Mad Men Premiere Tonight

To help us all get excited for Mad Men tonight, here is a post from blog partner Mars Musings!

Mad Men Season 5 Premieres Tonight – Special VIDEO

Tonight has finally come. Mad Men is premiering its fifth season on AMC for a 2 hour block, yes two hours, starting at 9PM ET. We’ve waited long enough. The whole gang is back and from what I heard on the radio two days ago from critics it sounds like it’ll be a good season. According to the critic (little spoiler alert) we’re only moving forward about a year of so to mid 1966. He also said that the costumes and colors are changing to reflect the fast changing times of the 1960s. I have no idea what the plot line will look like but it’s been long enough that I’ll accept anything for a couple episodes.

If you’ve forgotten what’s happened in the past 500 or so days since Mad Men aired check out a recap at the Huffington Post.

I’m guessing you’re wondering what the special video is, right? Well it’s actually two awesome mad men teaser commercials with a special Walking Dead theme. They aired on the penultimate and ultimate episodes of Walking Dead season 2. The first one compares the Mad Men characters to their counterparts in Walking Dead and if you know both shows it’s actually pretty funny. I’ll admit that if you’re only a Mad Men fan it won’t be as good but I think you’ll still get a kick. My favorite line is “Drinks like Herschel used to.” The second one is just sort of waking zombies and is some sort of tip of the hat to the fact that they’ve been off the air for so long. Get excited and enjoy. Videos below.

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