How I Met Your Mother Recap – Splitsville

Season 8, Episode 6

Tonight’s new HIMYM, “Splitsville,” seemed pretty lightweight—save for some heavy competition on the basketball courts—until it turned up the heat a few notches at the end. Not only did Marshall and Lily finally get it on post-baby, but the real heat was a speech by Barney about his love for Robin. So far nothing this season has been a surprise—we knew none of the couples would make it through the Autumn of Breakups—but each episode is baby steps toward that future wedding day.

Marshall has spent the past few months working out pretty hard, sometimes with his baby doll strapped to his body, but this intense need for physical action is merely a side effect from his and Lily’s lack of uninterrupted private time [where was nanny Mickey?!]. He also joined a “Little Ivies professionals over 30 who work in midtown league” of basketball-playing lawyers, called Force Majeurs, that take on some tough accountants, those Number Crunchers. Even Ted gets into the action with the T-Squares, but let’s just say these architects focus on other important matters on the court, like the flooring and design of the building. But it is Lily who really takes the brunt of all this competition because she is beyond ready to get back into the bedroom with Marshall and starts turning every moment of dialogue into a naughty sex story involving a bi-curious Nadia.

Robin’s love life also takes a bit of a hit thanks to the basketball league. Marshall had recruited Nick as a ringer for his team and Nick became their star athlete. When Nick suffers a groin injury, he seems destined to be the least popular holiday show at Madison Square Gardens: “Groins on Ice.” With all this ‘down time,’ Robin begins to realize what everyone else has noticed for a while…Nick is really dumb. Like, really dumb. I would like to take this opportunity to point out that one example of Nick’s naïveté—thinking gypsies are mythological—sounds an awful lot like Robin thinking reindeers don’t really exist. Hmmm maybe they are a decent match after all! Nevertheless, Robin agrees with her friends that she should probably end the relationship, but she hates the thought of ending their great sex life.

Splitsville is not only the name of this episode, but in another genius act of naming on this show, it is also a restaurant that serves up yummy desserts and serves as a perfect spot to dump someone. Surrounded by heartbroken couples, Robin does her best to lower the boom. Of course Nick doesn’t quite catch on. As Robin starts to weaken, Barney threatens to send out a horrid evite to her obnoxious co-worker for “Robin and Patrice’s Day of BFF Fun!!!” When that still doesn’t do the trick, Barney arrives in person and takes drastic measures…

He announces his undying love for Robin in a tremendously heartfelt speech. At first the speech merely seems like a bailout to get rid of Nick, but it becomes immediately apparent to all that he is most definitely sincere. Granted, Barney won’t admit that he is serious…but it is only a matter of time. Barney and Robin may not kiss and reunite quite yet, but Robin does endure her day of “fun” with Patrice. And no need to worry about Nick: he takes solace in several other heartbroken hotties crying over their Splitsville desserts.

As for Marshall and Lily’s undesired bedroom split, Detective Mosby once again cracks a case wide open. He listens to his friends—who are stressed out new parents—and then takes baby Marvin for an outing so that they can have their alone time.

So, it seems that everyone is single and ready to mingle just in time for the holiday season! But the question remains: will there be other roadblocks [i.e. significant others] that stand in the way of destiny for Ted, Robin and Barney?

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