How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Broath

Season 7, Episode 19
The Broath

There was quite a bit of “quinteresting” action on tonight’s new How I Met Your Mother. And, despite the fact that it was the first new episode after a mini-break, we have another mini-break ahead of us—so the end-of-episode teasers will linger with us for a while. That’s OK though—because so much keeps happening each new episode that I find myself needing time to digest it all!

This episode centered around Quinn, a.k.a. Karma, a.k.a. Barney’s new girlfriend. As I am sure you recall, Quinn is a stripper at Barney’s favorite club, the Lusty Leopard, where she goes by the name Karma. Apparently some time has passed since Barney wooed an initially disinterested Quinn, and the two have really hit it off. So much so that Barney makes Ted swear to a bro oath—a “broath”—that he will keep Quinn’s occupation a secret so that the rest of the gang will give her a chance when he introduces them. I was already worried that things were moving way too quickly—and so was the gang—but that is usually a red flag that the writers have a twist up their sleeve. Sure enough…

Quinn hosts a dinner at her awesome apartment to meet everyone, and they all leave wondering if they can trust her: Is she too controlling? Is she just using Barney for his money? [side note: I don’t think Quinn is hard-up for money]. In addition to worrying about Quinn’s motives, Lily, Marshall, Ted and Robin also find self-centered things to quarrel about. Marshall and Lily spend the episode debating whether Marshall can tell sex stories since they all know Lily is always “the girl” in them. This wasn’t the most original story line—nor was it at all necessary—but I guess they had to give Marshall and Lily something to talk about. Either way, Marshall and Lily are always adorable and their awesomeness as a couple sells it.

Ted and Robin’s fight, though, is actually intertwined in the main action of Barney and Quinn announcing that they are moving in together. Since Robin moved out and Ted gave up his apartment to Lily and Marshall, the two former best friends are each in need of new living arrangements. Ted has been crashing in student housing at Columbia—where he teaches—and Robin has been living with Patrice—whom she shrieks at constantly for “smothering.” I don’t blame them for bickering over the apartment—it is super nice…plus rent controlled! The gang may be preoccupied with their own issues, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have time for an inter…wait for it…vention! YES! How I long for that banner to make an appearance at a good old-fashioned friendly intervention, or in this case a “Quintervention.”

The Quintervention gets pretty “quintense” rather quickly—and the gang actually feels sorry when it causes Quinn to break up with and even smack Barney for being ashamed of her occupation and trying to keep it a secret. Barney makes them not only take a broath of forgiveness, but the ladies have to kiss, followed by the gentlemen. I loved how Lily got way into her kiss with Robin, whom she has always had a girl crush on, and how Marshall and Ted gave each other quite a sweet peck. But the joke was on all of them, since the entire “move in” announcement and ensuing break-up was all staged as an evil and elaborately staged game. Yes, Quinn and Barney are truly two peas in a pod who both enjoy messing with their friends for fun. Except that now Barney and Quinn really want to move in together! I am excited for a shake-up when it comes to Barney’s personal life, but this truly is very rushed. I wish we could have seen this relationship build more, but then again the intensity of their quick get-together might result in an equally quick and intense break-up. But not before the writers play a game with us and make us question who Barney’s bride is!

Some quotable moments:


  • Everything about the sacred monk-like “broath” ceremony, particularly that Barney has a “monk guy” that arranged to have monks record a chant of “Bro”
  • “I, Ted ‘why did I ever tell you my middle name’ Mosby” (Ted Evelyn Mosby)
  • Ned, Martin and Milly (the “lame” college students that Ted has been living with in his temporary student housing, who look an awful lot like college Ted, Marshall and Lily)
  • “We are just looking out for your best interests” (Ted); “Ahem” (Marshall) “Qinterests” (Ted)
  • Flashback to “Broman Times” when Brotus (Ted) betrayed his Bro.
  • “And then he banged like 100 chicks and invented a salad” (Barney, about Bro Caesar)
  • “I feel bad for his future kids, dude” (Ned, Martin and Milly)

We ended tonight with Robin learning she got a promotion at work—one that we knew was coming since she stepped in on New Year’s Eve for Sandy Rivers. She will now be his co-host, and that also means she can afford her own sweet digs. This also means that Ted can be the lucky winner of Quinn’s sublease. Considering that Marshall and Lily are also magically moved into the old Ted-Marshall apartment (what happened to their other properties!?) and that Quinn will be moving in with Barney, this is officially the biggest real-estate shake-up of any sitcom I can recall. Just as the dust seemed to be settling, Quinn dropped the hint that she would stop stripping if—hypothetically—she were to get married. And Ted told us that despite he and Robin trying to get ‘back to normal’ as friends, they wouldn’t see each other for a long time. We all knew it was coming, but this still makes me sad. And intrigued!


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