How I Met Your Mother Recap – Farhampton

Season 8, Episode 1

HIMYM returned for season eight tonight! We don’t know if this is the last season or not, so for now the end game of the show is as vague as the Barney-Robin wedding day that is “a little ways down the road.” But we did get a very big WHERE this is all headed. And the creators have confirmed that the long-awaited meeting will happen on the train platform, among other intriguing little tidbits. But before we look that far down the road, let’s take a look at tonight’s “Farhampton.”

Farhampton Abbey
Lies, betrayals, secret past relationships, forbidden mementos…it was almost like an episode of Downton Abbey over at Marshall and Lily’s apartment, but with a dash of modernity and comedy. We returned right where we left off: Marshall and Lily are a sleep-deprived set of new parents; Barney and Quinn are a freshly engaged couple; and Robin is…a victor over the poppyseed stuck in her teeth. Yes, in the present year it doesn’t seem like Robin has much to be thrilled about, but looks can be deceiving. She finds it especially odd when Quinn asks her and Lily (sorry, Marshall) to be bridesmaids. Apparently, Quinn’s stripper friends would likely complain about any dress with a front.  As Robin uses her reasoning skills to quickly determine that Barney never ever told Quinn that they used to be a couple, Marshall and Lily can barely function and quickly forget every piece of news from that evening, several times. Unfortunately for Barney, the zombie parents accidentally spill the beans about Robin and Barney’s history while Quinn is in the baby’s room. Fortunately for us, we get to witness the greatest abbreviated recap of a love triangle ever told!

Quinn is about to walk out the door forever due to Barney’s deceit, but Robin steps forward to announce that she is not jealous and would not want Barney back anyways—she has a hot boyfriend with great abs! I loved that no one believed Robin at first, but I especially loved Quinn’s reluctance to believe Robin until she herself got to witness the abs in all their glory. It is nice to see Robin with a guy; and this isn’t just any guy! As you may recall, Robin has had a longstanding crush on a stranger, someone she has crossed paths with over the years. We learned about this mysterious crush back in the season six episode, “Hopeless,” in which Robin encounters her secret crush in a bar. It turned out she had first met this man while shopping with Ted, way back when they dated and when Ted bough his infamous red cowboy boots. Future Ted told us that more was to come with this man and Robin. In real life, actor Michael Trucco got busy with another show, so now in season eight we finally get to hear the rest of this little love story!  Robin certainly is enjoying her budding romance at the moment—and I do hope we get to learn more about how they found each other again—but as we all know their future does not look bright. Robin and Barney continue to share a sizzling chemistry and special past, so much so that Barney couldn’t bring himself to get rid of their relationship mementos. As Robin looks at all their old photos and Barney looks out the window of his cab, we know that their wedding day is “a little ways down the road.”

Far and Away
Meanwhile, Ted experiences some serious déjà vu regarding weddings, or errr, failed weddings. Again, we jumped right back to that fateful afternoon when Ted and Victoria drove off into the sunset and away from her wedding to Klaus. They are moving forward with the escape, literally, until Ted comes to a halt when he realizes that Victoria never left a note for the jilted groom. This was a great thorny point to write into this episode—and something that really would stop Ted in his tracks—because if anyone knows what it is like to be a groom left on his wedding day, it’s Ted Mosby. Ted proceeds to give a hilariously pathetic yet true speech about how having that note from Stella helped him move on…in both healthy and unhealthy ways.

The two drive back to the church and debate over what to write and comment on Ted’s girlie handwriting. When Ted can’t face his fears of climbing the drainpipe into the bridal room, he must revert to plan B and casually stroll into the church with Victoria’s key. Too bad that the very large and very German sister-of-the-groom/bridesmaid, whom Ted dubs “Andrea the Giant,” blocks his entry. But Ted knows just the man who can handle any bridesmaid thrown his way, and Barney is even able to work his magic via the phone to distract the lusty lady. This tactic works to get the letter dropped off, but Ted can’t escape the drainpipe climb when he realizes he left his keys inside. But first, Ted finds Klaus the groom descending the drainpipe as he bolts from the wedding, but at least he left a note! Ted scales the pipe and stages quite the scene reversal. He gets rid of Victoria’s note and makes it seem like she was the only jilted one.

There is just one thing left bothering Ted before he can finally complete his drive into the sunset darkness.  He meets up with Klaus at the Farhampton train station to ask him WHY he is leaving such a great woman like Victoria. Klaus obliges Ted’s questioning and also gives him quite the lesson in German vocabulary. In between long, funny-sounding German words, there is some real truth to be found in Klaus’ explanation that when a person is “the one,” it should be a completely pervasive feeling.  Are you listening Barney and Robin?

Ted certainly listens. And as it turns out this will be the very train station where he meets the mother, in the aftermath of the Barney-Robin wedding debacle, a little ways down the road. Because we get to see a full three-fourths of her standing under that yellow umbrella!

What did you think of the premiere? Are you hoping this is the final season or do you want the gang to hang on for one more?

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8 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Farhampton

  1. Jeni says:

    One last comment on the premiere, that I forgot to mention in my post: what was with the bed in the bridal room at the church?! That was ODD.

    • Alla says:

      I had the same thought about the bed. Like why was it in there? And why was Victoria in her wedding dress so long before her wedding? she showed up last episode during the day wearing it and in this episode it was evening and the wedding still had not started and she was supposedly napping? something was off.

      • Katie says:

        Agreed!! I also felt something was a little off with the timing… when Ted was trying to leave the note and it was getting dark out, I was like wait…the wedding hasn’t happened yet?? I would’ve thought Klaus was left at the altar already by now.

      • Paul Hatfield says:

        Artistic license.

  2. Jenny says:

    I definitely don’t want this to be the final season! I would so miss watching this show:(

  3. Katie says:

    Farhampton Abbey – hahaha love it. I also don’t want this to be the final season, but i wanna find out who the mother is, dangit!! It was exciting to see 3/4 of her under the infamous yellow umbrella though. Also, totally didn’t even put 2 and 2 together to realize that Robin’s “abs” guy was her secret crush from way back when, so thank you for that! 🙂

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