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Modern Family Recap – Baby on Board

Season 3, Episode 24 Baby On Board It’s my final finale of the season! And the honor goes to Modern Family. For a comedy, tonight’s episode featured some dramatic intrigue, shocking twists, and genuine Spanish telenovela moments (literally)! It also … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Tableau Vivant

Season 3, Episode 23 Tableau Vivant I am not sure how to interpret tonight’s recreation of an American classic. On the one hand, the symbolic focus on Norman Rockwell’s Freedom from Want painting provided an amusing and appropriate backdrop. But … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Forever Hold Your Peace

Season 4, Episode 24 Forever Hold Your Peace There are many things I never thought I would see in 90210-land. For example, I didn’t think there would ever be a rally in front of a church, led by a priest … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Magician’s Code

Season 7, Episodes 23 & 24 The Magician’s Code Parts 1 & 2 Unlike the soft two that was in baby Eriksen’s diaper, this two-part finale was…wait for it…a 10! I am giving it a 10 not because it was … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Disneyland

Season 3, Episode 22 Disneyland  It’s time for another Modern Family outing, and this time it is to the happiest place on earth! As long as “happy” includes a painful child leash, painful shoes and a painful reaction to rides! … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – A Tale of Two Parties

Season 4, Episode 23 A Tale of Two Parties Last week there was so much soapy drama that this week’s episode, “A Tale of Two Parties,” mainly dealt with the fall-out. The action didn’t really pick up until the end, … Continue reading

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Modern Family Recap – Planes, Trains and Cars

Season 3, Episode 21 Planes, Trains and Cars The modern family units each had their own difficulties with modes of transportation on tonight’s new episode, but for us they were rather amusing outings. Even though the individual families didn’t connect … Continue reading

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90210 Recap – Tis Pity

Season 4, Episode 22 ‘Tis Pity Lots of soap-opera drama on tonight’s new 90210 called “’Tis Pity.” Seriously, in one hour we were treated to a movie premiere, a pregnancy scare, a physical fight, a mental institution, an arrest, a … Continue reading

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How I Met Your Mother Recap – Good Crazy

Season 7, Episode 22 Good Crazy Well, this was it—the last regular episode before the big season finale, which promises to bring some very big things. Lily and Marshall will have their son and we will hopefully see Barney’s mystery … Continue reading

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