90210 Recap – Trust, Truth and Traffic

Season 4, Episode 15
Trust, Truth and Traffic

Tonight’s 90210, “Trust, Truth and Traffic” was all about owning up and taking the heat. It was also kind of about Carmageddon Part 2 in Los Angeles, which the show liked to keep mentioning, but all that detail did was explain why so many ‘trapped in traffic’ people showed up to party at Liam’s bar. It doesn’t say much for your bar that people will only come when they are literally stuck in the area. Even though the traffic wasn’t moving (well, for half the characters), I will say that we got lots of movement across various storylines in this episode.

  • We didn’t start the fire: Dixon and Austin are feeling the heat from the Kappa House fire fall-out. Dixon looked so cagey I thought he was back to his ADHD med addiction. Austin played it a little more cool, and even found the humor in the situation: “Nobody got hurt—they lost a couple of Ryan Gosling posters.” But both boys got nervous when Annie’s former friend (and escort ring-leader) Brie came to crash at their beach pad due to the house fire. The guys became blubbering idiots around Brie, asking her questions about the fire to see if they somehow could have caused it. Way to be subtle, boys. They do pick up some interesting intelligence when Brie spills that the fire started in a bathroom and the authorities think it is arson. But they quickly blow it by speaking a little too loudly about how they vandalized the Kappa house that night of the fire—and of course Brie hears everything. Unfortunately, this chit chat comes around to bite them in the ass…
  • Burn baby, buuuurn: The police arrive at the beach house with an anonymous tip that Dixon and Austin vandalized the Kappa house, and they immediately find lighter fluid under Dixon’s bed. Of course we know that Dixon has been set-up, but things don’t look so good for him. Dixon thinks that Austin threw him under the bus, but Annie knows it is her former escort buddy Brie. She confronts Brie, who surprisingly fesses up very quickly to Annie. Brie admits to Annie that she accidentally started the house fire because she burned her escort client list to get rid of the evidence for the ongoing police investigation, but then left the house not knowing it started a fire. When she heard Dixon and Austin talking about how they were there that night throwing eggs and toilet paper, it was the perfect opportunity to frame someone else for the fire. Win-win for her, right?  Well, despite the fact that Brie is too dumb to know that firefighters can tell where and how fires start, she does seem to find a way off the hook for both starting the blaze and running an escort business since all evidence is conveniently destroyed. Can I just pause for one moment to say how absurd it is that a printed sheet of paper with client names is the evidence that is soooooo disconcerting for Brie! Really? I mean, you really couldn’t have gotten rid of a piece of paper some other way before now? And you aren’t still concerned about your phone and email records being the real evidence against you? Well, thank god that one piece of paper is destroyed, phew!  OK, moving on. Brie tells Annie all this because she thinks Annie won’t bust her because then Annie herself would be in hot water from her own involvement as an escort. Just when we think Annie is finally ready to do the mature thing and be truthful to everyone (ha!), she admits to Austin that her escorting paid for Dixon’s rehab, and Austin decides to take the heat for the Wilson siblings. Austin makes up a story that he started the fire and will turn himself in, because he has less to lose than Annie or Dixon. Wow—not only does Austin let every homeless teen in L.A. crash in his beach house, but he is also willing to get jail time for his buddies. That is some friendship!
  • It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to: If you give a mouse a cookie…she’s gunna want a glass of milk. Liam quickly learns that telling Vanessa she can “have at” a re-branding party for his sometimes-popular-but-not-this-week beach bar means that she will quickly take all the money from the cash register and spend it on tons of tacky promotional items. The biggest offender, by far, is that ridiculous t-shirt that looks like Liam’s abs are peeking out. Liam is not a happy camper so he recruits Naomi to put the reigns on these ideas, but his plans go awry when the two party gals actually agree about spending money to make money. I smell a future business partnership between Naomi and Vanessa, especially now that the former wants to start her own company. Somehow—don’t ask me how—the traffic from carmageddon that seems to only impact half the characters gives Naomi and Liam some alone time which they use to give each other “believe in yourself” pep talks. Their delay also gives Vanessa the chance to prove her party planning skills—because by the time Liam and Naomi arrive, Offshore is hopping with people who were “stuck” on the beach plus the band All-American Rejects, who just so happened to be in traffic nearby. OK, whatever. Oh, and Naomi did her physics science project for her T.A. at the party by balancing forks on toothpicks. You would have thought she cured cancer by how proud she was of herself for meeting an assignment deadline. Wow, I went to the wrong college.
  • Driving Miss Maizy: Greg and Silver are still full steam ahead, and he even agrees to let Silver pick Maizy up from pre-school since he is going to be late. Little does he know that Maizy’s not-always-mentally-stable birth mother, Adrianna, overhears their conversation and confronts Silver about things. At this point in the episode, Silver is the one making sense: Ade gave her baby up, Greg is the father, and life moves on—so Ade needs to let Greg be the father and make the decisions, even if he and his wife are no longer together to raise Maizy. When Ade shows up at the pre-school pretending to be Silver and takes Maizy, Silver also has the appropriate gut reaction to call the police. But somehow idiotic Navid (brain trauma from his injuries over the holidays?) talks her out of reporting a genuine kidnapping; instead the two decide to take a stroll down memory lane in Ade’s bedroom, hoping they can find clues like Nancy Drew. Even though it all works out in the end—and Silver and Adrianna even repair their friendship when the former sees that the later was never going to harm Maizy—Silver quickly proves how immature she is for doing absolutely everything wrong in this situation. Greg has every right to be upset that he did not get to handle how and when his own daughter would meet her birth mother and that he can no longer trust Silver. They break up, and this makes me happy because they were such a boring couple. So I guess something good did come from Ade for once!

I ended my post with this last time, but again—Ivy was there. They have not given this girl anything to do since the Raj storyline. This week we saw a collaboration beginning to form between Ivy and her boyfriend’s ex, who happens to run an art gallery. But, Ivy is kept so separate from the drama of the group that it is easy to forget her. Another comment I made last week also came up from the characters themselves: Annie and Silver actually teased Naomi about never going to class! Ha! But, come on—Annie and Silver aren’t even students at CU yet they hang around campus like creepsters—so they are really not ones to talk.

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