How I Met Your Mother Recap – No Questions Asked

Season 9, Episode 7
No Questions Asked

Friday, 11:30 PM, 42.5 hours before the wedding…

Tonight’s episode, “No Questions Asked” was some good ole’ fashioned HIMYM fun! Sure, it was mostly filler (once again) but it was the kind of filler episode that HIMYM does best. It brings all the characters together with a unifying theme, and as you enjoy the fun-and-games of their competitive spirit, a strong and meaningful ending sneaks up on you. It was also a nice little nod to Halloween (i.e. ghost stories) without being an actual holiday episode—given that we are living in the wedding weekend.

The entire episode revolves around the fall-out of Daphne sending Lily a text about Marshall accepting a judgeship. According to Daphne, she was just breaking the ice for him. But that leaves Marshall on some pretty thin ice. At the start of the episode, Lily has not yet seen the text, as she is too busy fretting over their haunted room 13.  Yes, Marshall had seen the Farhampton Inn on a cheesy ghost TV show (complete with horrendous reenactments and dubbing) and purposely booked them in the room where Captain Deardruff died with his hook stuck in the wall—either that or he was a hooker who died from syphyllis. Let’s just say that Lily is not pleased.

Lily is even less pleased to have her friends break into her room that night—one by one—scaring her half to death. What she doesn’t know is that Marshall individually called Ted, Barney and Robin (plus six nameless people) to do a “no questions asked” emergency favor: delete the text that Lily received. Over the years, we learned via amusing flashbacks that Marshall had performed numerous odd “no questions asked” favors for his pals, ranging from getting Ted out of a mailbox, picking Barney up from a “lucky charm” hospital visit (not the deuced pants incident) and catching the Night Falcon (i.e. Robin in a spandex unitard) in the night’s most intriguing side note. I also really appreciated that, despite Marshall telling his friends that the lock on Lily’s door is broken, each of them felt compelled to break into Lily’s room in an elaborate spy-like fashion.

When Lily heads downstairs to complain about her room’s many problems, including the room service she didn’t order (which Robin did to sneak in), Ted, Barney and Robin frantically search for the phone. They quickly realize that Lily has the phone on her and rush off to intercept. This brings up the B-story of the night: this week’s Barney-Robin doubts about their impending marriage. At this point, Robin is worried that she and Barney don’t communicate about their plans, but act like lone wolves…like planning for both doves and a gun salute at a wedding. They may be lone wolves, but they vow to be lone wolves who can learn to do things together and, uhhh, kill prey together. Their intricate plotting to get the phone is pretty fool-proof, except Ted already handled it.

Yes, Ted realizes that Lily owes him a “no questions asked” favor from the time he saved her from her kindergartners who went all Lord of the Flies on her. Ted makes Lily smash her phone and reports the done deal to Marshall. It is only then that Marshall decides to step up and just tell his wife about his new job commitment—because he has always told Lily everything and never kept a “no questions asked” secret from her. Lily takes the news about as well as you would expect: a quiet rage starting to simmer. A ghost may not have died in their room, but a murder might still take place there when Marshall arrives.

And so we wait for Marshall to arrive, which MAY be soon. Did it look like he was at the hotel in the next episode? It will finally be morning—the next day—so we get ever closer to the wedding and Marshall and Daphne can certainly cover a lot of territory overnight. Plus, sounds like we get another Mother sighting!

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