90210 Recap – The Con

Season 5, Episode 6
The Con

Most of the gang traveled to “Phenomi-Con” in Santa Barbara in this week’s episode, where a truly phenomenal sex video was released, a phenomenal fight scene occurred, and phenomenal costumes abounded. There was also the fall-out from Colin’s major hacking con, so fittingly the episode was called “The Con.”

Con with the wind. In the wake of the hacking news Max discovered last week, he and his dueling wife and business partner all agree to team up and bust their butts to finish coding their new game to release a demo at the upcoming Phenomi-Con. If they can get out there first, then the hacker will not have been successful. Everyone seems to really pull together, with Alec initially blaming himself (thinking it was his phone that was hacked) even though Naomi secretly realizes it was her phone. Naomi goes above and beyond to rally the geek troops: from a sexy masseuse to lots of energy drinks. Unfortunately, she also invites Colin to help, not knowing he is the actual hacker and con man. Max triumphantly finishes the code and they are off for the event, dressed in full gamer-gear. I particularly enjoyed ‘Annie the Elf,’ but especially Naomi telling her to go “elf the brains out” of her boyfriend later. To their surprise, Colin shows up and presents the hacked technology at a panel before theirs. Cue the violin music for poor Annie, who is shocked once again to realize that she has been dating another bad guy. And cue the massive fight between Naomi and Alec over whose fault this is. The final blow comes when Naomi tells Max that she has tried to work well with Alec, but they will never be able to trust one another. Therefore, Max must choose between them. He does choose his wife, but it is far from a victorious moment. Max knows that his marriage cost him his best friend.

Mask ‘n tape. For a couple that wants to remain super private, Liam and Lindsey should probably look up private in the dictionary. So far they have done it in a very open kitchen and in the parking lot at school. When Liam has to go out of town for Phenomi-Con to promote his craptastic movie, Corporate Invaders 2, Lindsey surprises him by heading there herself…in a “fully masked” disguise (i.e. slut clothes with an eye mask). I have trouble believing that this woman really cares about her professional reputation, but she claims to. Liam is happy to see her, and they go to watch the VIP clip screening of his movie. To bad for them that Navid is still a total douche bag. Navid is pissed that Silver is closer to Liam these days—not realizing that they are merely friends and that Liam is actually quietly dating Lindsey. He wants Silver to see the sex tape from the club night, so he hands it over to be screened at the event. Just when he begins to regret his actions (well, only because he has a moment of connection with Silver about how she misses the old Navid) he tries to get the tape back. But it is too late: the ‘whole world’ sees the sex tape and Lindsey runs off. She tells Liam she can’t deal with his very public life. Navid shows up at the bar to apologize, but Liam won’t have it. Liam writes his former buddy the world’s fastest check for Navid’s investment in the club and tells him they are done: Navid is no longer welcome there. Honestly, I am with Liam—Navid has been nothing but annoying this season. Maybe he should go off and start his oh-so successful pop-up clubs in Europe like he wants to do…I am sure now is the time to start new business ventures in the ailing Greek economy, Navid. Thankfully we didn’t have to deal with Silver’s exotic dancing this week, but I still can’t figure out what exactly this girl does with her life other than chase after guys and whine about not being pregnant yet.

Milk and honey. Ade, Dixon and Taylor are the only ones who don’t attend Phenomi-Con. But that’s OK, because Ade is super busy with ‘grocery shopping.’ Yes, Adrianna is still incredibly frustrated in her relationship with Dixon. Even though he has apologized for lashing out at her, she is still not happy with their lack of intimacy. So, she goes out for some milk…and ‘honey.’ Ade shows up at Taylor’s place to get it on with him. Then the next day she goes out for some eggs. I guess you can say she likes her food pretty fresh. Just as Ade decides that she needs to break up with Dixon so that she can keep shopping the Taylor aisle, Dixon has an attack. It seems that the bad pains he has been feeling (and dealing with on his own with no pain meds) are the result of an infection impacting his spine. The doctor says it should get better in the next few days, but this gives Dixon a chance to open up to Ade and confess how he has been feeling lately. He just wants to be the best man possible and re-win her love. What is Ade to do?

The wheels on the bus go round and round. Annie continued to prove what an elfing idiot she can be. After going on and on about finally meeting Mr. Right in Colin, she was just shocked to learn the truth that he was using her for corporate espionage. But the best moment by far was when her spidey senses tingled just a little when Colin didn’t know quite where the Great Barrier Reef was, yet Annie knew. Ha, right. Then, just as she was bemoaning her fate as a duped woman, Riley wheels up with the news on Dixon because he truly cares for her. Annie immediately kisses Riley and the two wheel off into the sunset—after Riley punches Colin. Wow Annie, can’t you be single for even 5 minutes?

This gang should go to comic con conventions more often.

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2 Responses to 90210 Recap – The Con

  1. Denise says:

    Jeni, I love your recaps….I watch the show first and always look forward to your summary of this so-predictable, yet why-can’t-we-resist-watching show!!

    • Jeni says:

      Thank you so much for your comment Denise! It is so nice to know people read and enjoy 🙂 Yes, this show is truly one of those “so bad it is good” things in life. And for me part of that fun is writing a recap every week where I can be snarky! As a hard core fan of the original series, I initially gave this show a shot because of that. But it has developed its own crazy personality that I “hate 2 love.”

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