90210 Recap – Blue Ivy

Season 4, Episode 20
Blue Ivy

Before I dive into tonight’s new 90210 episode, I just want to point out that months ago I named a segment of my recap “Blue Ivy”—and it was even more timely given the birth of Beyonce’s baby. But, 90210 decided to call this entire episode Blue Ivy since it focused on the aftermath of Raj’s death.

  • P.I. for P.J.: Naomi is still suspicious from her sister’s vague warnings about Preston, a.k.a. P.J. So she obviously spazzes out and decides to follow him like a P.I. when he has to bail on their couples massage. She catches him in a shady parking lot receiving a package. She doesn’t want to open it—do you know how many times she has been arrested just this year—but is relieved to see they are just cigars. Since that can’t be the big secret, she presses him further and learns he is picking them up for Arnold, which makes him a Republican. Apparently Jenn hates Republicans—which I have difficulty believing—but Naomi claims she is totally cool with this. But now Preston sees another side of Naomi that he doesn’t like. Annie gets the real dirt on Preston’s situation when he tells her that if he is not married by the time he is 28 (which is in 2 weeks) he will lose his entire trust fund. He claims that he doesn’t want to tell Naomi because he has genuine feelings for her, so he doesn’t want Annie to say anything either. Even though he tells Annie that he will wait the two weeks until his birthday to see if the trust fund can be adjusted, he turns around and proposes to an ecstatic Naomi!
  • PILF: Annie is still bummed that her hot volunteer surfer dude, for whom she has the hots, is a “priest I’d like to f**k.” But she does still need him as a friend who can talk to a mourning Ivy. Annie comes close to confessing her feelings but chickens out. Not much else to report, other than that Caleb is instrumental in organizing a wake on the beach with an illegal fire.
  • To be or not to be: Vanessa is determined to make Liam a serious actor who can do indies. She even snags Liam a crazy big part in a movie despite Liam being rejected initially. When confronted, Vanessa admits that she blackmailed the movie exec “for Liam and their future.” FINALLY Liam wakes up and realizes that Vanessa is one giant liar and manipulator and tells her to leave. Wahoo!!! Unfortunately, I don’t think this girl will leave without a sinister plot. Liam immediately realizes that Vanessa stole all the money in the cash register and took their production company money. Sorry dude, but knowing what kind of person Vanessa is—and breaking up with her—you should have seen that coming and prevented it. But I do wonder if this is the last we will see of the schemer, or only the beginning of her revenge.
  • Back from Back East: Navid returns for Raj’s funeral and he is really hurt that so much drama has gone down among his friends and no one remembered what a cell phone is to bother calling him. Navid especially confronts Silver about her getting tested for the cancer gene and they get into a big fight—exactly what Silver didn’t want. She assumes Liam spilled the beans, but the two quickly realize that it must have been Vanessa. Later after the wake, Navid and Silver finally have a heart-to-heart and he tells her that he wants to be there for her. He is sorry she had to go through her problems alone, but Silver’s eyes reflect that she was not alone—she had Liam by her side. Silver runs home to finally face the mail and read her fate. Upon reading the bad news, she runs into the arms of…Liam. Yeah, this was a long time coming, but still ridic that Vanessa literally left the scene like 5 minutes ago.
  • Music of the Night: Dixon continues to keep his new recording contract a secret from Ade because he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Ade doesn’t want to press Dixon on his strange behavior because she is worried the stress will cause more health scares. Adrianna eventually tracks Dixon down at a club where he will be performing with Haley Reinhart. Ade confronts Dixon just before Raj’s wake and things don’t go so well. He finally tells her about his contract and she is very hurt that he chose his career over her. They never get a chance to resolve things because Dixon takes off on tour with Haley. Not exactly the best way to save a relationship.
  • The “Waking” Dead: Caleb the soon-to-be-priest is able to get Ivy to talk about Raj, and she admits that the funeral was so off-putting because it didn’t reflect who Raj really was. Since her mother-in-law gave her the ashes, Ivy agrees to a more celebratory service for her late husband. The gang gives him a drunken-Irish wake to truly honor his personality. It is a nice scene and a great way to say honest goodbyes by sharing memories. Too bad we (the audience) have to take all these memories at their word—because we never experienced any of these moments. Therein lies the difference between this “spinoff” and the original series: in the original series we shared their memories; in this series, we are told their memories. Ivy brings it to a close with another good bit of acting—this time her anger at Raj leaving her—and that makes Ivy two-for-two in the drama department! Just when we thought that Ivy made progress in getting her grief out, she ends the episode by doing some dangerous night surfing.

And so we stay tuned until April 24!


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4 Responses to 90210 Recap – Blue Ivy

  1. Don says:

    Tonight’s episode was one of the best of the season, I think! I was losing my faith in 90210 for a while but I believe my faith has been restored!

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  4. Karyn says:

    I don’t like Liam and Silver together…I like them as friends, but I guess the writers were running out of male leads on the show that have yet to be with Silver. Remember Ethan?! I don’t think they ever got together. Also, how exactly was Navid “different?”

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