How I Met Your Mother Recap – Last Time in New York

Season 9, Episode 3
Last Time in New York

52 hours before the wedding…

Way back in season two, there was an episode of How I Met Your Mother called “First Time in New York” when Robin’s little sister visited and the gang took her to the Empire State Building. In tonight’s season nine episode, “Last Time in New York,” we did get a glimpse of “Empi” (as our favorite “Fun Fact” architect likes to call the iconic building) but there was no glimpse of a certain little sister (probably because she is busy playing a Pretty Little Liar). Regardless, we got a slew of other funny episode callbacks and a dash of heart courtesy of a Ted-Lily life lecture moment. However, the emotional power of meeting Mother last week was missing and I am anxious for our entire gang to be back together under one roof. My bucket list for this final season includes seeing the fab five all together as much as possible, which sadly may not happen for quite some time.

The episode opens with Barney and Robin still not seeing eye-to-eye over the ring bear(er). I must say, I am definitely becoming more and more intrigued with the notion of a wild animal joining the wedding party. Other than this little disagreement, Barney and Robin are still holding up pretty well. That is, until the shuttle arrives full of zombies, errr old relatives. This sets up an amusing gag for the entire episode, as Barney and Robin attempt to hide (and get it on) while not drawing the attention of their elders by uttering words like “buffet” and names like “Patinkin.” Side note: between Homeland’s season three premiere last night and HIMYM’s Princess Bride references, Mandy got lots of love this week. The best moment of this zombie-pocalypse came courtesy of James, who heroically sacrificed himself to the hordes of relatives so that Barney and Robin could be alone. He is black, gay and getting divorced…so yeah, he is going to “die” first like every brother in a zombie movie.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the bar—where Lily is still getting hooked up with endless drinks thanks to Linus and the Kennedy Package—she discovers Ted’s list of things he wants to do before he moves in order to say goodbye to NYC. There are many gems on this list, but I have to say that Ted wanting to fix graffiti was the best for me, because this totally drives me crazy as well (and by fix, I mean changing “Your a penis” to the grammatically correct “You’re a penis”).

It is through this list that Lily also discovers a little secret that Ted and Marshall have been hiding: they accidentally destroyed her classy-yet-slutty rehearsal dinner dress, not the dry-cleaner. Remember those dueling swords that hung in the old apartment all those years, the same ones that Ted and Marshall used to ‘duel’ for the apartment back in 2005 and ended in a Lily stabbing? Well, Ted and Marshall were inspired by a recent watching of The Princess Bride to play a little Mandy Patinkin and chopped her dress in half. You sonofabeeetch!

We later learned that Lily and Robin also were not immune to the power of Princess Bride, as they too reenacted some awesome dueling, thus breaking Ted’s expensive bottle of Glen McKenna scotch. While Ted may have been temporarily fooled by a nasty concoction of cheap scotch, Hershey’s syrup, ketchup and hand sanitizer, Lily makes it right by buying him a new bottle. But it comes for the price of one definitely-not-last life lecture from Lily to Ted: stop saying goodbye to the good things; instead say goodbye to the crap that happened to him in NYC and think of the celebratory scotch as a new beginning with his buddies. Ted decides to do just that and stop avoiding Barney after his recent Central Park moment with Robin. He heads out to the deck to toast with his bro, but Barney immediately drops the bomb that he saw Ted and Robin in Central Park.

I haven’t mentioned Marshall, and that is because he is unfortunately separate from the gang on his road trip and will be for considerable time, sigh. The show flashed to him and non-sports fan Daphne making their way through every Viking’s nemesis territory: Wisconsin. And of course we got to see him in flashbacks dueling with Ted. But I am going to need WAY more Marshall interaction, like that Princess Bride speech he gave to Ted.

What do you think of this very different final season so far?

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