90210 Recap – Project Runaway

Season 4, Episode 11
Project Runaway

I knew we were in for a lot of action tonight when the recap at the beginning brought up story lines I could barely recall from weeks ago. And sure enough, every major story and character from this season got some airtime tonight, including an official farewell for Teddy. So without further delay, let’s get down to “serious as butt cancer” business and jam like Dixon!

  • Fashion Dilemma: Naomi is ready to tackle her next wardrobe challenge, literally. With Austin nowhere to be seen tonight, she decides her latest dream is to win CU’s project runway-esque fashion design challenge judged by Janice Dickinson. Jeesh, CU has a contest for everything! And just who should be competing against Naomi? Why her arch-nemesis sorostitute Holly of course! Oh it’s on, snap. First Holly steals Naomi’s (hideous) metallic designs, then she has the nerve to ‘steal’ model Liam by—gasp—actually booking him through his agency. Sorry Naomi, but smarts won that round. Somehow, Liam walking the runway like he is actually enjoying himself is an act of sabotage against Holly (personally, I have no idea what was so awful about his behavior). Then Naomi kicks her designs up a notch by shredding them and ‘making it work’…and getting full hair and make-up done for herself in under three minutes. Even though the crowd goes wild (huh?) Janice Dickinson appears back stage just in time to see an actual cat-fight break out between the girls. She also delivers the worst line reading in the history of this show (and that’s really saying something for 90210) to tell Naomi and Holly that their designs don’t work. But it’s not all bad news for our fearless leader, since she gets offered a coveted event planning internship. How it never dawned on Naomi that she could be a good party planner is beyond me, since all she does is throw a massive party every week. She gleefully accepts and even buries the hatchet with Holly…but this truce may not last for long! We discover that event planner is actually Holly’s mom who rejected her own daughter in favor of Naomi.
  • How much is that necklace in the window? The gals are having a little pity party, which apparently is not allowed in Naomi’s house. Since when is ice cream and TV so horrible? I may be enjoying those two things at this very moment. Anyways, Naomi tries to snap some sense into her friends, even going so far as to suggest that Annie start paying rent! From the look of horror and confusion on Annie’s face, I am not convinced the girl had ever even heard of the word. But she must know it has to do with money, and that is something knows she doesn’t have. Annie does try to put together a reasonable plan that for once doesn’t involve prostituting herself. She tracks down Marla’s grandson, Jeremy, to see if they can put their legal troubles to rest and simply split the inheritance. He actually agrees, however Annie’s lawyer drops the news that they need to add to the total estate the necklace that Marla gifted Annie. No biggie—except that little orphan Annie hocked the necklace right after Marla died. Annie naively rejects Liam’s offer of help (and deep pockets!) and attempts to track down the jeweler. Shocker that the necklace was sold a while back. Shocker that Jeremy was the one who bought it. Shocker than Annie is shocked.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Not much to say about Liam in this episode—he kept pretty busy being everyone’s bestie. Oh, and he had to dress as Robert Pattinson in Twilight for a tween birthday party on the beach…haha! I barely recognized him at first! Yes, Liam is still working off his agency debt by having to put up with embarrassing jobs. Best line was definitely Liam’s disdain for his vampire gig, “I’m not a monkey! I’m a model!”
  • When two become one: The episode began with Dixon and Adrianna in bed together, and it ended with Dixon embedding Ade’s music into his latest mix. These two are practically one annoying super-person now! I still cannot get on board with the new Adrianna because, again, the writers ruined her beyond repair last season, and this season have gone overboard in remaking her into some sort of saint. She currently serves as Dixon’s conscience, trying to help him make good decisions post-rehab. OK, first of all—since when is Dixon out of rehab? Last week he was only on Thanksgiving break from rehab and Annie was still forking over wads of money to pay for it. This week he and Ade are in super cuddle  mode and playfully teasing each other for snoring and sheets-hogging…awwww (gag). Their romantic time is only interrupted when the sketchiest dude from Dixon’s rehab bursts into their bedroom and tackles them. Yes, you read that correctly, a random guy secretly broke into Dixon’s house and barged into the bedroom unannounced, and no one freaked out. Ade is immediately concerned by J.D.’s behavior, since he makes it clear that drugs, music and rehab are one big creative cycle. He did make some sense though, “Trust me, you don’t want to hear the music I make while sober.” Despite Ade’s protests, Dixon attends a concert with his bud and they get to go backstage, where inexplicably the band tells Dixon that they listen to his ‘stuff’ i.e. music. Right. When they want him to spin for them in a private jam session, Dixon gets a little nervous and has an intense moment of soul-searching in the bathroom. He ends up forgoing the drugs and instead gets a helping hand from Adrianna, in the form of an online video of her latest song performance. So, will we soon be treated to (i.e. tortured with) a boyfriend-girlfriend musical act? I totally want to brainstorm names for this new duo! How about DJ Band-Ade?
  • Moving On: Teddy is still pissed at Silver for accidentally sending the fake gay wedding video to Marissa’s campaign, which caused him embarrassment and family troubles. Silver is still pissed at Navid for hooking up with a girl in Vegas (so she thinks) and his continued nonsense with his uncle. Navid is pissed to learn that Silver has moved on so quickly to a new guy—volunteer Greg we met in the Thanksgiving episode, who we still don’t know anything about. Teddy’s off-again/on-again boyfriend Shane is pissed that Teddy won’t use his fame and status for a good cause, like helping the gay rights platform. And with Raj out of the picture for now, Ivy has nothing to do other than laugh excessively during a beach volleyball game in between her self-deprecating jokes about being a young divorcée. So, yeah, basically everyone is boo-hooing over something. Silver stops by her pad and tells Navid to move out—umm it’s about time—while Navid makes a fool of himself thinking that a gay guy is Silver’s new boyfriend. He tries to explain about the Vegas incident, but Silver won’t hear it. Silver will take Teddy’s apologies, though, and the duo reclaim their friendship status. But Teddy realizes that rather than run away from his problems, he needs to be a part of positive change. The gang says goodbye (for good?) to their friend as Teddy departs with Shane for Washington, DC!

I am sad to see Teddy go, but I gotta say…his departure is nothing like how the original show said goodbye to the likes of Brenda, Andrea, Dylan, Brandon and practically everyone else from the original Beverly Hills 90210 cast. Even peripheral character Scott got a more emotional send-off by accidentally shooting himself at his own birthday party. What did you think of tonight’s jam-packed episode? And who else is excited for next week’s Christmas fare?

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