Glee – I’m a Slave 4 Schue

It was a battle of Brits on Glee tonight…and not just between the many personas of the Britney Spears. But our own beloved Brittany S. Pierce (how perfect is that name?) and her fellow Glee Club members battle it out with Mr. Schue to be able to embrace the pop culture icon and perform her songs at the Fall Assembly. Mr. Schue was having none of it, wanting the kids to be a slave to his tired music selection. But that wasn’t going to stop the kids from bringing Britney back. All it took was a boost of confidence and hallucinogenic anesthesia drugs.

Speaking of anesthesia, the kids were lining up to “go under” Emma’s new dentist boyfriend, Uncle Jesse (I mean Karl). Can I just say that I really hope in one of his upcoming episodes we get to hear him sing “Forever” as performed on Full House in a cheesy “Jesse and the Rippers” 90’s music video? I loved Santana’s insistence that she be “drilled” and put under by the hot doc, and I enjoyed all of the kids coming out of their drug haze, but none more so than Brittany—“Are you a cat?”

One by one, several of our aspiring performers went under the gas and imagined themselves as the many Britney Spears we have known over the years (except for bald deranged Britney—they skipped that version for some reason). We saw Brittany S. Pierce (still love that is her full name—what a great reveal) do an impressive “Slave 4 U”; Santana and Brittany taking on Madonna and Britney in “Me Against the Music”; Rachel channeling schoolgirl Britney in “Hit Me Baby One More Time”; and Artie and the guys fantasizing they are “Stronger” (an excellent choice for the guys, in my opinion). But, nothing came close to the insane ‘sex riot’ that broke out during the Glee Club’s actual performance of “Toxic” at the school assembly. Jacob just about lost it in his, errr, excitement over seeing his crush Rachel perform provocatively. I loved Sue comparing Britney Spears to a “gateway drug to every sexual impulse.”

All in all, this was an enjoyable episode with good musical performances and too many good one-liners to even remember (and I was taking notes!). However, I still can’t say that Glee has fully figured out how to do a great ‘tribute’ episode. It seems that every time they try to revolve an entire episode around one iconic singer, it always comes across as too contrived and crammed full of songs without that solid emotional core. I never think these tribute episodes are the strongest Glee has to offer, but I will take this episode as a fun dream-like escape before what looks to be a very emotionally taxing episode next week (Kurt’s dad in the hospital!???).

And now—drill me baby, one more time (where I try to recapture as many funny lines as possible). There were way too many, so feel free to add more in the comments:

  • Finn’s confusion over Mr. Schue’s song selection: “How can you ‘get caught between the moon and New York City?…They are like 100 miles apart.’”
  • Brittany’s beyond sane (and hilariously out-of-character) rationale of how her name’s similarity to Britney Spears has impacted her life.
  • The return of guidance counselor pamphlets! Last year there were some great pamphlet names in Emma’s office, and this year is no different: “There’s a hair down there”; “I still breastfeed, but how old is too old?”; “Proper whipping – as easy as 1-2-3”
  • Emma’s OCD is lessening thanks to her new boyfriend and his ability to help her get a little crazy: “We mixed the red grapes and green grapes in the bowl together and then we just ate them!” (this may or may not be my weekend plans).
  • Brittany’s oral hygiene (I can see why this would make sense to her): “I don’t brush my teeth, I rinse my mouth with soda after eating. I was pretty sure Dr. Pepper was a dentist.”
  • The giant mouth photo in dentist waiting room—I don’t know why this was so funny to me, but it was.
  • Rachel’s Britney-inspired schoolgirl outfit gets male attention. And it results in Finn objecting: “They’re personifying you!”…you mean “objectifying”
  • Sue saves money by booking the JV Cheerios on shoddy airlines with poor safety records.
  • Principal Figgins announcing a “Pep” Rally while being the antithesis of “pep”
  • Sue threatening to sue Will for causing a sex riot at school and vowing to take away his vest collection: “You wear more vests than the cast of Blossom.”
  • “Finn can fly?” (Brittany in response to Rachel’s metaphor that she needs to let Finn spread his wings)

What are your thoughts? Did this episode do Britney justice? Couldn’t the real Britney Spears have sung at least a few bars of a song???

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5 Responses to Glee – I’m a Slave 4 Schue

  1. Barry says:

    I agree that the Glee tribute epsodes are usually not the best — not bad, but not the strongest. However, if you happen to really dislike the music of the tribute artist (like my distaste for all things Spears), then your enthusiasm for the full tribute show really suffers. I like “theme” Glee shows better — where the songs are from a variety of artists but focus on the same idea/theme. Then if they toss in a song from an artist you dislike, at least it’s just one.

    Jacob — whoa! The “butt sweat stain” scene in Sue’s office and some of Sue’s lines there were hilarious. Particularly after Jacob leaves and Sue asks Shue to (can’t recall exact line here) “stare into the butt sweat stain.” But what’s the deal with Jacob getting totally nude to wank off in the library stacks? Not that I would know, of course (!), but wouldn’t just unbuttoning/unzipping his pants to bust out his Mr. Meshuganah be more discreet and just as “effective?” (Btw, sans man-scaping, can you imagine the ‘fro on that bad boy?) But I suppose Glee always needs to be over-the-top — and besides, they had to set up the butt sweat stain scene.

  2. Shannon says:

    I almost peed my pants at the Blossom line 🙂 Thanks for the analysis Jeni!

  3. Karyn says:

    I definitely enjoyed the one-liners! I agree that it wasn’t one of the strongest episodes, but it was fun. It was nice to see Brittany (S. Pierce) show-cased because she truly is a great character. I was kind of angry at Rachel when she made Finn choose between her and football, but I did like her song tribute to him at the end of the episode. I actually enjoyed her version way better than the original by Paramore.

  4. Allyson says:

    I loved when Brittany woke up from going under the first time and asked “Is this real life?” Reminded me of the You-Tube viral video of the little boy after his dentist appointment. I’m assuming that was the tie in, but it worked!
    May not have been their strongest episode, but I definitely was laughing throughout. And I agree, Sue’s line to Schue about his vests was one of the best of the night!

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