How I Met Your Mother Recap – Band or DJ

Season 8, Episode 13
Band or DJ

And  we’re back! HIMYM picked up right where we left off in 2012, with an episode called “Band or DJ.” Robin and Barney had just become engaged in the world’s most elaborate proposal and now the gang was ready to plan a wedding…sort of. That meant it was time to whip out the wedding binder (or two), debate the merits of a band versus DJ, and break the news to Robin’s scary father.

I can has confetti?

First things first, let’s start with the Marshall and Lily sub-plot that seemed all in good fun but took a darker—and smellier—turn. Poor little adorable Marvin is crying nonstop because he has not pooped in several days. While no one is a fan of a smelly diaper, Lily is concerned that there has not been a…uhhh…”blast of confetti” in a while. It’s good to see Marshall and Lily struggle a bit adjusting to parenthood. Much like Ted learns too much about his mother and 50 Shades of Grey on Facebook, thanks to social media I happen to know that many parents fret over their constipated babies.

A little later in the evening, Lily makes a deeper confession to Ted—something she has not admitted to anyone. Sometimes she just doesn’t want to me a mom because she feels like she has given up her identity. She and Ted share a nice moment of honesty and each gets to make a scary admission before heading back inside to accepting their realities with happiness. And they do so just in time to see one epic ‘confetti’ explosion by little Marvin, who is no longer constipated. Just ask Marshall. I love how HIMYM gets to swap out visuals, like when Ted imagined Robin’s dogs as her ex-boyfriends way back when. But this visual really takes the, uh, cake.

I can has permishun?

Robin’s dad is scary. This we know from many, many moments over the years. But what we—and Robin—didn’t know was that he recently moved to NYC to marry a Zumba-loving woman named Carol. Now he wears Hawaiian shirts, posts LOLcats to Facebook, and loves a good Jimmy Buffet concert. Robin cannot even comprehend what has happened to her “vampire in daylight” father, but mainly she is hurt that he never even bothered to share any of his major life changes with her.

Meanwhile, Barney must find a way to ask Mr. Scherbatsky for permission to marry his daughter, even though they are already engaged. Mr. S may be a little more mellow these days, but he somehow manages to make mellow look terrifying. Despite not being able to shoot a very adorable bunny named Fluffernutter to appease his future father-in-law, Barney is able to get Mr. S to do something he has never done: apologize to Robin. It is still a creepy apology, but it makes a difference to Robin. She realizes just how much Barney loves her and she also gets a promise for ‘just one dance’ with her father at her wedding.

I can has mother?

Ted continues to serves as MVP in the friendship department, always stepping up to help in good times and in bad. Lily may have a wedding binder ready to go for Robin, but Ted has an even bigger binder just for cakes. Ahhhh, so very Ted. I loved the rivalry between Ted and Lily to be the ultimate wedding planner for Robin, and Lily’s feistiness truly shined: “I will cut you.” But Ted put up a solid and sneaky fight to prevent Lily from hiring the band she had originally wanted at her wedding. The bigger question was why Ted cared so very much that Robin and Barney have a DJ versus a band. In an odd way, Ted viewed a band as unreliable and undeserving, whereas you know what you are getting with a DJ. The band represented the womanizing Barney winning the woman that a deserving Ted had wanted desperately for so many years.

Of course we know that Robin picked Barney. Now we also know that Robin picked a band over a DJ. And this turned out to be a fateful decision. About a week before the wedding, Ted ran into Cindy and her partner on the subway. This is the one and only Cindy whom Ted dated briefly while she was roommates with the mysterious mother. Ted never met the mother—obviously—but we learned she was a musician. As Robin’s band had backed out suddenly, Ted explained the story to Cindy and—as fate would have it—her former roommate’s gig had just cancelled for that weekend. Ted would be able to save the day with a new band. “Ted, do you believe in destiny?” Oh, yes he does.

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  1. Aj says:

    I REALLY love reading these recaps because after watching the actual episode, I can reflect and read the details i might’ve not picked up. Thank you for doing these, I love ’em! 🙂

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