How I Met Your Mother Recap – Knight Vision

Season 9, Episode 6
Knight Vision

45 hours until the wedding…

Tonight’s new episode, “Knight Vision,” was an improvement over last week’s foray into poker, but it would be hard not to be. We got some amusing moments, but basically we are just biding our time the same way the gang is filling the hours of wedding weekend. Even though we knew going into this season that it was going to be completely different and span the course of one weekend, I was hoping for some more extended flash backs and flash forwards that would take us out of the Farhampton Inn. It is kind of sad having a final season that has so little apartment and MacLaren’s. It would be like Friends never going to Central Perk for their last season. But I digress…

At the Farhampton Inn, it is Friday night drinks for the wedding guests. That means it is time for Ted to target and acquire his wedding weekend hookup. Because Robin and Barney are Robin and Barney, they spent time pre-selecting three potential lady candidates rather than work on their lame vows. According to Barney, the decision of which female to choose equates to choosing the holy grail in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: “It’s like the holy grail of cups!” While they all agree that Robin’s college roommate Sophia should be top pick—despite having sex noises that sound an awful lot like a 1990s car alarm—Ted is immediately captivated by an outgoing Cassidy. But, as Ted quickly learns from the knight, he “chose poorly.”

Meanwhile in wedding-land, Lily is shocked and pissed off to learn that Robin and Barney had “stole” the story of how Lily and Marshall first met. But we were treated to nice scenes in which Robin and Barney impersonate young Lily and Marshall, and vice versa. Why would “Barn-mallow” and “Robin-pad” have done such a thing? Well, the minister at their selected church [I shall call him Mr. Gilmore] is a scary and traditional man who doesn’t care for wild n’crazy city folk who just want to use his church for the cute factor. I will pause here for a moment to say that I never bought into the reason why Robin and Barney—of all people—would choose to get married at any religious institution, regardless of cuteness. In fact, all those seasons ago (before we knew whose wedding it was) I purposely hypothesized that it wouldn’t be Barney or Robin’s wedding because neither is a church-marriage type of person. I also don’t understand the ugly pink dress we have seen Lily wear on the wedding day—and how Robin could have possibly picked that for her friend—but I will move along now.

In a running gag throughout the night, Ted continues to learn over and over how he did choose poorly in the hook-up department. Cassidy is basically suffering from every female cliché, from recent heartbreak to being fired. Even her parents try to flee, sticking her with Ted. While it certainly seems that Ted has made a mistake, being trapped with a crappy “date” for the weekend ultimately freed him to meet Mother at the end of the weekend. Can we see more of her please? I guess before there can be a wedding, though, Robin and Barney need to find a new officiant. Mr. Gilmore died in a state of shock as Barney and Robin came clean on their messed up history. But it is a history that they love.

Lastly, Marshall is still somewhere in the Midwest with the world’s quietest baby. I do give HIMYM major creativity points for figuring out a way to keep tabs on a baby in a sitcom without having to actually deal with the baby. Even though we can’t (unfortunately) speed up the travel time of this very long road trip, I am hopeful that some action surrounding Marshall and Lily’s job decisions may pick up soon. As Daphne tries to prep Marshall for breaking the news to Lily, they get into a spat over the fact that Daphne is a lobbyist for the oil industry. In a moment of anger, Daphne texts Lily the news that Marshall accepted a judgeship. The episode ends with Marshall’s phone ringing.

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