90210 Recap – Hate 2 Love

Season 5, Episode 5
Hate 2 Love

Anytime an episode’s title is written the way you would abbreviate a text message, you know you are in for some quality–90210 style. “Hate 2 Love” picked right back up with the relationships, jealousies and drama that we know and—I hate 2 admit—love.

Peach Pit After Dark. Just kidding, nothing will ever be as awesomely lame and lamely awesome as the Peach Pit After Dark from the original Beverly Hills 90210. But the Offshore is really trying to bring it back, yo. With musical guest Nelly Furtado and their very own Ray Pruit Dixon as the opening act, it was a grand night for the gang as the former-bar-turned-club reopened. But not everyone enjoyed the night to the fullest extent. Like Dixon did with his music, let’s break it down!

How Naomi got her groove back. Naomi is determined to find some dirt on Alec so that she can use it to manipulate him or blackmail him or otherwise keep him from messing with her marriage to Max. Even though both she and Alec promised Max they ‘would all just get along,’ Naomi has Silver pathetically occupy Alec so that she can sneak into the office. When she hears someone coming she runs and hides in what looks like the computer control room of Jurassic Park. Turns out Alec is onto her and knows exactly where to find her. Upon mentioning this to Annie and her new techie boyfriend, Colin, Naomi is alarmed to discover that Alec had supposedly been tracking her cell phone. Colin good-naturedly “reverses” the GPS tracker, somehow giving Naomi access to Alec’s emails. If you are thinking to yourself, “my how absurdly convenient!” then stay tuned. Anyways, Naomi gets wind of some email exchanges between Alec and Max’s former fiancé Madison that prove he also sabotaged that relationship. Naomi somehow convinces Madison to come to the Offshore to tell Max the truth about Alec and what ensues is the world’s most awkward three-way dance grind between a feuding Naomi and Alec trying to push a drunk Madison around. Intoxicated Madison is hauled off, but before the truth about Alec can come out, Max reveals even bigger news: their company was hacked! This could be their company’s ruin…and we discover that a certain techie boyfriend named Colin is the one behind it! Can we all just take a moment to say that Annie has the WORST track record with guys?

That’s some nerve! Dixon is pumped to get back into his music and be the opening act on the big grand opening night. Things are still really tense between him and Navid—and I don’t blame Dixon for being pissed that Navid doesn’t trust him to play. Things are also a bit tense between quasi-business partners Navid and Liam about who really calls the shots at Offshore. At the same time, there is a lot of relationship drama happening on the sidelines between these dudes, who used to be such close buds. Navid is upset that Silver keeps brushing him off and seems to prefer Liam; Dixon is stressed about performing and these new nervous system pains he is feeling; Ade is feeling disconnected from her relationship with Dixon and admits to Annie that they no longer have a sex life; and Annie is an idiot, again. Everything comes to a head at the opening. Dixon does a great job—even though I was wondering why on earth he couldn’t at least be sitting on a stool or something?! While Navid and Dixon have somewhat of a truce, Dixon blows off a well-meaning Adrianna who goes running off to the beach to make out with Taylor instead. And Megan—the dead truck driver’s daughter from Dixon’s support group—is potentially waiting around in the wings ready to quote more Shakespeare. And completely unaware Annie is blind to the fact that Dixon’s wheelchair-bound therapist, Riley, has genuine feelings for her, while too-good-to-be-true Colin is just that.

Legally screwed. Liam’s creepy clingy co-star from last week’s wilderness episode was no where to be seen. Instead, we were back to intellectual Liam this week. By that I mean he made a brief appearance on campus. Gee, I wonder why professors don’t take these kids seriously. Lindsey the business law professor still ‘hates’ Liam, but you just know this is going to turn from ‘hate 2 love’ [or lust at the very least]. Since Liam can’t seem to prove his business savvy to her in the classroom, he does the mature thing and drops out. Ha, that’ll really make your point Liam! He decides to employ her law firm to create a formal business agreement for the club and specifically enlists her services. Of course Lindsey huffs and puffs about how she can’t stand him. But when she shows up at his club just for business, she is dressed in trampy skin-tight clothes just to drop off some papers. It takes all of seconds in the [very visible] kitchen for the couple to get it on. Their poorly executed plan to keep their relations private will quickly blow up in their faces since some dudes watched and filmed the whole thing. Navid happens to snag the guy’s cell phone and see the video for himself. Ah, a good ole’ fashioned sex tape to get your club some notoriety press and take down your best friend—all in one swoop! In related news, I cannot stand Navid this season. Why are they making his character such an ass?

I don’t even want to delve into Silver’s story because it is too ridiculous, but to sum it up she is still not preggo at age 20 and she is spending her free time doing exotic dancing with Carmen Electra. Now that we have covered the high points of tonight’s episode, here are just a few more lingering thoughts: Lindsey’s line that she only saw Liam’s movie because she had a coupon was priceless. But more priceless was Taylor making his move on Ade by telling her what a good person she is. Ha, clearly he did not watch seasons one through four.

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1 Response to 90210 Recap – Hate 2 Love

  1. Karyn says:

    Great recap! The dance scene in the club with Madison was definitely a highlight for me, and I literally screamed at the tv, ‘What is she wearing?!’ when Lindsey (didn’t know that was her name, btw) walked into the club. Oh 90210, you keep me coming back every week for more.

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