90210 Recap – Take 2.0

Not gunna lie, tonight’s 90210 “Revenge with the Nerd” seemed a little dull compared to the last several episodes we have been treated to this season. However, in all fairness, the last few episodes were insanely intense. I feel as though this episode was the filler between closing some huge storylines that wrapped up 2010 and preparing the characters for the next wave of twists that will close out this season. It was like setting the stage for take 2.0!

  • Naomi and the Nerd: This episode immediately struck me as a little off based on the sheer fact that there was not one, not two, but three separate scenes that took place in actual classrooms with teachers teaching, Granted, Naomi was still talking on her cell phone with her lawyer, but still! Naomi and her nerdy science lab partner, Max, clash over project responsibilities (mainly over whether Naomi has any). When Naomi hijacks a cheerleader’s megaphone so that she can go protest her former guru’s land dedication ceremony (purchased with Naomi’s money), Max ends up along for the ride to force her to collect their soil samples. Despite Naomi’s well thought-out chants of “Screw you, Guru!” she winds up embarrassed and hurt that she was taken advantage of for her money. Max actually lends her a sympathetic ear and just as the two start to bond on their inadvertent nature hike, the nerd—I mean, Max—spots a semi-endangered owl on the land. This gives them an idea: get a photo of this species and then the land deal will have to be cancelled. This plot convenience served to get Naomi her money back, thus ending the whole rape victim/Cannon attack/guru brainwashing story arch that has plagued Naomi this season, and set up her next phase. She is now back to her carefree ways, oh, other than the horrible self-admitted tragedy that she has fallen for a nerd!
  • Dixon and Navid 2.0: The bros decide to transform Shirazi Porn Studios into “Shirazi Entertainment 2.0.” Who needs a high school diploma when you can just lurk around record labels, walk past famous music producers while talking about your hot production studios and then score a Nelly music video to film at your facilities? Yes, it seems Navid is now on a mission to re-brand the family’s image after his father’s kiddie porn ring was brought to light (thanks to Navid himself) way back in the beginning of this season. 90210 loves to drop plot lines and pick them up at a moment’s notice. After some ridiculous hijinks, the two pull off a successful video shoot and learn two valuable business lessons: know your artist’s favorite candy and keep all reality starlets away. How absurd was it when Nelly stormed off after figuring out Ade was the girl who stole “the dead Mexican dude’s songs”—like he would know who Ade was or actually feel so threatened by her potential to “steal.” If there was any reason to storm off, it is because she is beyond obnoxious.
  • Ade learns that ‘reality bites’: Ade is officially the most horrid character on the airwaves—possibly this decade. It used to be fun to hate her, and now I just hate her, hate her. Even though her career got majorly smacked down, for some reason her ego has not caught up. She is still beyond self-absorbed and shallow. Why are her friends even friends with her—they sure as heck don’t like being filmed as her posse for her show! At this point, why would Silver even care about “hurting” her? And Ade—I hate to break it to you, but Navid broke up with you and is actually now being quite forceful in telling you he wants nothing to do with you…so what does it matter if he cheated on you or not—clearly your relationship is over. She certainly didn’t do anything to get back on Navid’s good side when she barged in on his video shoot demanding to be cast in it to help her career comeback. She may ultimately benefit from that confrontation, though, because Navid going postal on her was caught on camera, making for some compelling reality TV. She also got confirmation that Navid did cheat on her, so Silver needs to start watching her back big time.
  • Emily acts and Annie acts out: Emily begins her rehearsals for the role that she “stole” from Annie. Let’s be honest, Annie, you weren’t exactly guaranteed the part. But, beyond that, everything your cousin did to you royally sucks and you have every right to be frustrated and angry that no one will believe you since Emily knows how to turn on an innocent face. Now that Emily has Annie’s dream role, she is after Annie’s boyfriend, Liam. Annie confronts Emily and doesn’t hold back: war has been declared. Annie—time to use the minimal acting skills you have to out-do your cousin’s sympathy ploys.
  • Teddy unleashes steam, and balls: Silver takes Teddy up on the roof to relieve some anger by whacking tennis balls off the roof (this actually is plot continuity, since we had previously seen Teddy do this to help Silver deal with the stress of her mother). Newly outed at school—and feeling betrayed by his first official boyfriend Ian—Teddy is not doing so well. Fortunately for Teddy, one of his balls (tennis, that is) literally hits a guy down below in the face (love the irony). When Teddy apologizes, and accidentally lets it slip he is gay, he is surprised to learn that this athletic hottie is interested in him romantically and even writes his number for Teddy on the tennis ball. Quite the meet-cute!

Were you also a little bored by “Revenge with the Nerd?” I am beginning to wonder how the show will prepare to have this crew graduate. Lori Laughlin has already announced that neither she nor Mr. Matthews will be returning for season four—I mean, they serve no purpose at this point anyways…this kids exist in an adult-less world in high school, let alone any kind of show post-high school. Who would have ever thought this spin-off would last this long? Yet, I watch it every week.


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2 Responses to 90210 Recap – Take 2.0

  1. Karyn says:

    I was still entertained, but I agree that last night’s ep wasn’t super crazy. Although I was quite frightened of Ade in the last scene…the mascara running down her face was a little creepy. I’m very interested to see how that story is going to play out. And I do love how easy it was for Navid and Dixon to just throw together the music video shoot for Nelly. At least they were realistic about how much money it made them.

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