How I Met Your Mother Recap – Karma

Season 7, Episode 18

Tonight’s “Karma” was another enjoyable episode with a little twist at the end. All in all, I think we can say that HIMYM gave us three out of four solid episodes this February Sweeps. I still shudder at the thought of the Burning Beekeeper, which may be the show’s least funny and most pointless episode of all time, but thankfully these last three episodes have given us lots of laughs and lots to think about.

Is Karma Barney’s Destiny?
No, Destiny works over at the Melon Patch strip club now. Ha! But in all seriousness, Barney is quite serious about Quinn (i.e. Karma to her customers at the strip club) and it is not everyday that he has genuine feelings for girl. Even more rare is Barney admitting he has real feelings for someone, so this is a big deal. Unfortunately for Barney, he is rather like the boy who cried wolf, or in this case the boy who cried lap dance one too many times.  Over the years he has treated most women like sexual objects, and now that he wants to date Quinn because he feels a connection with her, she uses him for money. Barney initially refuses to see or admit that Karma is just playing him for amazing tips (Rolex watch anyone?) despite Ted trying to enlighten him to her ways. When Barney finally catches on to the act that her “manager giving the stink eye” is a ficus plant, he shows glimpses of the maturity and growth we witnessed last week when he discussed Robin with Ted. Later, when Barney bumps into Karma at a coffee shop, it is his turn to cut off their convo with the music and speak the truth. Turns out “Karma” can come back around and change its/her tune, because when Barney says she is one girl who would be making a mistake in turning him down for a date, she buys him a coffee.  We all know that things will soon heat up between the two of them…but the big question remains: is she his future bride?

East Meadow Tribe of the SnugIts
A homeless and heartbroken Robin moves in temporarily with Marshall and Lily out in Long Island…or so she thinks. Marshall and Lily seem a tad too eager to have a houseguest joining their suburban tribe and practically hold Robin captive. I absolutely loved Robin treating the experience like an anthropological study of a different culture, complete with Lily’s diary and aboriginal music. Robin can’t quite stomach the lame activities, early bedtimes and menus with pictures of food, so she decides to fake a stomach ache and sneak out during Bingo time rather than spend one more night in a “SnugIt” eating ice cream. Too bad for Robin that her great escape is foiled by Marshall and Lily: “BINGO…was cancelled.” But when Robin exclaims that the ‘Burbs are not for her, Marshall and Lily admit that they too are not happy out in Long Island, which is why they were so happy to have company. The only reason they have not moved back into the city is because they think the house is better for the baby.

Empty Chairs and Empty Tables
Ted was about as sad and lonely as Marius at the end of Les Mis after all his friends have been killed in the revolution. But I get it—losing Marshall as a longtime roommate a few years back was really tough. Robin was able to step in, and that led to its own co-dependency. Now, for the first time, Ted is truly alone—no roommate and an empty room in the only New York apartment that he has known as home. He tries everything to fill the void—both literally and figuratively. After trying and failing at numerous hobbies, from woodshop to pottery, he still cannot shake the ghost of Robin. And then when actual Robin spills the beans that Marshall and Lily are not happy in the suburbs, Ted decides that the apartment needs to be rid of his own ghost. Yes, somehow Ted is miraculously able to move all of his earthly belongings out of the apartment in a land-speed record—and even paint the spare room blue for a baby nursery—and he wills the apartment to his dear friends Marshall and Lily. Turns out Ted never took Marshall’s name off the lease. But now Ted’s name is off the lease.

Some favorite lines and moments from tonight’s episode:


  • “When did I become such a gooey romantic?” (Barney, said while switching lap dance girls with Ted)…and pretty much the entire visual of Barney and Ted discussing their sensitivity while in a strip club.
  • Barney thinking he sees Quinn everywhere… and then she is actually dancing on that pole.
  • Lily’s journal, containing violent thoughts about Marshall’s mother.
  • “You’ll come for the 19th century thimble art…but you’ll stay for the Dutch masters on bottle caps” (the local Miniature Museum offers tons of fun, according toe Marshall).
  • Ted’s BBQ apron: ”Smokin’ Hot”
  • “It is Day Four on this island, which the natives have dubbed ‘Long Island,’ perhaps referencing how each hour here feels like it may never end” –Robin writing of her cultural experience, which includes other observations like “A pre-literate society, their menus display pictures of the food they offer” and that the natives wear “a primitive shroud called a SnugIt.”
  • “Is it a jig? If so, it’s up!” (Barney to Karma about her next “dance”).
  • Ted attempting to throw pottery like in Ghost…but that goes out the window, literally.
  • “Well at my job we don’t rip out people’s hearts for money” (Barney, who maybe wants to rethink that statement…we all know GNB has some shady business practices).
  • The broken crib—another byproduct of Ted’s failed hobbies.

The episode ended with a solo Ted walking down the street, having just handed over the sacred apartment to Marshall and Lily. This ending was quite rushed and a tad crazy—mainly for Marshall and Lily who literally just settled into their home. It seems absurd that they just sold their condo in the city only to now become renters again. But that apartment is a character in the show, so some member(s) of the gang have to live there! On that note, where was Ted headed? And where will he live?

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2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother Recap – Karma

  1. Karyn says:

    The part where Ted’s chair breaks and when he breaks the window with the pottery were two of the funniest moments I have seen on this show in a while. I literally couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard.

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