How I Met Your Mother Recap – Who Wants to be a Godparent?

Season 8, Episode 4
Who Wants to be a Godparent?

In an episode centered on friendship, tonight’s HIMYM episode “Who Wants to be a Godparent?” had a very Friends vibe when that NYC gang competed to see who knew each other best. I am also convinced that Ted and Ross would make excellent buddies, what with Ted’s puppet Infosaurus.

A Coroner’s Paradise
I was glad to see that the episode kicked off with a reference to Marshall and Lily’s “eight or higher” rule that was implemented right after Marvin’s birth in last season’s finale. The new parents had told their friends that now that they are responsible for a human being, they can’t be bothered with news that isn’t an “eight or higher.” Right after they made that decree, several major newsy things did happen, such as Ted reuniting with Victoria and Barney getting engaged. But since then? Well…Ted is currently having some issues with Victoria’s father about the cost of her cancelled wedding and biker-chick Robin is a little bummed that Nick’s bike is on the eco-friendly side. Basically, Marshall and Lily don’t know much about what is going on with their friends because they don’t learn about the day-to-day stuff.

When Marshall and Lily take their first no-baby outing and stroll down the street with the smell of fresh urine that is not Marvin’s, they are almost hit by a cab in the “coroner’s paradise” that is NYC. They quickly realize that they need to name a guardian. This is not the first time the couple has freaked out over thinking about their future deaths. Remember right after they got married Lily had trouble writing a meaningful letter to Marshall for their “death folder?” Years later, when Marshall opened it, there wasn’t even a dirty photo. But now that baby Marvin is in the picture, they have an even bigger decision to make about guardianship. After several long arguments about their respective mothers—and one very short argument about Mickey—plus the news that Marshall’s brother Marcus left his family to move to Jamaica, it was clear that one of their best friends should be named.

Lily, Spin That Wheel!
In true HIMYM fashion—and staying completely true to Marshall’s gamesmanship history [hello Marshgammon]—the parents develop a “Who Wants to be a Godparent?” spinning wheel with topics ranging from “Our Demise” and “Discipline” to “Birds and Bees.” Lily agrees to participate in this game focused on their hypothetical deaths because she gets a sparkly new dress and lovely his & her watches [nice touch for the lightening round, Marshall]. Since Ted, Robin and Barney had all been pestering and bribing to be the godparent, Marshall announces, “We don’t want some childish competition. So we are making it official! Right after a message from our partners!”

The comedic highlight of the episode was definitely seeing how Ted, Robin and Barney each envisioned themselves talking to a young Marvin in various situations. Barney would use the same lines on Marvin about why his parents are no longer around as he does to get rid of women; Robin would give the kid some straight-up Canadian tough love like her father gave her [we learned more about her twisted daddy issues tonight] and Ted would develop a ‘cool’ professor puppet named “Infosaurus” to help explain life’s ups and downs. Bonus points that we actually got to see Ted’s non-aging Future Kids again as they got a dose of Infosaurus.

As the game gets more ridiculous, so do frustration levels. Ted, Robin and Barney just want Marshall and Lily to pick someone but Marshall and Lily tell them flat out that they have no idea what it’s like to be a parent. That’s when the trio responds that Marshall and Lily don’t really know how to be friends anymore. When you set an “eight or higher” rule, you miss out on a lot of stuff—and this is the stuff that bonds friends. The three head down to the bar and leave Marshall and Lily to talk.

It’s All Relative!
I was glad to see this particular friendship situation get some air time because I think it is a very true dilemma faced by this age range. How do new parents balance their baby and their friendships now that they have this most important of responsibilities? And how do single friends adjust to their besties having a whole new center to their universe? There is not a right side and a wrong side, it is merely friends in different phases of life…and that can be tough on everyone.

Marshall and Lily realize that even though Marvin is their world, they want their closest friends in that world too. So they head down to the bar and revoke the “eight or higher” rule. They want to know everything. And—in a television move anyone could have seen coming—they decided to make all three little Marvin’s godparents.

Lightening Round
Since Marshall had an extra lightening round in his game, here are a few final moments worth mentioning from this episode:

  • “If you want him to be raised in his underwear on a flagpole…Ted’s your guy” (Robin)
  • “Bro McDonald had some…hot chicks”…“Bro bro bro your broat gently to the bar” …“The boobs on the bus go up and down” [children songs, courtesy of Barney]
  • The Broller [stroller with a boob cam] is probably patent pending
  • Robin would have an unfair advantage in a cage fight [Lily already thought of that]
  • Marshall’s universally accepted talent for gamesmanship can be visually summarized with that awesomely loud plaid jacket.
  • “You’re gunna love Amsterdam little bro” [Barney’s cure for a broken heart]
  • Infosaurus “getting down” with his own rapping
  • Robin is the only one “packin’ a vag,” so she should be the obvious choice.

And in closing, in case you missed the promo at the end, HIMYM has published a new Barney book. You can buy a copy at:

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