Brothers and Sisters – Time to Say Goodbye (and Hello!)

For the Walker family, it was time to say goodbye and try to move on after a painful year. For me, it was time to say hello to one of my favorite TV families. This premiere episode was Brothers & Sisters in all its glory—seriously, how does this show not have more Emmys? For those of you who don’t watch, you are missing out on witty banter, wine-infused dinner parties, heart-wrenching decisions, and intense family drama.  This cast is so believable as a family that I am waiting for my Walker family dinner invitation in the mail (it could happen, right? Right?)

A year had passed for the Walkers since last season’s finale and the horrible car accident that left Robert “dead” and Holly’s condition unknown. At the scene of the accident, Justin was forced to choose between helping Robert or Holly in the aftermath, and it was clear Robert was not going to make it. It was especially clear to the audience, since we had known for months that Rob Lowe was leaving the show.  Now, one year later, we learned that Robert has been kept “alive” by Kitty in an un-recoverable coma. Meanwhile, Holly seems to have recovered from physical injuries but suffers from amnesia—meaning that she no longer remembers her recent friendship with Nora and the family.

This episode really belonged to Kitty, Justin and Nora. Between the three of them, I think I shed tears about 5 times, between the heartfelt reunions of Justin returning home from serving his country (again) and Kitty’s inability to let Robert go and move on with her life. Watching Kitty refuse to talk about Robert’s situation and seeing her clip Robert’s nails to convince herself he will beat the odds and come out of his coma was well-done by Calista Flockhart. And Justin really wowed by, for once, being the most level-headed Walker family member and talking some sense into his in-denial siblings. He got the family to open up and face the issues they had been trying to avoid the past year with some pretty powerful speeches (who IS this Justin???). Well, the wine helped too…the Walkers always uncork their feelings in a ratio proportional to the wine being uncorked (I bet I could make a legitimate graph proving this correlation).

Some favorite thoughts from tonight’s stellar premiere:

  • What did we think of the new hairstyles our Walkers were sporting? There was Sarah and her bangs and Kevin and his chin stubble. I kind of dug Kevin’s facial hair…not sure what I think about Sarah’s bangs.
  • Luc was both “huge” and “hung” (as  he made his debut on a giant billboard as an underwear model). Sort of reminiscent of Smith on Sex and the City, no?
  • Nora is working at a flower store? I guess she needed the money until this land deal can go through?
  • Kevin and Scotty still don’t have a baby…and have apparently suffered through two miscarriages. Much like his sister Kitty, Kevin also shuts others out emotionally and can’t bring himself to discuss the pain he is feeling. I think/hope this will become a major plotline for him and Scotty this season. I just really hope it doesn’t destroy their relationship, because they are one of the best couples on TV right now.
  • New family restaurant! On a positive note, Saul and Scotty have their restaurant and Saul seems to be living life to the fullest (and whipping up great zingers such as referring to Walker dinner parties as “D-Day with entrees”).
  • New jobs on the horizon? Will Kitty take the RNC job now that she has finally let Robert go? Will Sarah officially sign the $55 million land deal and will she put the money in a family trust?
  • Holly and Rebecca seem set-up to phase out of the show. We all know that Emily VanCamp (who plays Rebecca) is leaving the show…and it is quite clear that Justin’s decision to spend the past year overseas in service put the nail in the coffin of their marriage. Meanwhile, Rebecca’s mom Holly now has (permanent?) brain injuries that have left her with little memories of her progress with the Walkers.

So, looks like we will be saying goodbye to a few more characters in the near future. But I am so happy to have the Walkers back! I also sort of played crazy TV stalker this past summer when I was home in LA. I happened to drive by the house used as Nora Walker’s (and by “happened to” I mean that I looked up online where it is located). Here is a pic…it looks just as lovely in person!

Nora Walker's House on Brothers & Sisters

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4 Responses to Brothers and Sisters – Time to Say Goodbye (and Hello!)

  1. Karyn says:

    I LOVED this season premiere! This is the first time I’m watching B&S live and it’s already difficult to wait a week in between episodes. I am pretty sure I cried at least 3 times during the hour…this show is so good! I’m actually a fan of Sarah’s bangs, as well as Kevin’s 5 0’clock shadow. I’m thinking Kitty will take the RNC job, which will enable her to be on the road a lot, a.k.a. not have as much screen time, as we already know will happen. I know he’s off the show, but I thought it was odd that no one even mentioned Tommy at all. Don’t you think he could have made an effort to make it down for Robert’s memorial service?

  2. Angela says:

    I love, love , love this show!! I like Sarah’s bangs I think. Justin looked different to me too. Not sure what it was (the gray hair?)

    I can’t wait to keep watching and reading your blog 😀

  3. Amber says:

    Just watched the ep last night, and I too thuoght it was fab! Loved Kevin’s five o’clock shadow…jury is still out on Sarah’s bangs.

    I also thuoght the Luc ad was very reminscient of SATC…

    And, I cried my eyes out! So sad!

    Curious to see where the season is going to take us…

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