Modern Family Recap – Planes, Trains and Cars

Season 3, Episode 21
Planes, Trains and Cars

The modern family units each had their own difficulties with modes of transportation on tonight’s new episode, but for us they were rather amusing outings. Even though the individual families didn’t connect with one another, each story held its own with planes, trains and automobiles.

Jay is excited to whisk his wife and stepson away for the weekend to Pebble Beach for a reunion with his old buddies. Gloria thinks Jay wants to relive his glory days, but secretly he wants to show off his current Gloria. And Manny? He just wants a really good massage. When they arrive at the airport, Gloria realizes that Jay wants them to fly on a teeny tiny private plane. I don’t blame her one bit for not wanting to fly on one of those, where the “rubber band might break any minute.” Jay reluctantly agrees that they can drive, but only if they can play “American music” the entire way. Unfortunately, their car breaks down in the middle of no where, and the creepy mechanic only seems to have eyes for Gloria. He does happen to have a self-restored helicopter, but of course something that makes a “ticka ticka ticka” sound isn’t going to fly with Gloria (pun intended). That leaves them no choice but to check into the Bates Motel. Literally. No seriously—it is the same hotel on the Universal back-lot that was used for Psycho. Despite Manny thoroughly enjoying the vibrating bed, Gloria realizes how important this weekend is to Jay and wants to be the trophy wife he can show off. To the helicopter they go!

Mitchell and Cameron take Lily where few Angelinos dare to go: the metro. They want to expose her to new experiences and take her to Chinatown. Lily’s favorite stuffed animal, Bunny, even comes along for the ride, but unfortunately gets separated on the train when Mitchell pauses for a Purell break (good call). Side note: in reality, this could not have happened since the North Hollywood stop is the end of the red line, so the train would have stayed there. But in Modern Family reality, poor Lily is distraught to lose her bestest Bunny. I feel her pain—once on a family trip I lost my blankie and was inconsolable. We retraced every step and eventually found it on the ground, thankfully. Lily is not so lucky, but her dads do everything in their power to find it. The best (funniest) attempt was Cam making a MISSING poster featuring Lily with her bunny, which basically looked like a $25 reward for finding their daughter. When they return to the metro station to hang fliers, they actually spot Bunny with a sleeping homeless man. Despite efforts to awkwardly retrieve it, Bunny is given up for good when it is used as a tissue.

Phil is in the market for a new car and brings along his neighborhood tree house buddy, Andre. He sees a Porsche and immediately wants to “take her top down and see what she can do” (the car, not the woman who walks up just then). When Phil brings the sports car home, he gets varied reactions from the family. Hayley thinks it is hers and squeals. Alex is concerned because her friend’s dad got a sports car and now he dates a girl who works at Forever 21 but who is still shy of the age 21. And Claire…well, a calm and quiet Claire is not a good sign—and Phil knows it. Fearful that Claire is majorly pissed off, Phil tries to tread lightly. But when he has all sorts of problems going about his daily real estate activities in a tiny two-seater, Claire agrees to swap cars for the day. Phil runs errands and does carpool with the kids, and in the process he learns that he likes spending those moments with his kids. Meanwhile, Claire gives in to her wild, crazy and unpredictable side and decides to cut loose with a drive to the beach—with her sunscreen of course. She and Phil later agree that they need a more sensible car, but they also need to have more fun.

Which was your favorite mode of transportation tonight?

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3 Responses to Modern Family Recap – Planes, Trains and Cars

  1. Jenny says:

    I didn’t even put it together that each story involved transportation til I read this, haha. I liked Phil an Claire’s story best.

    • Jeni says:

      Haha to be honest, the title of the episode (“Planes, Trains and Cars”) is mainly what tipped me off, so don’t feel too bad!

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