90210 Recap – Forever Hold Your Peace

Season 4, Episode 24
Forever Hold Your Peace

There are many things I never thought I would see in 90210-land. For example, I didn’t think there would ever be a rally in front of a church, led by a priest dating Annie. Or, any of the characters on this show being able to recognize a Renoir sketch. But of all the things I never thought I would see, the fact that this “spin-off” has concluded its fourth season and will be entering its fifth pretty much blows my mind. Really think about that—next season this show will have made it on the air for half as long as the beloved original series, and this show isn’t even half as good as its namesake! That said, much like Liam’s movie that apparently is so bad it’s good, this show has found its guilty pleasure voice and knows how to bring characters back, take characters out, and end on some big cliffhangers! So allow me to review one last 90210 episode this season…

  • Nerdily Ever After: Naomi is still blue about not being with the nerd she loves. Max’s impending marriage is even more difficult to swallow when Naomi must fill in for the bride at the rehearsal, which somehow also means she should practice the kiss part. But when Max refuses to admit that he still feels anything for her—even denying their “drunk” conversation the night before –Naomi decides to take a job offer in NYC from party planner Rachel. Just as Naomi is about to bolt town for good (without ANY luggage?) she runs into Austin at the private airport. Austin happens to mention that Max was not drunk the night of his bachelor party, which means the marriage doubts Max expressed to Naomi were sober. She cuts through traffic and drives all the way back to the wedding and bursts through the door to express her feelings. Aaaaand when silence and stunned faces greet her, she runs out. Apparently Silver and Ade can’t find their friend after “looking everywhere,” but Max seems to find her pretty easily. He tells her he stopped the wedding and that he loves her. They kiss and live…well, I guess we will see next season how happily ever after.
  • Separation by Church and State: Annie and her quasi-Priest boyfriend Caleb are determined to help Diego and Ivy with his illegal immigration status. Caleb feels partly responsible because he was the one who reported Ivy to social services for her unstable mental health which, in turn, led to Diego breaking her out and having a run-in with the law. But Caleb mainly feels guilty that he has turned his back on his calling to be a priest, and this has made him feel less connected to god. Caleb’s internal struggle causes mixed emotions for Annie as well, since she loves him but doesn’t want him to change who he is for her. In the middle of all this, Annie, Caleb and Ivy organize the world’s most random “rally” at the church that involves posters of Diego and a taco truck. The purpose of this rally is to try to raise awareness of Diego’s case and get the senator’s attention. With a plan that good, who knew it would fail?! (oh, that’s right, everyone). But it’s the thought that counts! Diego decides he needs to man up, report himself, and face deportation to Mexico. As Ivy and Annie each struggle with losing their dudes—for very different reasons—Annie comes to the conclusion that she must end her relationship with Caleb for the best and Ivy decides to hop a plane to Mexico so that she can be with Diego. Te Quiero!
  • Three Men and a Baby: OK, so there isn’t exactly a baby yet. But since her latest doctor’s appointment, Silver has vehemently decided that she wants to get pregnant sooner rather than later to ensure that she can have a child before preventative cancer treatments. But now the question is: who to bring on board as daddy? Silver is caught between two guys who care for her. At first she goes for Navid, but he gets the wrong impression that she wants to rekindle their romantic relationship. When he tries to “bring sexy back” with candles, Silver is more concerned with IVF pamphlets (wow, do people really read printed pamphlets these days?). Silver’s conversation with Liam is also awkward, and now she is really torn. Despite liking or maybe even loving both guys, Silver is looking for a stable force. She wants a friend she can always count on to be in her life to be the father of her child. And that guy is: TEDDY. Yes, Teddy returned at the end to listen to Silver’s proposition. Does he still live in DC? Is he still with his boyfriend? I guess we will find out next season.
  • Singing the blues: Ade is happy to have Austin as her country artist manager again, and he even gets her a gig opening for his dad in Vegas. I still don’t understand how her performance at a bachelorette could possibly lead to a psycho girl in the bar having a t-shirt with Ade’s song lyrics, “I don’t want him anymore,” but apparently Ade is a viral hit. Even though Austin wants Adrianna to focus on her career with him and move on from Dixon, he eventually convinces her that she should at least listen to Dixon’s voice messages from the road. Dixon had called to tell her that he truly misses her and wants them to be together—and that he is catching a ride to head home. Inconsistent Ade is ready to bail on yet another performance with Austin’s dad so that she can meet Dixon at their romantic spot. But after waiting for a bit, he doesn’t show and she heads off to Vegas. We then cut to Dixon calling Navid to explain that he had car trouble and can’t get a hold of Ade. He wants Navid to reassure Ade that he loves her and he is on his way…and then BAM. Dixon’s car is hit by a big rig truck. It does not look good folks. The accident is BAD. They could always pull a Glee and miraculously have Dixon not only survive but walk again (we’re looking at you, Quinn) but this could be the show’s way of writing off a main character for good. I get the impression that the show can only handle a certain quota of male stars at any one time. The dudes seem to rotate being M.I.A…first Teddy was gone, then Austin was gone, then Navid was gone, and finally Dixon was gone. Now that Teddy is back, perhaps Dixon will be gone for good if Teddy sticks around?

What did you think of this 9021-oh-no cliffhanger? I, for one, didn’t see it coming (well, not until I saw the truck). Dixon has been gone “on tour” for so many weeks, so I was not expecting the show to finally bring him back for a few minutes just to crash him in a horrific wreck. And so we are kept in limbo until the next TV season!

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3 Responses to 90210 Recap – Forever Hold Your Peace

  1. q94rq0 says:

    what about vanessa?

    • Jeni says:

      Good call – with all the commotion at the end, I forgot to mention her return! I definitely called it a few weeks back when Liam ended things with her…I wrote that I didn’t think this would be the last of her scheming. Sure enough, she popped up at the end of tonight’s episode to tell Liam that his movie is about to become a sequel, and guess what buddy: she is still listed as his manager. Honestly, Liam is an idiot for not protecting himself: he knew she was crazy and doesn’t think to take measures to protect his ass(ets)? But I guess that wouldn’t make for good TV 🙂

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