90210 Recap – Brother From Another Mother

Season 5, Episode 14
Brother From Another Mother

Not many friends can actually benefit from a group savings pass to the courthouse, but on 90210 they can practically book a shuttle service. Yes, the gang had lots of trouble with the law in this week’s episode, “Brother From Another Mother,” plus the introduction of a new member of the fold.

We are family. Naomi reached way down the family tree—and way back through previous season archives—to surprise Annie and Dixon with their mutual half-brother! It is hard to remember that these kids even have parents, so it is that much more difficult to recall that way back when we were told that Naomi’s mom and Annie and Dixon’s dad had gotten pregnant as teenagers and given the baby up for adoption. Naomi is typical Naomi, trying to orchestrate everything and everyone to her liking even when no one else wants to buy into this ‘one big happy family’ notion. Knowing that their half-bro Mark has a taco truck, Naomi conveniently arranges to throw a food truck contest at CU featuring Wolfgang Puck as the judge! Just another day at CU, where none of them seem to actually go to school. Annie is not feeling this family reunion and Mark most certainly is not. He bolts when he realizes that Naomi fixed the competition so that he would win, and in return Naomi jumps onto his truck and accidentally starts a grease fire. Just as Naomi starts to feel really down that this final family member relationship is ruined, Annie has a little heart-to-heart talk with her half-bro and he comes around. Mark and Naomi agree to open a restaurant together, with Naomi’s money, as long as she is a silent partner. Why do I get a creepy incest flirty vibe between these two?

Nobody puts Liam in a box. Liam is still acting out from all the drama he has experienced lately. The time has come to testify against crazy stalker-cop Ashley, but even seeing her briefly at the courthouse sends him on a violent rampage. First he accidentally attacks Ade (who is also in at the courthouse for last week’s indecent exposure musical act) and then later he punches out one of those douchebag society members that Navid hangs with…and for that we can thank Liam for his excellent community service. Ade and others keep telling Liam that he needs to get help and confront his issues, but of course he doesn’t want to admit that he may have PTSD. Personally, I would rather see Liam punch out almost every other character on this show. He finally realizes that he does need to face his traumatic kidnapping head on, which means literally leasing the abandoned space and oh-so-symbolically breaking down that infamous box. Side note: isn’t that space directly beneath the bar/club? Wouldn’t they just use it to expand or something?

Baby mama. Someone finally tells Silver that she is being beyond obnoxious with her ridiculous focus on babies and pregnancy! And ironically, the person that calls Silver out on her self-centered ways is Adrianna. Um Ade, couldn’t we say the same thing about you and your ridiculous “music”? Speaking of which, Ade gets a chance to sing with a band at CU’s Battle of Bands, or should I say “Adrianna Tate Duncan” does (I always laugh when characters on this show approach her as fans and use her full name). Well, it turns out this band is a fan of Ade’s “work”—which actually means her purposeful wardrobe malfunction last week. Now that Ade has once again wrecked her image (anyone remember when she stole songs from a dead guy?) she is looking for something new to do. Silver has just the answer! After finally realizing that she needs to chill out and stop being so overbearing with Michaela’s surrogacy, the girls decide to ‘do something’ with Mark’s burned out food truck. What that something is we can only imagine.

Groupies. In the miscellaneous category of this evening, we experienced a CU Battle of the Bands that Annie coordinated mainly so her bro Dixon could scout new talent for his suffering label. Again, does anyone even go to CU? Other than Navid, that is, who mainly goes there to hang with that horrible society full of douchebags like Kendall? Dixon doesn’t find much musical talent at the event, but later he finds a singing voice in his new roomie, Michaela, who will be living with him while being Silver’s surrogate. Michaela is certainly on board with a lot more than having an embryo implanted in her. She wants the fame and fun of a SoCal life. From hooking up with Navid to partying before the procedure to wanting Dixon to make her a star… this girl is going to bring some drama to 90210. I am just not sure if she should bring a baby to it.

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