90210 Recap – The Heart Will Go On

Season 4, Episode 19
The Heart Will Go On

I am not going to lie—that was actually a rather dramatically powerful episode of 90210. I know I often [read: always] make fun of this absurd show, but tonight really packed a few emotional punches. I might not hit my quota of snarky comments in this recap because I don’t have as much stuff to make fun of!

  • The ties that bind: Naomi is still enraged at her selfish sister Jenn for faking a truce and then running off to chase Preston—the man of both their dreams—behind her back. And when Naomi is pissed, you better watch out. Then again, the same can be said for Jenn. Naomi is ready to kick the returning Jenn to the curb, with all her fancy luggage of course, but Jenn has a bad stomach virus and literally cannot move (except to a poolside lounge chair in the courtyard). Naomi the nursemaid squabbles with her patient about all the times in their lives when Jenn betrayed her. But Jenn claims that some of those things she actually did to protect her little sis, even if it didn’t seem that way. Ultimately, Naomi returns home to make amends after witnessing several of her friends deal with real life or death issues, to find Jenn gone but Preston there “choosing” to be with her. They sleep together and then Naomi gets a call from Jenn, who is at the airport but wants to say goodbye and that she loves her. Just before Jenn boards the plane, she mentions that she heard some scandalous things about Preston. So—what do you think? Is this another scam to sabotage Naomi and Preston? Or is Jenn being sincere in wanting to warn Naomi about something?
  • All in the family: Silver is still concerned she might have the breast cancer gene, but she is determined to go through with the test so that she can know. Fortunately, Liam is being very supportive and agrees to secretly go with her because Silver doesn’t want everyone knowing until she has results. I keep waiting for Silver and Liam to become more than just friends. Vanessa apparently thinks Liam and Silver are already sneaking around behind her back. Well, technically they are—but it is for a medical appointment. Just as Vanessa confronts Silver and starts to get all psycho-jealous, Liam overhears and I was hopeful her brand of crazy would finally be exposed. Nope. Liam and Silver spill the beans instead about the hospital visit and practically beg for forgiveness. Lame. In the process, Liam also drops the secret that Dixon was in the hospital too—just in time for concerned sis Annie to overhear.
  • Somebody call 911…shawty fire burning on the dance floor. DJ Dixon is still super stressed about how to handle being offered a record contract minus a certain girlfriend. He ends up having a quasi-stroke/attack at the music studio when Ade shows up for a surprise visit and the two start fighting. The doc thinks he has a heart defect that was stimulated from his drug use a few months ago. Ade is very worried for her boyfriend and even ends the episode by saying she is quitting the music biz because she doesn’t want to add any more stress to their relationship. Meanwhile, sister Annie grows very worried for her brother’s health. She performs a sister act by getting more involved in her charity work, forging a friendship with a fellow volunteer, going to pray for her friends, and then discovering that new friend Caleb is a priest! Holy mother—that’s a new twist. So, will Dixon keep going with his solo career despite Ade dropping out and his own health risks? And will Annie head down a religious path?
  • Til death they do part: During Dixon’s visit to the hospital, he happens upon a dying Raj, who is in stage four of his cancer. It was good to see Raj again, but bad to see him in this condition. Dixon is shocked, since he (and everyone else, including Ivy) was under the impression that Raj’s cancer was in remission and he had moved to Baltimore to fulfill his dream of going to med school. Raj begs Dixon not to tell Ivy because he doesn’t want her watching him die. Dixon struggles over what to do and even seeks advice from Liam, but ultimately determines that the truth is best. He tells Ivy at the charity event and she rushes to his side. In one of this show’s most emotionally poignant scenes [not that there are many to compare it to] Ivy and Raj have a really intense reunion in the hospital as she tells him she doesn’t care what he wants because she wants to be there with him. I do want to give her props for a genuinely good joke to help lighten the somber mood in the hospital room: as she and Raj are arguing over why he lied to protect her, Ivy says, “Well I guess it’s a good thing we’re getting divorced.” Not long later, poor Raj dies and Ivy is heartbroken, all over again. Her future plans remain in limbo. Earlier in the episode she had told new boy Diego that they should each follow their own dreams—his to be an artist and hers to travel. Will Ivy disappear for a while in the wake of Raj’s death?

So what did you think of this very heavy episode named after the song from Titanic? Any plans to go see Titanic 3D next month? Sadly, these kids were toddlers when that movie came out.

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