90210 Recap – Smoked Turkey

Season 4, Episode 10
Smoked Turkey 

Tonight, let us pause for a minute to gives thanks to a show that provides heaping helpings of entertainment each week. Sure, it may not have the finest quality ingredients, but sometimes that’s OK. The characters and writing continue to make me laugh every week. This Thanksgiving episode, “Smoked Turkey,” brought a lot of juicy moments to the table.

  • Guess who’s coming to dinner: Liam decides to throw a “totally random dinner party” (i.e. Thanksgiving) and his friends all make plans to attend the festivities at Naomi’s mansion. Oh, except for Navid, who we must assume is too busy trying to play cops and robbers to nab his uncle. Liam’s friends doubt his cooking skills, and guess what? They are right to question it! Liam has no idea that you need to spend hours basting and cooking a bird…but it’s the thought that counts, right? You see, Liam and all his family-less friends sure do need a good solid holiday memory, and now that Liam has money he is determined to give them one. Gee, for a bunch of “homeless” kids, they sure all do have some very nice homes. Liam is in for a surprise, however, when his mommy-dearest shows up at the door claiming she has left the a-hole stepdad that Liam hates. Too bad for her that Annie is an idiot and answers the wrong cell phone. Liam and Annie quickly piece together that Liam’s mom Colleen needs some of Liam’s new riches to fund a life without her wealthy husband. Come on Liam—do you really expect your sister…errr…your incredibly young looking mom…to go back to cleaning houses?! Liam realizes that his true family is his friends, and he opts to give his mom some money as long as she knows it doesn’t come with a side of Liam.
  • Doing “charity work”: Annie claims that she is busy doing ‘charity work,’ to which Naomi astutely observes, “it usually is” thinking that Annie is still seeing guys for money. Annie is trying to keep it quiet, though, since her friends think she should break up with Patrick and because there is just a slight problem that her friend’s escort service is being investigated—“Nothing big, just some girls got arrested for prostitution…blah blah blah.” But Annie really needs funds so that Dixon can keep making ugly clay sculptures at a pottery class, oh, I mean continue to stay at a super expensive rehab facility in Santa Barbara. It truly has been a tough situation now that Annie and Dixon are parentless because Ma and Pa Wilson are too busy with their new loves to be bothered by a son in rehab and a prostitute daughter. Silver catches on to Annie’s odd sneaky behavior, which is amazing considering how clever Annie’s plan was to change the ringtone for Patrick’s calls. Annie covers with a story that Marla’s inheritance came through after all, so now she has oodles of money. Meanwhile, Dixon struggles with wanting to tell the truth to his friends and be with Adrianna. He finally confesses at the dinner party, saying something along the lines of, ‘hey everyone…I’m a drug addict…Happy Thanksgiving!’ You can always count on this brother-sister duo to serve up a major portion of ridiculousness.
  • Clueless: With Navid still out of the picture, Silver blatantly flirts with this guy she awkwardly meets on campus while volunteering for the food drive. I love how Silver doesn’t even attend CU, yet somehow is involved with all these campus activities. Why don’t you just enroll for some classes while you are there? Even though everyone can see that Greg is into Silver—and excited by her Thanksgiving dinner invite—she is the only one who doesn’t catch on until the very end. In fact, she even attempts to set him up with Annie. I am going to paraphrase here, but let’s just say her love-connection introduction went something like this: “Greg is an American lit professor and published poet! Annie is a paid escort and has a horrible laugh! You two would be so cute together!” Silver eventually kisses Greg and tells him how much she likes him—from, ya know, their 2 seconds of conversation. Maybe she had trouble seeing her feelings behind that obstructing hat.
  • Blazing emotions: All Naomi wants is to sleep with her new boy Austin now that he is back from Vegas. She buys new lingerie to give him something to be thankful for, so imagine her shock and horror when he turns her down to take the world’s most instantaneous nap (are we sure he is not narcoleptic?). Naomi thinks Austin needs a manly ego boost to get his mojo going, so what better activity to do than a spontaneous horseback ride through the hills. When they get into a big fight, Austin leaves her between a rock and a hard place, literally. Naomi’s foot is trapped beneath a rock and for a moment I was genuinely concerned that we were going to have to suffer through a Beverly Hills version of the movie 127 Hours. To pass the time and stay calm, Naomi attempts to light a joint left in Austin’s backpack. Too bad she accidentally drops it and starts a wild fire, which ironically causes her friends to have to evacuate Naomi’s house! Austin eventually returns on Liam’s bike looking for her…and while her foot is still trapped and while they inhale dangerous wildfire smoke that doesn’t seem to have any effect on their breathing, that is when they choose to have their lovely heart-to-heart. Good timing, guys. Austin admits that his parents are getting divorced—to which I said, ‘wait, he has a mother?’ Naomi tells him she just wants to be with him. The two make-up and leave for her house…and we are left to wonder what became of the fire that was so dangerous it warranted evacuations. Also, where did her horse go? And, do the police not arrest people for arson when the excuse is that the person was just trying to get high to pass the time while being stuck between rocks?
  • Til Death Do Us Part?: Ever since Raj got good news about his cancer treatment, the show needed to manufacture arguments and tensions between our married lovebirds. So what better way to do that than to establish sudden dreams that each had been working so hard for and that they each had to follow. OK, I know that Raj has been busy fighting cancer and that going into medicine does make sense, but he seems really adamant about Hopkins even though there are plenty of great local med schools. And yes, I know that Ivy likes taking photos of her friends, but can she really claim she has been working extremely hard to follow her photography passion when I am pretty sure that Raj was the one who printed out some crappy pics she shot of her friends surfing and hung them up at a student show? The strain starts to take its toll as both refuse to compromise on their own ‘dreams’ and realize that when they married it never crossed their wildest dreams that forever was a reality. Just as each one realizes that they do want to stay committed to their relationship, Raj gets the sudden news that his cancer is back. So, rather than make Ivy give up her dream and watch him die, he chooses to lie and say he wants out of their marriage. Yikes—this is all going to end very badly and very sadly.

There were plenty more zingers tonight, such as Raj’s crack about Ocean City, Maryland being “the OC” of the East Coast or Ivy’s smirk that being “18 and Divorced” could make her a reality star. But, I am stuffed from all the crazy antics of “Smoked Turkey.” What did you think?

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