How I Met Your Mother Recap – Bad Crazy

Season 8, Episode 16
Bad Crazy

Unless CBS had aired something called “The Making of Underneath the Tunes,” tonight’s HIMYM was never going to live up to last week’s Canadian All-Star pop culture explosion. But “Bad Crazy” wasn’t all that bad either. Even though I didn’t exactly laugh-out-loud, I thought we got some fun moments and overall I have been pretty happy with our gang these past few weeks. It makes me excited for a strong run to the finish line that we will get next season.

“Bad Crazy” picked up close to where we left off: with Ted dating the Dahmer-esque Jeanette [i.e. Abby Elliott]. Did she remind anyone else of a young Joan Cusack, or was that just me? If not, does she remind you of Lily’s dad, Mickey? Because in real life Abby Elliott is in fact Chris Elliott’s daughter. Anyways, Future Ted explains that Jeanette was the ‘special girl’ who got him to realize that it was truly time to settle down. But not in the sense that SHE was ever going to be The Mother, but more so because she was truly crazy…but the kind of crazy Ted needed one last time before getting single life out of his system.

In true Ted form, he has difficulty cutting the cord on a relationship. So when Marshall and Barney accidentally let Jeanette into Ted’s apartment, she takes the opportunity to barricade herself in Ted’s bedroom—and thanks to boy scout Teddy always being prepared for natural disasters, she could totally survive in there for a long time. The best part of this story line was actually the solid bro time that the guys got to spend plotting to stage a counter attack.

Equally nice was the solid girl time that Robin and Lily got to spend together…and I am not talking about that afternoon for lunch with Marvin, but girly wine time for many, many years to come. As we all know, Robin is rather afraid of babies and not exactly a Mary Poppins when it comes to childcare. In fact, she has yet to even hold baby Marvin, who is adorable by the way (but I do agree with Robin on her fears of dropping the kid). When Lily has to chase after a bus where she left Marvin’s binky, Robin has no choice but to face her babysitting fears. Just as she actually picks up the entire stroller to rock a crying Marvin, a kind lady approaches and offers to help. Robin quickly allows this stranger to help in a variety of tasks, until they wind up taking shelter from the cold at the good ole’ strip club.

Robin never told Lily the truth about how she spent her afternoon with Marvin, until a few years later. However, she only divulged a teeny tiny part of the tale. The best running gag of the night was flashing forward every few years to an aging Robin and Lily enjoying a bottle of wine and exclaiming how nice it is to chat and how quickly Marvin is growing up. These niceties sped up with each passing year until finally, seventeen years later, Robin admitted the entire story—including the fact that the ‘nice old lady’ was actually none other than Mike Tyson. Yes, Little Marvin had quite an adventure with Aunt Robin and Mike Tyson.

It turned out that Mike Tyson had some good advice for Ted’s current situation as well: Ted is partly to blame for Jeanette’s level of crazy thanks to his mixed signals. But even Lily pointed out that Ted needed some crazy in his life at that moment. And, how could Ted resist a girl wearing his red cowboy boots?

How long will it be until Ted’s relationship with Jeanette bursts into flames? And how sweet was Robin finally holding baby Marvin all through the night…well, until he pooped?

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