to the high number of alcohol issues the school is experiencing. At the same time, Rachel is trying Finn’s advice to write an original song but realizes she does not have enough life experiences to write anything of substance. This set-up is the perfect recipe for a party! Preferably one with alcohol! Since Rachel’s two dads are out of town, she decides to host. A few amusing things to note about this party: first, I need to create a room in my house for awards ceremony viewing parties like her custom basement; second, Rachel’s idea of a party dress is something that looks like a Halloween costume for Little Bo Peep; and finally, hostess Rachel believes it is necessary to hand out drink tickets for wine coolers.

I enjoyed the entire party scene at Rachel’s, especially Finn’s assessment of the different types of drunk girls (happy, angry, weepy, needy, stripper—they sound like Snow White’s dwarves!) and the hilarious game of spin the bottle once the real alcohol came out of the liquor cabinet. This led to a very interesting kiss (and then awesome duet of “Don’t You Want Me Baby”) between Rachel and Blaine! Kurt was none too pleased that his crush started questioning his sexuality, while Blaine and Rachel each felt the full effects of beer goggles. Rachel and Blaine decide to test the waters with a date and end up having a good time, which leads to some interesting dynamics between Kurt-Rachel-Blaine. Rachel and Blaine each truly felt a spark for each other, but it could mostly be the alcohol; whereas Kurt is critical of Blaine for not knowing who he is. Blaine, in response, calls Kurt a hypocrite for not understanding what it is like to be confused about identity. Ultimately, Rachel kisses Blaine while sober and he then knows for sure he is gay. Rather than be upset, Rachel is ecstatic to have genuine material for writing her own music!

Meanwhile, Mr. Schue took up Beiste’s offer to blow off some steam at the “local honkey tonk” bar and they ended up on stage singing together and having a drunken blast. Unfortunately, Will ended up leaving a drunk dial—for Emma he thought—except he accidentally left the message for Sue. While the Glee club dealt with their hangover by performing “Blame it on the Alcohol,” Will drunkenly graded papers and gave everyone As. They all struggled to determine a song to sing at the assembly that wouldn’t actually glorify alcohol (if one exists) while discussing the hypocrisy of media and adults selling the wonders of alcohol to kids while also telling them never to drink. The kids settled on performing Kesha’s “Tik Tok” (or as Figgens announced it, “Tik and also Tok”) but each took a few swigs of alcohol before going on stage to perform. Bad idea. In the middle of a stellar performance—with Brittany as lead singer—all that jumping around made her vom right onto Rachel in front of the entire school. Gross! That, coupled with Sue playing Will’s drunk dial over the intercom for all to hear, pretty much sent the message Figgens was hoping for: don’t drink or public humiliation will find you. Figgens even offered Glee Club a “congratulations” for their inventive technique and gave them frozen yogurt coupons!

As always, there were some great one-liners:

  • “K…dollar-sign…sha” (how Figgens says “K$esha”)
  • Sue calling Will a future alcoholic.
  • “What’s up my hot little Jewish American princess?” (Puck to Rachel, convincing her to have a party).
  • Rachel’s horrible take at an original love song, “You’re my headband”
  • “How am I supposed to write ‘Both Sides Now’ when I haven’t had a sip yet?” (Rachel needing to live a little to get inspired).
  • Drunk Rachel screaming “It tastes like pink!!!” about her wine cooler.
  • “Apparently he doesn’t have the same concern” (Kurt referring to a sloppy drunk Blaine, who is obviously not concerned about staying in control for Kurt).
  • “No me gusta” (Santana showing that she DOES pay attention in Spanish class upon seeing Sam and Brittany kissing during Spin the Bottle).
  • “Your face kissed great” (Rachel to Blaine).
  • Wasted Puck randomly wearing Lauren’s glasses all night.
  • Beiste has an entire rotisserie chicken for lunch.
  • “I would say ‘bye’ but I don’t want to confuse you” (Blaine telling Kurt it should not be a problem if he wants to test bisexual waters).
  • “From what I gather, something went down in the tent” (Burt’s take on Brokeback Mountain when discussing gay relationships with Kurt).
  • “Everybody drink responsibly!” (Brittany to the audience, immediately after puking on Rachel).
  • “That’s so racist” (Brittany in response to Quinn telling Will that him lecturing them on drinking is like “the pot calling the kettle black”).

Did you enjoy all the drunken fun (and then hangover “fun”) in tonight’s episode? Which did you cringe at more—Brittany puking or the embarrassment caused by the public airing of Will’s drunk dial?


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1 Response to Glee Recap – Blame it on the alcohol

  1. Karyn says:

    I thought this episode was hilarious! But I’ll be interested to see what sort of complaints it gets because of all the drinking, stripping, etc. And other than public humiliation the Glee kids really didn’t face any consequences for their drinking. Will’s drunk message really cracked me up…

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