How I Met Your Mother Recap – Rally

Season 9, Episode 18

Sunday 8am, 10 hours before the wedding…

Cue music…”It’s the final countdown!” And here we are: Season 9, episode 18, appropriately titled, “Rally.” This really is the time to rally, as we begin the final six episodes of HIMYM…ever. To kick off the homestretch, the gang had to revive a super hungover groom prior to family photos. But the real treat was getting numerous glimpses into the future.

The Hangover
After all the drinking we have witnessed in the past few episodes of one very long night, Barney is out cold. With family wedding photos in a mere two hours (dang, that’s early!) the gang must come up with a plan, stat. Unfortunately, the one miracle hangover cure that they have all used successfully in the past was developed by Barney [make that Barnert Stinsonheimer in the “Too Many Manhattans Project”]. They know most of the ingredients in the nasty green concoction, but not the one mystery substance. This leads to an all-hands on deck mission: the boys head out to gather as many of the ingredients as they can, while the girls try to wake up Barney long enough for him to utter the ingredient.

Of course both plans hit some snags. The girls practically annihilate Barney with a nasty trip down (and back up) the stairs, but neither that nor Robin’s Canadian scare tactics do the trick. Meanwhile Marshall and Ted have some fun getting their ingredients, particularly a big bottle of discontinued Tantrum. My favorite line of the night was the corny joke the boys cracked when Marshall tossed the soda bottle to Ted: “Dude, you’re a grown man! Why are your throwing a tantrum?” I am a sucker for lame Ted-Marshall jokes.

Grease Is the Word
Grease turns out to be the most challenging ingredient, especially when the snooty inn’s chef explains that they have zero with their organic farm-to-table menu. Oh, except for the vat of bacon that bacon-virgin Ted consumes. Just as Ted discovers all the wonders of bacon that his mother denied him—and why a BLT sandwich is so much better than an LT sandwich—the girls realize that there is only one thing that may wake Barney. They kiss…and Lily’s yearnings are finally realized. Robin’s yearnings for Lily are just awakening, however.

So are Barney’s, as he wakes up for a moment. It is long enough for him to admit that there is no secret ingredient: the entire concoction was always just a “placebro.” But then the gang realizes that Barney pretended that the elixir had magical hangover-cure powers because he loves them. He was there each time with the green potion when they needed him most for a big day, or in Ted’s case the big recovery of getting left at the altar years earlier. With no time left to cure Barney on this big morning, and no special elixir, the gang decides there is only one thing they can do for their best bro: lie to him in the same loving way he would lie to them. A little while later they regale an awakened Barney with an awesome tale of a “Weekend at Barney’s” photo shoot. It’s the dream! Barney loves the story…he just wonders why his balls are sore.

Broken Vows
Throughout the morning, each character makes a vow that they are done getting THAT hammered. They are getting old, after all. But of course each of them breaks that vow sooner or later. And thus we get fun little glimpses into the future…

2014: Ted gets hammered in one year’s time, celebrating with the Mother after her poverty economics book is published. [Remember, for the gang it is still 2013 in “present day”].

2016: Barney and Robin wake up super plastered in Buenos Aires, with a crying baby no less. It just isn’t their baby…wrong room!

2020: Now hairless-Marshall runs for the state supreme court and gets trashed when it looks like he will lose to still-hot Brad. But in a surprise twist he wins and must give a drunk victory speech. In related news—dang, Marshall’s career really takes off quickly!

2022: In the cutest future scenario, the Mother is hungover from a New Year’s Eve party, and doting husband Ted brings her Barney’s famous elixir moments before their adorable little kiddos come running in (awwww we get to see them a little younger).

2030: In another sweet moment, we see an 18 year-old Marvin arriving at his parents’ alma mater for his first year of college. And that’s when proud (and child-free) mama Lily lets loose big time. Marvin takes after his mom with his priceless reaction, “You son of a b-!”

Are you ready to rally for this final batch of HIMYM episodes?

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