How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Broken Code

Season 9, Episode 4
The Broken Code

51 Hours Before the Wedding…

Tonight’s new HIMYM, “The Broken Code,” felt a little BROken. Definitely the weakest of the episodes we have had so far this season. While I will give props (literally) to the writers for trying to find new and innovative ways to bring an absent Marshall into the fold, it is just not the same as having him in person…and given that we are moving hour by hour, I feel like I may have to start drinking like Lily and making Marshpillows soon.

The episode did address two main character issues with Robin and Barney. First, the fact that Robin (and Lily for that matter) doesn’t really have any other female friends. Granted, it is sometimes alluded that Lily has other gal pals [see Lily’s teacher friends in the classic episode: Woo Girls] but as we all know, Robin fell out of touch with her bestie Jessica Glitter and ever since has not been a girlie girl. She loves her sports and her cigars, and has such a funky metabolism that she can eat and eat while still losing weight (bitch). Hence, her only girlfriend is Lily, who was not able to throw Robin a proper bachelorette…because inviting Patrice doesn’t exactly make Robin happy.

Lily decides to get serious about helping Robin make a girlfriend before she moves to Rome; and before Robin’s Sunday gossip brunches become her watching Canadian hockey with beer-cereal. I did enjoy Robin’s weak attempts at trying to be a girl, and then her sudden hilarious success with another tough sports-girl. But was I the only one who thought that Lily would spot her “train friend” (i.e. Mother) in the bar and have Robin try to be her friend? That would have been a great “How Robin Met the Mother” story!  Ultimately, Lily scared off Robin’s one new friend out of jealousy, and Robin was happy to have her one psycho bestie.

Meanwhile, Barney went through a little cycle of best men, but what he really struggled with was Ted still having feelings for Robin. Barney seemed to take his confrontation with Ted over the Central Park incident very well…too well, in fact. The boys cried over the wasted Scotch, but all was not actually resolved for the Barnacle and his Best Bro. Barney made Ted jump through wedding planning hoops until Ted finally realized Barney was mad, but not before re-doing the table cards with his travel quill calligraphy set. Barney even made Billy Zabka the temporary Best Man. I will pause here for a moment to comment on the awesomeness of Barney’s groomsmen party: Ted and Marshall (duh), the aforementioned Billy Zabka (Barney’s hero), Tim Gunn (Barney’s tailor), and the always awesome Ranjit.

Marshall—via iPad FaceTime—is needed to lawyer the argument between Ted and Barney: was Ted holding Robin’s hand in the park weird? And more importantly, did it violate the Bro Code? Marshall mediates a therapy session on the beach in which Ted and Barney hold hands to see if it is weird for “just friends” to hold hands. And as a rain shower passes overhead, Ted admits he still sometimes does have feelings for Robin, and Barney admits that he is angry at himself for not being there for Robin that day. Ted swears on the Bro Code itself (now a book avaikable in certain hotels and on most Lufthansa flights) that he will do his best to move on from his feelings, plus he would never do anything to hurt his friends. Barney reinstates his best man just in time for an intense poker game and some Weekend at Bernie’s relaxation.

So, Ted didn’t take the opportunity on the beach to reveal his plans to move to Chicago. And neither bro acknowledged the fact that Barney broke the bro code in hooking up with Robin all those years ago, but oh well. I wish that the scenes for the next episode made me feel like something big will happen, but next week mainly seems like more poker.

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1 Response to How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Broken Code

  1. Katie says:

    You were not the only one who thought Lily’s “train friend” would show up and be introduced to Robin! That’s where I thought it was going too… Also, can I just say, thought of u immediately when Barney mentioned the Bro Code book being available on Lufthansa flights. Ha!

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