How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Over-Correction

Season 8, Episode 10
The Over-Correction

Tonight was certainly an improvement over last week’s dud, although didn’t quite score as an over-correction, you might say. “The Over-Correction” focused mainly on Barney’s continuing relationship with Patrice (seriously?) but pulled the gang together in some amusing ways. We also got some solid call-backs, whether it was the appearance of family and old friends like Marshall’s mom or their old pal Stuart [who now has a baby] to the return of the infamous red cowboy boots and even an Intervention!

Property of Ted
In true character form, Ted is a bit peeved at his friends for always “borrowing” his stuff and never returning it. This topic only comes up because Marshall’s widowed mother Judy is coming to town for a visit and he wants to borrow Ted’s air mattress. It seems that everyone has borrowed items from Ted in the past—items clearly marked “Property of Ted–and he has never seen them again. Meanwhile, Lily has other ideas about where Judy can stay, as their apartment is already a tad too crowded with baby and Mickey and breast feeding. In fact, she has found quite a great use for Ted’s red Cleveland cooler…she uses it for her breast milk.

Minnesota Twins
While staying with Marshall and Lily, Judy makes a confession to her daughter-in-law. She tells Lily that she is ready to start dating again but knows Marshall would freak out. Lily is supportive and even encourages her to let the “Minnesota Twins” out a little. Judy is even willing to take some fashion advice from Lily, because hey, she may dress “like a street-walker, but it works.” But Lily doesn’t realize just who Judy will choose to make her first move. It is Marshall who stumbles upon his mother and Lily’s dad Mickey getting frisky in the baby’s room. A sickened Marshall takes refuge in a dark closet for a full-on freak-out.

Barney has actually entered an actual relationship with Patrice, and Robin doesn’t buy it, at all. She becomes quite obsessed in trying to break up the relationship. She claims it is because she feels for her duped ‘friend Patrice’ and thinks Barney’s over-correction relationship is a cry for help. I actually agree with these motives—especially because no one changes as drastically and suddenly as Barney without something being off. But Robin’s true motives are more self-centered: she wants Barney back for herself.

In an effort to show Patrice the real Barney, Robin breaks into Barney’s apartment to find the holy Play Book. In the process, she stumbles upon his other expertly hidden books like the Bro Code. But before she can make a run for it, Barney (and later Patrice) arrive in the apartment. Robin is also reduced to hiding in a closet, and she must call and sweet talk Ted into helping get Barney out of the house. The highlight of this series of events is definitely Robin discovering that it was Barney who still held the red cowboy boots, which she dangerously holds hostage to make Ted do her dirty work. I also give the show props for once again mentioning Ted’s obsession with Weekend at Bernie’s, and Robin relenting to go with Ted to the “Bernie Man” desert festival.

Marshall and Robin are not the only folks in the closet for long. Ted must hide in another of Barney’s closets while trying to help Robin. And Robin discovers Lily in yet another closet—apparently she has been using Barney’s apartment to breast feed in peace (and using Ted’s cooler to store it!). Basically, Barney has NYC’s best closet space. Amid all this hiding Ted also discovers a slew of “Property of Ted” items. But more importantly, the gang witnesses Barney burn his Play Book because he tells Patrice that she deserves better. Everyone is convinced that Barney has truly changed, except for Robin.

Intervention Time
Robin demands that the gang enact one of their most sacred rituals to help Barney: the trusty Intervention. Marshall, Lily and Ted agree, BUT they hold it for Robin ‘s obsession with Barney and Patrice. However, I have to say that while the gang should be concerned about Robin’s drastic behavior, they should also be worried about Barney’s drastic personality change. They said so themselves: this Patrice relationship is an over-correction. Lily and Marshall especially should understand how disconcerting over-corrections can be: they use Ted’s cooler to vomit over the thought of their parents getting it on together. “Family with benefits” anyone?

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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Over-Correction

  1. Karyn says:

    I thought this was one of the funniest episodes in a long time, at least all of the parts with the ‘Property of Ted Mosby’ stuff. I agreed that Barney’s relationship with Patrice is just absurd and unbelievable. Hopefully they won’t drag it out for too long.

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