How I Met Your Mother Recap – Good Crazy

Season 7, Episode 22
Good Crazy

Well, this was it—the last regular episode before the big season finale, which promises to bring some very big things. Lily and Marshall will have their son and we will hopefully see Barney’s mystery bride. Of course Ted is also supposed to meet the mother at the wedding, but I doubt we will be lucky enough to get a glimpse of that moment at this point. But you never know…the writers have done some pretty dramatic twists this year!

I just realized that I wrote my entire intro about what the finale will likely cover rather than this episode from tonight, “Good Crazy.” That’s probably because tonight was mostly filler to tee up the finale. Lily and Marshall differed (and argued) over how to best prepare for the baby while Barney continued to stress about Quinn’s nontraditional career. The most character development we got was Ted finally coming to a realization that he misses his friendship with Robin and needs her in his life. And, of course—in the final moments Lily went into labor, so stay tuned!

Here a Robin, there a Robyn
Ted and Robin are still in their awkward phase as Ted tries to move on with his life without her. The two even skip Lily’s baby shower so they won’t run into each other, which I thought was totally awful. Really Ted? Really Robin? Between this unfortunate situation and Barney’s own obsessive worries about Quinn’s job as a stripper, he coins the “condolence high five,” which I am kind of surprised the gang hasn’t already used. Barney does offer his pal some decent advice: he needs to cleanse his palette and date some other girls. He even suggests online dating, which Ted scoffs at initially but tries later that night. Kudos to Barney’s explanation that online dating is the way to go because Ted will never just meet a travel agent chick in a book store—because those things don’t exist anymore (sadly true). I must say that my favorite part of this episode was Ted immediately finding an amazing girl online—who meets all of his quirky criteria (Pablo Neruda, architecture, Ghost Busters)—but the “girl” is actually a fake profile created by Barney as an alert system to know when Ted tries online dating. These friends truly have an amazing history and know each other VERY well.

Ted agrees to go out with three pre-screened girls that Barney has picked out. The funniest is the first girl, who just so happens to be named Robyn. This ‘Robyn with a Y’ also loves her liquor, guns and Canada, ay. Therefore, Ted can’t really be faulted for imagining his Robin instead. But when Ted’s mind won’t let him get past visions of Robin with the next two girls, he knows he has a problem, even though he and third girl really hit it off and “cleanse their palettes.” His visions of Robin finally have a greater purpose when he imagines a heart-to-heart of them discussing the importance of their friendship. Ted finally decides that he needs Robin in his life as a true friend and rushes to tell her. But Robin has just arrived to presumably run up to the apartment and get an in-labor Lily.

Baby Boot Camp
Marshall and Lily are having another weekly spat, but I guess that tends to happen when hormones are running high and the due date rapidly approaches. This week, Marshall starts to over-prepare for the arrival of the baby by rigging a fake-baby alarm system, swaddling Lily, and wrapping a watermelon in a diaper (along with a mysteriously bad odor). All of this is too much for Lily, who just wants to savor her last moments of peace before the baby arrives. What’s a pregnant lady to do except trick her husband to get out of her space by telling him they are going to a baby boot camp, but instead have Barney take Marshall to Atlantic City!

The two bros head down to Atlantic City, but of course Marshall is a tad reluctant and pissed off. And Barney is still whining about Quinn’s job making him uncomfortable. Time for a “condolence high five.” Ultimate bro Barney is still determined to help Marshall loosen up and makes him an offer he can’t refuse: Barney will put on the ducky tie if Marshall gives him a solid hour of total drunken fun. They guys even turn off their cell phones so that they won’t risk distraction. Too bad during that hour Lily called about 17 times saying she is in labor. And too bad Marshall is now totally shit-faced in Atlantic City. Well, this explains why a year and a half ago (when we saw the flash forward to the delivery room) Lily was screaming “where the hell is Marshall?!” But I AM still curious as to how Ted was in the green dress in that same delivery room flash forward. The dress was explained on the last episode, so why would he get back into the dress now when finding Robin on the street?

This episode brought back memories of episodes past. As you may recall, this was not Ted’s first foray into online dating, but way back in season one he turned to the help of an online matchmaking service. Then, while we didn’t really get to experience Lily and Marshall’s baby shower, we did get to see Grandma Lois again. It would have been really tough to top Lily’s bridal shower in which Robin’s naughty gift got mixed up with Grandma Lois’ special gift. And finally, the entire gang has gone to Atlantic City in a legendary episode in which Robin wears a tacky shirt, Barney obsessively gambles playing a bizarre Chinese game, and Marshall and Lily briefly marry for about two seconds out in international waters. This Atlantic City trip was not as epic, but it could have lasting repercussions if Marshall misses the birth of his son (or is too drunk to remember it!).

What did you think? Are you excited for the finale? What will they name the baby? And place your final bets in Atlantic City for who Barney’s bride will be!

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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Good Crazy

  1. Jenny says:

    I think they may name the baby after Marshall’s dad. Everybody’s doing it….

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