How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Lighthouse

Season 9, Episode 8
The Lighthouse

Saturday, 9 AM, 33 hours until the wedding…

Eight episodes into this final season and it is finally the next morning! But more importantly, eight years into Ted Mosby’s journey, it is finally the Mother of all proposals!

Let’s start with the least significant story, per the usual: Marshall and Daphne’s never-ending road trip. On the plus side, we get to see Virginia and Clint, in addition to some other fun little road trip call-backs. The angry duo crash at the Mosby home in Ohio [birthplace of Ted Mosby] while the bad storm passes. But, as Clint points out with the help of his guitar and conflict resolution training, there is still a storm brewing among the traveling companions. Marshall and Daphne are determined to get back on the road—after assembling some embarrassing paraphernalia from Ted’s childhood—but Clint is just as determined to help his young friends. He reveals himself as a stowaway in the hummer, but the only thing he can get them to agree on is that his attempts at music make little Marvin take a poop. It is not until Daphne lights a rage fire within Marshall that he really takes the wheel: no more Mr. Nice Marshall. He ditches Clint, cranks up the infamous car ride music, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” and drives forward with a fury.

Over at the Farhampton Inn, things take a rather eggciting emotional turn. What starts as a continuation of the Loretta-Robin feud, and quickly evolves into a cooking showdown, ends with a rather poignant moment. When Robin struts into breakfast in Loretta’s favorite sparkly top (that she won in their poker war), the trash-talking is on. Barney’s attempts to diffuse the situation bomb, while drunk Lily is pretty useless, given that she smashes a glass in rage at any mention of a law word: judge, court, gavel…anything that reminds her of Marshall’s recent confession.

The Robin-Loretta trash-talking spirals into who makes the best scrambled eggs. Loretta is supposedly the Queen of Scrambled Eggs, a title she won back in her easy days as a groupie. Now, we all know that Robin is no domestic goddess, but she claims that her mother’s eggs are the bestest—even in Canadian form with syrup. What makes Robin’s claim even more difficult to swallow is that she mentions her mother. Up until this point, we the audience have never even heard mention of the woman. Even Future Ted explains the very little the gang knows of her: she is terrified of flying; she was once stung by a jelly fish…and uhhh, that’s it. It ultimately turns out that Loretta really is the Queen of Scrambled Eggs. But it also turns out that Robin’s mom really is afraid of flying, and now she also will not attend her daughter’s wedding. When Loretta then learns from Barney that Robin can never have kids, that is all she needs to hear to bury the hatchet with her daughter-in-law. In a bittersweet moment, Robin is comforted by her soon-to-be mom.

And finally, our ever-lonesome Ted has his own adventure on Saturday morning at the inn. Remember the super-romantic lighthouse near the inn, the one that the judging receptionist Curtis refuses to allow singles to visit? Ted is determined to check it out on this beautiful morning, but Lily insists that he is being too picky with women. She encourages him to take crazy Cassie from the rehearsal dinner fiasco, despite the fact that Ted has zero interest in her. Drunk Lily later admits that this was a bad idea. Since down-on-her-luck Cassie sprains her ankle, Ted must carry her up the lighthouse, which leads to a feeling he has only felt once before. Not love, but vomit. You may recall that Ted claimed to be “Vomit Free Since ‘93” before admitting that he once puked on Robin’s doorstep. While this particular trip to the romantic lighthouse is a total bust, not even two years later Ted returns to the lighthouse with Mother. They are truly perfect for one another, and it is a perfect day, which Ted makes more perfect with a sweet and simple proposal that he can barely get out because she is too busy saying “Yes!” And so we have the proposal moment!

Once again, HIMYM succeeds in turning on a dime from silly to sweet. The various stories tonight were pretty disconnected, and I long for the day when the gang is all back together, but the moments between Robin and Loretta and then Ted and Mother really exemplify why we love these characters.

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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Lighthouse

  1. Karyn says:

    I’m going to go all debbie downer and say that I just can’t seem to get behind this season. There have been some high moments, but overall I am not very impressed. The proposal didn’t do much for me because although we are supposed to be invested in these two characters as a couple, we’ve only actually seen them interact once or twice before. Also, you’d think that HIMYM could have spent a little money on the lighthouse scene…the backdrop was so fake it was laughable. This being said, I do always enjoy your recaps and will continue to enjoy them, even if I’m not the biggest fan of this season!

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