How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Magician’s Code

Season 7, Episodes 23 & 24
The Magician’s Code Parts 1 & 2

Unlike the soft two that was in baby Eriksen’s diaper, this two-part finale was…wait for it…a 10! I am giving it a 10 not because it was the most consistent of episodes from start to finish (it had its #2 moments), but because this episode really delivered in big ways. The entire season had been building to two very specific moments, and not only did we get pay off in the form of baby Eriksen and Barney’s bride, but we also got a major romantic twist in the ever-evolving life of our protagonist Ted.

Wait for It…
Welcome to the world baby Marvin Waitforit Eriksen! Coolest middle name ever. On the one hand, I really feel for this kid, who is going to struggle with a middle-aged man’s first name and an absurd Barney catchphrase as a middle name. But on the other hand, the first name is in honor of Marshall’s late father and the middle name is…legendary.

But let’s back track to the birth of little Marvin Waitforit. Lily had gone into labor in the previous episode, while Barney and Marshall were schwasted and talking like Yoda in Atlantic City. Ted and Robin arrive at the apartment ready for the task of keeping Lily calm, if calm includes preparing to birth a horse and emailing a “Lily is in Labor” video starring best friend Ted. While Lily must wait until her contractions are four minutes apart, she makes Robin and Ted tell her stories—any stories—to pass the time. The best story by far was “where does that door go?” This random little tale showed a time when the gang discovered a random door in the bar and each walked into it…one by one…until finally Marshall did: and they all yelled BOO! But the real winner in the “get Lily ready for birthing” hilarity is Dr. Robin. Yes, apparently Robin has birthed 12 babies, and one was even human (which we all witnessed several seasons ago in the hilarious The Front Porch episode). But she is truly an expert in horse births—and she has the gloves, brush, goggles, sugar cubes and salt licks to prove it.

Meanwhile, a drunk Marshall and Barney struggle to find a way out of Atlantic City given that they can’t drive and taxis are near impossible what with the “big thing” happening that night. The highlight of the casino scenes was definitely drunken Marshall battling two terrible demons: the steps and the ATM machine. Definitely re-watch Marshall attempting to walk up two steps in the casino. In the words of Ted, “that guy’s a DAD?!” Barney eventually nabs a ride for himself and Marshall on a bus with seniors…senior citizens. When they realize that the bus is actually headed to Buffalo instead of Manhattan, they plea with the driver to make a pit stop—but he won’t stop unless there is a medical emergency. That’s when the nice elderly population of the bus has their own “Oh Captain, My Captain” moment and each stand, one by one, to say that they each have a medical emergency. And that’s how Marshall makes it to the hospital in time!

At the hospital Robin has already fainted—this isn’t a horse birth—and Lily has already kicked her father out of the room. But that gives Ted and Robin a chance to have their conversation about repairing their friendship. And as her first act as Ted’s bestie again, she calls him out on some of his crap. If he really wanted a wife and family, he would stop chasing after the wrong girls (Robin, Stella, Zooey and her hats!) and go after the right ones. They both agree that Victoria had the potential to be “the one.” But herein lies the flaw of Robin’s logic: last we saw Victoria, she was practically engaged! So how does this make her less of a self-sabotage pick than Stella or Zooey? But this conversation will have to wait, because Barney comes bearing good news from down the hall—the vending machine gave him two packets of gummie bears! Oh, and Marshall announces he is a father! And yes, the middle name was proposed by Barney while they were drunk in Atlantic City.

Drive off into the Sunset
As Marshall and Lily adjust to being parents, Ted must adjust to no longer being the ‘single child’ to his surrogate parent-pals. From now on, he can only come to Marshall and Lily with problems that register at least an 8 out of 10. It doesn’t take Ted, or Barney for that matter, too long to each register some major 10 out of 10 life moments. And Robin? She’s there to capture little Marvin’s first precious moments… sleeping, crying, spitting up on Lily…and taking tequila shots with his parents in the bar.

Barney had casually mentioned “ruining things” with Quinn throughout the first episode, and we finally learn that they got into a huge fight over her being a stripper. And that’s when Barney bolted to AC with Marshall. Now Barney is afraid that Quinn may have moved out while he was gone. So he was delightfully relieved to find out that she didn’t bail on their relationship; instead she re-decorated their apartment in the ultimate form of punishment: the inside of Tinkerbell’s vagina, also known as Hello Kitty wonderland. The two make up and head to the airport for their trip to Hawaii, mentioned a few weeks back when the gang first hung out with Quinn. Of course the trip through the security line doesn’t go very well when Barney refuses to open a secretive box per his magician’s code. After many antics with the security guards, he finally agrees to do the magic trick for them all, and what a spectacle it is! Not surprisingly, an engagement ring is the grand finale of said magic, and Barney proposes to Quinn! They rush back to the city to tell the good news to the gang…well, the gang minus Ted!

Ted is busy with an engagement of a different sort. He takes Robin’s odd advice to reconnect with ‘the one that got away,’ and Victoria eagerly agrees to meet Ted imminently at MacLaren’s. Ted begins to wonder how he can hint at her engagement status, but then Victoria walks in wearing a wedding dress in a moment reminiscent of the first episode of Friends. Well, that clears that up. But you cannot deny that these two have incredible chemistry, even after all these years. I have really enjoyed having Victoria appear this season after being gone since season one—this show knows how to deliver big payoffs over the course of years and years. It’s true that Ted and Victoria would make a great couple, but life took its turns. Victoria contemplates ditching her fiancé and riding off into the sunset with Ted, and Ted so longs for that happy ending. But once in the car, he can’t bring himself to leave a groom standing at the altar, brokenhearted–hey, he’s been there! He gives some wonderful and mature advice to Victoria, who is genuinely appreciative. But then he drives past the church…and keeps driving…and the two hold hands into the sunset.

I am not going to lie—there are a lot of people out there who would be pretty happy if Ted did end up with Victoria and she is crowned “the mother” (myself included!). But clearly every clue we have ever been given does not point to this happily ever after for Ted and Victoria. One of those clues is that Ted meets her at Barney’s wedding. And, speaking of which, at that wedding the bride is: ROBIN!

So folks—we end another HIMYM season with some big moments and big cliffhangers. Once again, they deliver on some key promises from the season, but leave us with new questions. How does Barney’s engagement to Quinn end and how do he and Robin get back together? What did Future Ted mean when he said it was a wedding day “gone wrong?” How does Ted ultimately leave things with Victoria? And…do you think Marshall and Lily hyphenated the middle name Wait-For-It?

What were your favorite moments from tonight’s big finale delivery of babies and brides? Are you ready for the mother of all reveals hopefully sometime next season? Or are you simply enjoying the ride into the sunset?

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