How I Met Your Mother Recap – Romeward Bound

Season 8, Episode 21
Romeward Bound

Tonight’s new How I Met Your Mother aired despite the tragic events in Boston today. But it was a nice change of pace to have something light on the television. “Romeward Bound” found Lily considering an intriguing job offer and Barney and Ted considering how to get a hot girl to remove her coat.

Captain America
Apparently Lily has been making a pretty good name for herself as the Captain’s art consultant. So good that he wants her to move to Rome for a year to be his art consultant over in Italy. Lily heads to the bar, where all great decisions must be made. When she tries to call Marshall, he sounds so busy at his dream environmental law job that she immediately rejects the Captain’s offer—she can’t bear to ask Marshall to uproot his life for this.

I must pause at this point to say that the highlight of this episode was certainly the various imaginations of Lily + Marshall in Rome. Filled with every possible Italian stereotype and cliché, Lily worries that her bored Italian house-husband would quickly strike up romance with a sultry Italian woman at a café. Well, after he got tired of Italy’s version of The Price Is Right. I give Jason Segel props for his pitch-perfect cheesiness.

It’s Getting Hot in Here
…So take off all your clothes coat! As Barney and Ted chill at MacLaren’s, Ted notices a girl from his yoga class at the bar [of course Ted takes yoga]. Ted remembers her quite well since he almost once asked her out, but then was too blown away by her “redonkulous” body. Unfortunately, her body is presently hidden by a massive coat that she doesn’t have intention of removing, even after Barney slips Carl $100 to crank up the heat. When Robin arrives and actually knows the mysterious hottie, Barney thinks that perhaps his super cool fiancé is down for the prized threesome belt. But it turns out that this girl also happens to be Barney and Robin’s wedding planner, Liddy.

Just when we think that Robin and Barney will get into their weekly argument over whether Barney still focuses too much on other women, Robin actually shows us her wingwoman spirit and agrees that she wants to see what is under the coat. Barney argues that only a dude who is totally taken and smitten can get away with asking another woman to ‘remove’ an article of clothing. Since Marshall is not available, Robin wonders why Barney cannot pull it off, since he is off the market too. Barney carefully and barely gets the words out and is surprised when it results in success! Her body IS redonkulous. And Barney is pleased with his commitment to Robin. But he and Ted do share a rather awkward and foreboding moment in which Ted warns Barney not to take so much advantage of Robin being a ‘cool fiance’ who is down with Barney’s antics. Time will tell if that conversation amounts to future trouble in paradise.

House Hunters International
Back to the big decision on deck, Lily heads over to Marshalls’ office since he is so busy. But it turns out that “working on a big case” and “a lot on my plate” are code for drinking a case of beer and polishing off a plate of burgers respectively. Yes, it seems that since Marshall’s firm won that big case—but with a teeny tiny settlement—business has taken a beating. With no staff and a boss hiding out in a bunker, Lily sees that Marshall’s job is not the barrier to moving like she thought. Marshall goes to the Captain and convinces him to re-offer the Italy job. Then it is Lily’s turn to freak out and imagine her Italian life as a big fat failure.

Of course godfather Marshall is super supportive of his wife. With one simple sentence in Italian, “Come on, bro, don’t Bogart all the Funions,” he is masterfully able to give Lily the pep talk she needs to take this leap and live an adventure.

Since the odds are slim that we will spend all of the final season with Ted, Robin and Barney in NYC and Lily and Marshall in Rome, how do we think these plans will implode? Can we at least get a spoof of a House Hunters International episode in which Marshall and Lily try to find the perfect flat in Rome for their young family? Don’t forget to complain about paint color you guys…and how tiny the kitchens are…and no open floor plans.

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