90210 Recap – Into the Wild

Season 5, Episode 4
Into the Wild

There were several moments in tonight’s 90210 episode, “Into the Wild,” when I started singing, ‘We’re the girls from Beverly Hills…Shopping is our greatest thrill.’ That’s because several of our 90210-ers decided to venture into the wild tonight for some good old fashioned camping high-class ‘glamping.’ Forget rocks…they had rock-hard abs in the form of guest star Ryan Lochte. Other than some silly moments, this episode lacked some of the intense drama from recent weeks. Then again, I may just be feeling that the season peaked too soon what with that epic balcony fall.

Troop Beverly Hills. Naomi is set on planning the perfect romantic getaway weekend for her and Max, mainly so she can find the perfect moment to confess that Alec kissed her. I am not sure who Max thinks he married, but his pick of camping is not exactly high on Naomi’s list. Leave it to this Beverly Hills diva to find the world’s most luxurious camping experience (only in L.A., right?). There are technology tents, massages and professional chefs. But Max is determined to spend the weekend engaging in every cliché corporate retreat trust exercise, from a high ropes course to trust falls. Naomi balks at these activities and only seems to enjoy herself when spotting Ryan Lochte there with some random girl-friend. Stick to swimming, Ryan, because your acting sinks. When Naomi finally gets the courage to do a trust exercise with Max, he spills the beans that he knows about the kiss. It seems that Alec had mailed him the photos even though Naomi had wanted to tell Max first. Max is upset that Naomi wasn’t the one to confide in him—even though she tells him that was her intention. Watch out Alec—you don’t mess with Troop Beverly Hills. Shopping was her greatest thrill, but now it is vengeance.

On the Rocks. Also getting a dose of wilderness this week are the boys: Liam, Navid and Dixon. First, I am not even sure these dudes are particularly good friends anymore…it mostly seems like they all don’t like each other nor have much in common. Despite offering up some good-natured ribbing of one another’s circumstances, what is their friendship really about? For me, the line of the night was definitely Navid wondering what exactly Liam needs a break from: “Time away from what?” Exactly. But apparently Liam is feeling the pressure of being a “movie star” and part-time business student. I guess at CU you can just be a student whenever you want. But at least this professor gives Liam an F for his ‘solid three hours of Wikipedia research.’ Regardless, the three guys head into the woods for some peace and quiet…only Liam further proves why he is in desperate need of an education by forgetting to bring every supply item they need. As he heads off into the woods to forage, Navid and Dixon finally have a blow-up argument that had been building the entire episode. It seems that Dixon is pumped to get back into his music and wants to open the new Offshore club; however, Navid is not willing to give his handicapped friend the chance. Things get pretty intense between the two, which is pretty sad considering how close they used to be. Meanwhile, Liam gets genuinely lost in the woods and is only tracked down by his new female co-star, Carrie, who just so happens to love a publicity stunt. I don’t want to spend too much time on this storyline—because it was as obnoxious as a publicity stunt—but I am guessing we will have to spend more time getting to know this new co-star in the coming weeks. And by the episode’s end, the guys’ friendships are further put on the rocks when Dixon circumvents Navid’s business decision by going straight to Liam and getting permission to be the DJ on opening night.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun. Most of the girls’ subplots can be summed up by nudity and stripper poles. Silver is alarmed to learn that her tasteful nude photos are now an Internet sensation. This whole story is totally absurd for many reasons that I will not get into, but mainly it set a few other ridiculous things in motion. For instance, apparently people all over LA—from waiters to hot guys at the bar—immediately recognize Silver (when the photo in question is just of her naked back). It is Annie who reluctantly goes after hot bar guy, who it turns out is a computer geek named Colin. If only it were that easy to just stumble upon these hot and intelligent men. But, methinks that this Colin must have a hidden agenda since he did his homework on Annie’s background. Meanwhile, Silver gets a lesson on the powers of the interwebs from Colin as he tries to run some nifty algorithm to remove her naked pics. It is only later that she begins to think that lurkers on the Internet calling her beautiful may be kinda cool. Oh Silver, please get some self-esteem. Instead, she decides to take her strip-tease to a more formal level and signs up for some erotic dancing at a club. Also dabbling in the pole-dance scene tonight is Adrianna, who is working on filming her latest music video. She doesn’t want Taylor’s help, but this guy is just everywhere (didn’t he have a life before?) and an un-knowing Dixon encourages Taylor’s expertise and direction. Ade’s sexy dance moves heat things up quickly and she rushes off before giving in to Taylor. But I am sure her feelings will continue to stir…up trouble.

What did you think of “Into the Wild?” I will say that Ryan Lochte’s “acting” made me appreciate the acting talents of the cast more. And yet I still enjoy watching 90210 for its entertainment value.

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