Glee – Bring on the Bieste

New alliances. New competition. New faces. New Directions. New boobs (Sue’s looking at you, Santana). All this can only mean one thing—Glee is back!

I am so happy that Glee did not disappoint. I mean, whenever a show gets that popular that quickly, you have to be a little concerned that it will defeat itself. The opening to tonight’s premiere paid homage to its own popularity and pop culture status thanks to Jacob’s interviews with cast-members (ahem, I mean characters). While I did appreciate the little bit of summer background info we got, this opening was the weakest spot of the whole episode, in my opinion. I don’t know—it just didn’t bring the laughs for me—and I started to worry a little that Glee had started to lose it.  I do want to know though—can any of my many Jewish friends tell me what Jacob’s microphone said in Hebrew?

On to the good stuff now—which was basically the rest of the episode. We all knew Glee was bringing in some new blood to McKinley High. New characters always pose a threat, and not just in the make-believe land of our characters’ lives, but in whether or not we the audience accept their presence. I for one LOVED the introduction of the BIESTE….the sexually ambiguous Shannon Bieste, that is.

Glee was very smart to bring in a new dominant coach that could butt heads and shake-up the Schue – Sue dynamic. She adds a welcome new level of competition to the standard weekly threats to demolish Glee club. And, she is awesomely hilarious and a little heart-breaking (gosh, Glee pulls off those dichotomies so well).  I mean, have we ever seen Sue speechless without a comeback line before? She has met her match, and I like it!

Speaking of a healthy dose of competition, Sunshine Corazon (could that name BE any funnier, Chandler Bing?) cranked up the jealousy in Rachel. How much do I love when Glee so blatantly stereotypes with pure unbridled enthusiasm? The Hello Kitty backpack gag was priceless, especially when the Vocal Adrenaline “bodyguard” slung it over his shoulder.  Then there was Rachel speaking to Sunshine as if she knew no English. And, this is unrelated to Sunshine’s subplot, but while I am on the topic of Asian stereotypes, the “Asian Camp” that Tina and Mike fell in love at over the summer—I am still laughing at that as I write this. As Rachel would say to Sunshine: “Me think Glee funny. Ha. Ha. Ha.”

I am not as sure of my feelings toward the addition of the new quarterback—Sam Evans. I did like the “Bieber haircut” joke, but my verdict is still out on this character…just didn’t get enough of a vibe yet.

Some random favorite moments:

  • “One girl ate a pigeon” while waiting in line for so long to tryout for Cheerios
  • Sue Sylvester still rocks a beeper…somehow this seems appropriate
  • When Sue and Will giggled over their juvenile prank of ordering tons of pizza and having it delivered to Shannon Bieste, did anyone else feel like that was so how Stewie from Family Guy would have behaved?
  • On a similar note, Finn’s Cheerios tryout was a pretty clear shout out to Old School’s spirit dance.
  • Brittany’s deadpan “Stop the Violence” during the Cheerio catfight.
  • Sue and Will’s “Operation Mean Girl” …takes you back to a time when Lindsay Lohan was known for being an actress.
  • Not sure I like Rachel’s bangs. I like them on Lea Michelle, the actress. But on Rachel they almost seem too trendy for her character.
  • I am curious to see if Shannon Bieste is just manipulating Sue and Will to drive a wedge between them, or if she really is having a difficult time adjusting and feels like social outcast. I am definitely intrigued by her character.

One final comment on a great Glee premiere: Those of you watching on DVR and fast-forwarding through the commercials, you missed what was quite possibly one of the best commercials ever made. American Express’s “Member’s Project—Don’t be a Sue” was hysterical. I could have watched that for an hour. If you missed it, watch here. And, stealing a line from Sue in that commercial, I am going to stop writing now because “words are hard.”

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7 Responses to Glee – Bring on the Bieste

  1. shannon says:

    “Stop the violence” was my fav part. And there’s nothing sexually ambiguous about Shannon! Haha. Excellent analysis Jeni!

  2. Paul Hatfield says:

    Allow me to write a mini review on Hawaii-Five-O.

    I watched exactly ten minutes and couldn’t take it anymore.

    It is Baywatch with a badge. It is loaded with hot bodies playing in the sand and water, not thta there is anything wrong with that, but it is such a tired formula.

    Daniel Kim was better off lost on the island with the Smoke Monster. Unfortunately, he can’t count on a submarine to end his role.

    Keep up your entertaining commentary!

    Tax Daddy

  3. barry says:

    A Jew friend here — part of your crew, right? I couldn’t tell what it said on the Jewfro kid’s microphone and just learned why:

    It wasn’t real Hebrew but actually English in a Hebrew looking font. It read “JBi” with a Star of David dotting the “I.” Apparently Jefro’s full name is Jacob Ben Israel!!

  4. Alla says:

    Love the commentary. But what I love even more is that your dad signed his name as “Tax Daddy”! HILARIOUS!

  5. Amber says:

    Loved the ep–but I too was skeptical during the intro w/the summer interviews! Completely agree with the commentary Jeni!!

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