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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Christmas Punch!

As future Ted says, “It all started with a pregnancy test.” Just looking at the title of the episode, it was pretty clear that “False Positive” was going to have the gang believe Lily and Marshall were pregnant but then … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters Recap – We wish you a Walker Christmas!

Joy to the world, the TV world! Tonight’s Brothers & Sisters, “Cold Turkey,” was as highly entertaining as Justin was high in the dream sequence snorting powered sugar. Seriously—this was a fantastic Christmas episode with some of the best freak-out … Continue reading

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The Office Recap – Have a HOLLY, Jolly Christmas

I had no idea that tonight’s “Classy Christmas” Office episode was going to be an hour, but it is a good thing it was because a lot went down along with the cocktails. Many of our favorites were given plenty … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Bite me

Tonight’s episode, “Dance Dance Revelation,” looked at how the family’s adults deal with their clashing personalities when feeling confronted. It was definitely not my favorite of the season—didn’t pack quite as many laugh out loud moments as usual. I thought … Continue reading

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Glee Recap – Naughty and Nice

A little Grinch, a dash of Miracle on 34st Street, and even some Gift of the Magi…this “very special” holiday episode had a little bit of every Christmas tale cliché built in. While heavy on the cheesy factor (even for … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Happy Ho-lidays

Tis the season for 9-0-2-1-Oh-my-god cliffhangers. Ade’s fame is ready to crash and burn; Navid and Silver finally kiss; Dixon catches Teddy and Ian making out; Annie and Liam sleep together; and Mr. Cannon is baaaaack for Naomi! We also … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – A fishy tale starts the clock

Tonight’s HIMYM episode, “The Mermaid Theory,” involved some fishy narration on Ted’s part…but that can be the best kind of narration! One of the great things about having future Ted’s perspective is that we sometimes get glimpses into key events … Continue reading

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