How I Met Your Mother Recap – Lobster Crawl

Season 8, Episode 9
Lobster Crawl

I miss Brad. The past two episodes had been quite strong—and not just because of Brad’s body—but because they seemed to capture the flavor of earlier seasons. They had great comedic moments, great call-backs to previous episodes, and great twists that helped propel the story in their own little ways (Marshall’s career, the beginning of a Barney + Robin 2.0). Tonight’s episode didn’t offer much freshness on any front. It felt rather tired and did what baby Marvin secretly did all night long—crawl. We seem to be back in our waiting game, knowing much of what the future holds already for this gang, but not allowed to get there just quite yet. I am perfectly happy to crawl along with the ride, but I need a little more excitement for the journey.

Three Friends and a Baby
We learned why Ted at least can hang out at MacLaren’s for a good portion of his day: he is done teaching for the semester and he has finally finished the GNB building. I wish we had gotten more of a grand conclusion to Ted’s first major architectural project—that seems pretty major for his character’s growth!—but maybe we will some other time. With his current downtime before meeting with a headhunter, Ted volunteers to babysit Marvin for the week while Mickey is down with a cold.

I have to say that Marvin is absolutely adorable, so I can’t blame Ted for going a bit overboard in caring for the little tike. He not only gets to witness the little guy crawl for the first time, but he even takes him for many first experiences—like a visit to Santa—that obviously don’t sit well with Marshall and Lily. Mama bear Lily is especially furious and has one heck of a stare when trying to film some crawling action, since Ted’s video of himself encouraging Marvin didn’t exactly cut it. The best line of the night definitely goes to Lily for her disturbing, “Crawl! You son of a me!” Ultimately, Marshall and Lily realize that Ted is really having trouble with letting go of his baby: the GNB building. This storyline mainly just reminded me of when Lily was pregnant last season, and Ted became too involved with the birthing plan. I also don’t think we as an audience were involved enough in the GNB building development recently enough to have its completion impact us the way it impacted Ted. I do wish we could have seen more of Marvin’s winter fashion show!

She’s his lobster!
As Phoebe Buffay once wisely said about Rachel and Ross, “She’s his lobster!” That was because lobsters mate for life. In Robin’s case, she is highly allergic to this sea meat and it makes her face blow up. When the doctor first told her she couldn’t have it ever again, that meant she wanted it all the more. Until she ate it one more time and her face blew up. This reaction leads Robin to believe that she could get Barney out of her system one last time if she got him ‘in her system’ one last time.

Robin tries a lot of pathetic tactics to catch Barney’s attention—tactics she is way too good for—but desperate times call for desperate measures. Barney, however, is not his usual self. He is still affected by the loss of Quinn and the loss of a good tie. Plus he is preoccupied with an idea to save future ties: the Bro Bib. Lily’s idea of a female Bitch Bib is probably better. Even Robin’s girl-on-girl action with weathergirl Brandy doesn’t do the trick—it only gets Lily mad that she was not chosen for the activity. Barney instead leaves the bar with Brandy, but in a surprising turn for Barney he does not sleep with her. Instead, he encounters Robin’s least favorite co-worker [Patrice!] and spends an evening talking with her and eating her cookies (that is not a sexual innuendo).

Obviously Robin is shocked to find the world’s most innocent date taking place in Barney’s apartment, but I think Barney is almost just as shocked that he is enjoying an evening of just talking. I definitely wonder how long this Barney will stick around. Will this new subdued Barney be the Barney that gets back together with Robin a little way down the road?

Speaking of a little way down the road—the final closing scene was the highlight of this generally weak episode. Future Ted drops his baby daughter off at her Aunt Lily and Uncle Marshall’s [this is our second viewing of baby girl Mosby if you are counting]. No sooner does Ted leave his daughter behind than Marshall and Lily prove that they DO hold a grudge…it is time to take baby girl for her first visit to Santa!

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