How I Met Your Mother Recap – Now We’re Even

Season 7, Episode 21
Now We’re Even

Tonight’s new HIMYM, “Now We’re Even,” didn’t pack the emotional punch that many of the recent episodes have, but it did bring about some excitement for our friend Robin. As an individual episode it wasn’t very strong. But, it did serve as an important and extended set up for what we can only assume will be major events in the final few episodes of the season.

There are a few things about Lily giving birth that we already knew from a flash forward last season: Lily screams out in pain for her husband (i.e. Marshall is at least temporarily missing) and Ted is at the hospital in a green dress. Given these two pieces of information, I predicted at the very beginning of the episode that we were headed toward Lily going into labor because it was pretty clear that Barney’s attempts to make Ted be legendary every night would set up the green dress incident. I really thought my prediction would come true when Marshall and Lily got into their fight about Lily’s sex dream (about Ranjit!), since that would explain Marshall’s absence at the hospital. While we didn’t quite get to Lily going into labor—yet—this big event must happen imminently in the next new episode to explain Ted’s appearance.

I did, however, correctly determine that Barney “bragging” over his girlfriend being a stripper and his fierce insistence that Ted help him live each night to the legendary was merely a cover up for his insecurity and inner-torture over Quinn’s job. As much as Barney dating a stripper is a match made in Lusty Leopard heaven, Barney being in love with a stripper is a different matter all together. We know that Barney has a heart under his suave exterior—but Barney doesn’t like to admit any signs of weakness. And being in love or feeling anguish over a girl is a weakness in Barney’s eyes. The writers are certainly doing their best to convince us that Barney is totally head over heels for Quinn and that this time (unlike Nora or even Robin, supposedly) it is different. So the big question remains—are they trying this hard to have Barney be in love so that Quinn can be the red herring for the wedding, or is this relationship for the real long haul?

Speaking of Robin, she is now officially famous and even gets a deli sandwich named after her—I would love to try “The Scherbatsky!” Although Robin became Sandy’s co-anchor a few weeks back, not even the one-hit-wonder security guard recognized her. Not until a fateful traffic helicopter ride in which the pilot had a stroke and Robin successfully piloted them safely to the ground. Robin’s heroic deed gets her instant fame and lots of congratulatory calls from everyone, including her always-disapproving father and…a text from Ted. OK, the good news is that Ted at least texted Robin. The bad news is that these two are still not officially talking yet. What will it take? When will this long silent spell end? At Barney’s wedding? At the birth of Lily and Marshall’s baby?

Again, while this wasn’t the strongest episode this season, there have been so many big moments lately that I can understand the need for this episode to lay the groundwork for the season finale events. And of course, there are always some comic highlights:

  • Ted’s “alone” habits—most of which involve nudity—now that he doesn’t have a roommate
  • “Man this kid better be real freakin’ cute” (Lily’s irritation over having to pee all the time)
  • Marshall actually having a color swatch to show the color Lily’s face turned after her sex dream: Vermillion, the color of carnal shame
  • Barney trying to “inception” Lily the past 5 years [I wish they showed clips of that]
  • “No this is THE piphany” (Barney, determined to make every night legendary)
  • “I’ve got something big for you. Something huge. And I want you on it” (Sandy to Robin…about the traffic report)
  • The fact that Lily once had a sex dream about Chip the teacup from Beauty and the Beast
  • He return of Ranjit! It was great to see him again, and especially as the star of Lily’s naughty dream. Kudos to Ranjit for trying to eavesdrop on their argument.

So, are you ready for the final episodes of this legendary season?

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