90210 Recap – Girls (and boys) gone wild

Girl on girl….guy on guy….girl on nerd….we got a little of everything in tonight’s enjoyable installment of everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure. In tonight’s 90210 episode, “It’s High Time,” there was a lot of forward motion in our storylines…and each one offered some memorable (and hilarious) moments. So let’s dive right in:

  • Naomi + Nerd = DENIED: Naomi is in full-on crush mode for her nerd, Max, so much so that she is having dreams (or night tremors as the case may be) about him. My favorite fantasy line? “Everything is as right as a 90 degree angle!” Hot times in the science lab! When she finds out she only got wait-listed at CU (yes! California University—i.e. the fake school from the original series—makes its triumphant return!) she is even more distraught. So, she decides to make a “hot guy” calendar to donate the funds to charity to help boost her college resume (umm, I feel like this plot was ripped directly from Saved by the Bell circa 1990). Guess who saves the day when her computer with the photo shoot files crashes? Max to the rescue! When Naomi thanks him by pulling him aside for a steamy kiss, he essentially tells her ‘thanks but no thanks.’ Apparently she is not his type, which comes as a surprise to Naomi since, “I am EVERYBODY’S type!” It was fun to see Naomi realize her feelings for Max and then be flat out rejected. Again, was anyone else reminded by yet another Saved by the Bell plot when Lisa tries to impress a super smart guy (the one male black student at Bayside) because the real Lisa isn’t his type? I am looking forward to seeing this Naomi-Nerd relationship develop.
  • Boyz in da club: After Dixon, Liam and Navid hit their word count on the maximum number of times someone (other than Ivy) can say the word “dude” in a single conversation, they begin to realize (thanks to Silver) that they have been acting awkward around newly outed Teddy. So, being the great buds that they are, they decide to take him out for a night on the town. Where do they go? To the best-named gay club ever: Mandate. After the initial shock wears off, Liam bolts after being hit on by a guy, and then Teddy heads out too because even he feels like man meat inside that club. Teddy and Liam actually have a very mature conversation (which continues to prove why this Teddy storyline continues to be this show’s shining grace) about how their relationship as friends feels different now and how Teddy himself is still confused. They decide that Mandate is not their scene, but leave Dixon and Navid there, who are rocking out to all the attention.
  • Ivy gets a prescription for weed AND love: Tonight we got to witness one of the show’s finest mother-daughter moments….allow me to offer the dialogue in its entirety…”What are you doing?” (Laurel to daughter Ivy); “Just watching TV, smoking some pot” (Ivy’s response); “When did this start?” (Laurel); “You know I’ve always liked cartoons” (Ivy). HIGH-larious!! Basically, Laurel catches on to Ivy’s weed usage to cope with her post-traumatic stress disorder (wow, only took two months). Ivy goes to see a therapist to get a medical marijuana prescription. Turns out love finds you when you least expect it…like when in your local medical marijuana clinic. Ivy meets a cute UCLA freshman named Raj and the two go on a radical adventure together, using L.A.’s actual subway system (it is real—I have ridden it!). Looks like things are looking up for Ivy now that she has a new dude.
  • Annie gets physical: Annie, allow me to offer you some frank advice…you need to step up your game—you know what you are up against, so you are going to have to get vicious (or just use a few of those Carnegie Melon brain cells and try recording Emily in one of her devious actions or lies). 90210 has a longstanding history with psycho/manipulative/stalker girls named Emily (Emily Valentine from the original can’t really be topped, but this new version Emily is highly amusing in an obnoxious way). She really knows how to play innocent, turn on the waterworks, and exude small-town charm–“She called me a…b-word!!!” Emily has officially convinced Naomi, Silver and Ade that she is the victim and Annie the hater, and she seems to be doing a good job with Liam as well. The real kicker comes when she vandalizes her own dressing room at the playhouse to frame Annie and get her fired, which leads to Annie storming Emily in the school cafeteria. Annie does not hold back, and the entire school is treated to a serious girl fight that results in Annie getting suspended. Best response to the girl fight goes to Naomi: “Annie’s gone feral!” Hopefully, Liam will soon be the first among Annie’s crew to see the truth about Emily, since she shows up practically naked in his bedroom (just let yourself in, that’s not creepy at all!).
  • Ade continues to be a “B-word”: As cousin Emily would say, Ade is still a massive B-word. Couldn’t Emily go psycho on Ade instead so that we could solve two plot problems at once? Ade is still beyond self-absorbed and beyond desperate for her reality show to get picked up. Turns out she needs Navid to sign the release waiver to air their big fight scene since that is all the drama she can offer. While Navid is reluctant at first, Silver convinces him to sign it because she thinks it will help focus Ade’s energies on her show rather than tracking down the “cheating whore” that “ruined” her life. Gee, and the producers don’t think you are dramatic enough?! Too bad for Silver that Ade catches Silver wearing the “whore’s” earring in footage from her show.

And so we wait for the drama to continue! Will Naomi eventually win the affections of her nerd? Will Annie ever be able to expose Emily? Will Ivy be constantly high? How long will Ade toy with her victim, Silver, without letting on that she knows? And will Dixon and Navid ever leave the gay club?


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1 Response to 90210 Recap – Girls (and boys) gone wild

  1. Karyn says:

    I loved seeing Dixon and Navid break it down in Mandate…that scene really cracked me up. And yes, I did appreciate Liam and Teddy’s adult conversation – good job writers. I hope it doesn’t take too long for everyone to see that Emily is a psycho. She does a great job playing innocent, but she is just so annoyingly irritating. Also, I appreciate that Ivy’s new stoner friend took her to Gravelly Point.

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