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Modern Family Recap – Too Chicken to Kiss?

The notion of affection was explored on tonight’s Modern Family—mainly how Jay and his adult children are often too uptight and emotionally closed to show any. This episode was a great example of how various plotlines with similar themes could … Continue reading

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Glee – I’m a Slave 4 Schue

It was a battle of Brits on Glee tonight…and not just between the many personas of the Britney Spears. But our own beloved Brittany S. Pierce (how perfect is that name?) and her fellow Glee Club members battle it out … Continue reading

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90210 – Bad Egg(s)

A lot happened in this episode of 90210, and most of it was pretty creepy. There was a funeral, an overdose, a pedophile, drugged tea, a scandalous hookup, a secret plot for revenge, and the most shocking—an actual legitimate homework … Continue reading

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HIMYM – What ‘Lies’ Beneath

Barney’s been called many things over the years. Womanizer. Jerk. Wingman. But tonight, Barney was black. Or, at least, he wanted to be because that would mean finally learning the identity of his father. Tonight’s HIMYM saw the gang helping … Continue reading

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Brothers and Sisters – Time to Say Goodbye (and Hello!)

For the Walker family, it was time to say goodbye and try to move on after a painful year. For me, it was time to say hello to one of my favorite TV families. This premiere episode was Brothers & … Continue reading

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The Office – Don’t Bother or Don’t Don’t Bother?

Here we go…season 7 and the last for Michael Scott. I really didn’t have much in the way of expectations for this premiere, since the past year or two of The Office has been very uneven. There was a time … Continue reading

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Modern Family – Salt For Your Wounds

Did you miss Modern Family this summer? If so, you were in luck—because we were offered some salt for our wounds…and chocolate milk! Was this the best episode of Modern Family? Probably not. But, it was still solidly funny, had … Continue reading

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Glee – Bring on the Bieste

New alliances. New competition. New faces. New Directions. New boobs (Sue’s looking at you, Santana). All this can only mean one thing—Glee is back! I am so happy that Glee did not disappoint. I mean, whenever a show gets that … Continue reading

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90210: Total Assault

Wow, just like last week I think I have way too much to say on this show. In fact, I probably spent more time writing this post than the 90210 writers did on that episode! Sorry, I just can’t help … Continue reading

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HIMYM: Dibs on the Wedding!

I am oh so happy to have Ted, Marshall and the gang back in my life and back at McLaren’s! Everyone was in their top form last night. I think the standout performance, for me, was Robin really slumming it … Continue reading

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