HIMYM: Dibs on the Wedding!

I am oh so happy to have Ted, Marshall and the gang back in my life and back at McLaren’s! Everyone was in their top form last night. I think the standout performance, for me, was Robin really slumming it in her post-breakup depression, and then bringing sexy back to prove she can still “go get it anytime she wants.”

But let’s get to the really big future glimpse we (or at least I) have been reading about all summer—the much awaited peek at an important wedding. I think any true fan of HIMYM could have guessed that this would not be Ted’s wedding (I mean, that would just be asking for too much!). However, we did learn several key facts: Ted is the best man; Marshall and Lily also seem involved in the wedding (as Lily said the best man was needed and Marshall was also in a tux); AND most importantly we learn that at this wedding, Ted meets his wife. And, I think we can assume that the infamous yellow umbrella played a roll when the rain starts to pour.

Now for the intrigue—whose wedding do we think it is? Well, I would say there are three possibilities: Barney’s, Robin’s OR perhaps Cindy’s? Here is where I come down on these guesses…I think Barney’s wedding is the least likely (I just don’t see him getting married in a church—unless it was for a dare or stunt, or just to sleep with a girl, so actually, it very well could be). I would LIKE to believe that it is Robin’s wedding we are glimpsing, mainly because I think it would bookend so nicely with how low we saw her in this episode (completely heartbroken). I also think it would be highly probable for her to make Ted a best man. However, I am thinking that a real curve ball could be if we were actually looking at Cindy’s lesbian wedding to her partner? IF Ted and Cindy really did strike up a friendship in the wake of their meeting at McLaren’s, it is possible she could ask him down the road to be her best man. And, Ted did seem to know how her relationship worked out in the future—she and her partner had a little girl. AND, it would be a given that her roommate (Ted’s future wife) would be at her wedding. I am curious to hear your thoughts (Bueller, Bueller?) or any other ideas on whose wedding it is.

Now, just a few thoughts on some funny moments I enjoyed:

  • The church itself should look familiar—it is the same church that Phyllis and Bob Vance got married in on The Office; and it was the 7th Heaven church. I remember this all because this church happens to be less than a mile from my house in L.A., on the corner of Colfax Ave. and Moorpark in Studio City, CA.
  • I loved Barney’s sundress poems. Brought back memories of his excellent “Sexless Inkeeper” poetry.
  • Sir Walter Dibs
  • “Music for when we are actually doing it”
  • A de-rection
  • The continuing arguments over who is best friend/best man (I love when their core arguments extend over the years)
  • Marshall leaving his office with high fives and fanfare.

OK, well that’s all I have time to write now—a “big package just arrived!”

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