How I Met Your Mother Recap – Ring Up

Season 8, Episode 14
Ring Up

Another rock solid HIMYM tonight, this time focusing on the powers of one giant rock—Robin’s ring. But “Ring Up” gave everyone a chance to shine in quite lovely ways.

What the cuff?
Most of the action in tonight’s episode stems from Ted’s new leather wrist cuff, or as RoBarn likes to call it: Male Birth Control or Chastity Bracelet. Yes, these two are meant for one another. Ted tells them that they can all laugh as much as they want because it did score him a hot young lady…the key word being “young.” This mystery woman is so young, in fact, that she is six months shy of being able to enter MacLaren’s, so unfortunately the gang is not able to meet her.

Ted goes out with this younger generation girl and realizes “I’m too old for this stuff.” Between playing “hipster Mad Libs” [possibly my new favorite pop culture term coined by this show) and roller-skating to clubs that exist below manholes, Ted has absolutely nothing in common with her. He may not be Vietnam old—as this girl thinks—but their age difference shows. Ted is ready to cut the wrist cuff—so to speak—but Barney strongly (and creepily) pushes for Ted to give him a proxy bang. Now that Barney is engaged and happy with Robin, he needs to make it through a final detox and live vicariously through Ted. Even though Ted is reluctant, he manages to give Barney his proxy bang and then brag about it with a photo. There is only one problem: when Barney looks at the photo, he discovers that the girl is his half-sister Carly!

Barney flips out, even though there was no way Ted knew that Carly was Barney’s sister, especially because Barney only reconnected with his dad a few years ago. As the womanizer bro that lives inside Barney starts to spaz out, he shifts between asking about Carly’s piercing and ending his friendship with Ted. Eventually, Barney invites Ted and Carly over to this apartment…for a surprise wedding to ‘make things right.’ I enjoyed Barney reading a passage from Ted’s dream journal, featuring deep thoughts about Whole Foods. Ultimately Ted is able to set Barney straight with a ‘wink’ that he will never touch his sister again…and Barney’s disgust over a one-night stand proves that he is a changed, engaged man. Well, even though we have already learned that “The Mother” is in Barney and Robin’s wedding band, it was nice that HIMYM officially closed the door on a years-long theory that Barney’s sister could end up being the Mother.

The Ring Bearer
Meanwhile, Robin, Marshall and Lily discover the various powers possessed by certain accessories. Robin has typically found NYC to be one of the friendliest and cheapest cities on earth! Her mornings practically run like a musical! [She exaggerates to make a point, but still]. But this is because Robin has always possessed the allure of a hot single lady. Now with her big piece of engagement bling, she has to pay for her bagels [not a euphemism] and has trouble getting drinks at the bar. It’s hard to remember all the way back to season one, but the very first time Lily and Robin ever hung out on their own, a newly engaged Lily had similar problems.

Marshall and Lily, on the other hand, discover the powers a single bracelet can behold: yes, it seems that Ted’s wrist cuff turns Lily on like no other because she fantasizes a biker Marshall. Marshall is determined to keep his wife frisky and keeps wearing the bracelet despite a bad allergic reaction that causes his hand to swell up so badly he can only give Lily a single ‘honka.’

Eventually Robin realizes that the real power of her engagement ring is being in love with Barney…and she doesn’t need to get drinks at the bar anymore because that’s what she has Barney for! And Marshall and Lily agree that they don’t need a stupid bracelet to keep the magic alive…that is, until Marshall spots Lily in some hilarious mom jeans and we learn what his secret turn on is.

So, did you think this episode was pretty ‘brilliant?’

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