90210 Recap – Bride and Prejudice

Season 4, Episode 21
Bride and Prejudice

90210 was back tonight after a few weeks off, and we picked up right where we left off—good thing they have that recap at the beginning. Before I begin a recap of tonight’s engagement party events, let me take a moment to pretty myself with some Rimmel London mas-cah-ra as Naomi did for about five minutes. What would we do without 90210’s oh-so-subtle product placements? How did I function these past couple of weeks without being told by these characters what I should buy?

  • Sea sick: Naomi is pumped about her engagement to the wealthy PJ—a man of her dreams. The only problem is that she can’t be sure she is the woman of his dreams. When Annie tells her that he will not inherit his trust fund unless he marries very quickly, Naomi begins to question his love for her even though she claims she is cool with everything. Things seem to be going well when PJ offers to throw them an engagement party. Naomi—the queen of lavish parties—suddenly is not too thrilled when an over-the-top yacht party complete with ice sculpture (sort of) is PJ’s plan…She genuinely wanted an intimate gathering so he could meet her friends. After a string of conversations with her friends and even her ex-boyfriend, Austin, who has conveniently returned to town, Naomi tells PJ she can’t marry him and goes running from the newly named boat: Naomi. Hmmm I wonder if that paint dried yet, because PJ will probably have to rename it now. Eh, we all knew Naomi wouldn’t actually marry this guy because she is needed for single/boy drama.
  • Three’s a crowd: Silver wakes up in Liam’s bed from when she ran into his arms after her breast cancer gene diagnosis. Liam enjoyed it and has feelings for Silver, but she wants to forget the whole night happened. Then, in a string of odd interactions, Silver all of a sudden decides she wants to rekindle things with Navid and seems to go out of her way to express her feelings to Navid right in front of Liam. I thought this was a weird—and bitchy—move on her part. It’s clear that she has feelings for Liam, but even if she can’t admit that to herself, she still could have not rubbed it Liam’s face when he has been nothing but nice to her these past few weeks. Liam and Navid have some awkward dude time trying to pick-up the ice sculpture for the party—a party so lavish, yet PJ could not afford to pay for delivery of said ice sculpture?! But in the end, Navid is committed to staying with Silver while Liam won’t let Silver get away that easily—he kisses her, again. And so we wait for this love triangle to heat up. By the looks of next week’s preview, things definitely do if Silver thinks she is pregnant!
  • A little bit country: For those of you wondering (what’s that…no one was?) Austin is back from…somewhere. I am too tired to even look back at my own blog posts, but as I vaguely recall, Austin took the heat (ha!) on that dorm fire even though it was totally not his fault. Apparently his father got his criminal charges dropped but he was expelled from school. Well that’s a relief—now we don’t have to pretend that any of these kids are in a silly thing called ‘school.’ Anyways, that means Austin is in the market for a job, and on this show that means one of three things: party planner, musician, or manager. Austin picks door number three and convinces a now solo Adrianna to become a country singer. Remember, Dixon took off to go on tour without even telling Ade—what a Dix! Ade sings a country song with Austin accompanying her at the engagement party and suddenly that makes him the only person in the world who believes in her. She needs some friends. Ade decides to give this country career a chance and let Austin manage her. I am pretty sure that this show has a quota on how many male characters can be in any given episode. With Navid and now Austin back, how many weeks does Dixon have to stay off screen?
  • Surf dude with attitude, kinda groovy: Annie is still hung up on “His Holy Hotness,” Caleb, who just so happens to want to be a priest. Given that career choice, Annie knows nothing romantic can happen between them, so she avoids him completely because it is just too painful to spend time with him. He doesn’t get the hint and instead thinks she hates him. Meanwhile, Caleb happens to be everywhere random on the beach that Ivy pops up. Side of the road with a surfboard? Check! Deserted rocky beach during a thunderstorm? Check! I was beginning to wonder if he installed a GPS device on her surfboard. But he is trying to be a good (creepy) friend by being concerned for Ivy’s well being. The girl has thrown caution to the wind and doesn’t seem to care if she lives or dies since God let her husband die. Things took an interesting twist at the end when social services showed up at the mansion to take her away because she was reported as being a threat to herself. And things also took an interesting turn for Caleb and Annie since the wannabe priest kissed Annie!

What did you think of tonight’s relationship-heavy drama? Did you miss Dixon and his sweet music? I never thought I would actually say this, but I think he would have been an improvement over the band at the engagement party.

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