How I Met Your Mother Recap – The Rebound Girl

Season 7, Episode 11
The Rebound Girl

Remember in Full House how Michelle Tanner would say, “Whoa baby!” Well, tonight’s HIMYM we experienced “Bro Baby!” HIMYM is known for some classic Thanksgiving episodes—from the original “Slapsgiving,” to “Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap” and even last year’s excellent Blitzgiving, featuring one of my LOST favorites, Hurley! Tonight’s Thanksgiving episode was a pretty big departure from previous spins on the holiday, but change can be a good—and hilarious—thing. We got two separate and awesome stories that melded together into one intense bathroom cliffhanger that actually made me quote Michelle Tanner: Whoa Baby!

Two Bros and a Baby

Ted and Barney—and Ted can’t stress this enough—were having a pretty rough time. Ted was still suffering from some major romantic bummers (the return of Victoria and the Slutty Pumpkin in the same year!) while Barney was reeling from his break-up with Nora…and Robin’s continuing relationship with Kevin (but where was Kevin tonight?!). Anyways, in a drunken commiseration session, the two quickly conclude that girls suck and two straight bros should totally raise a baby because it is the best of both worlds—you can bang the nanny (or 3 nannies if you are Barney) and still be great fathers. Ted has his doubts, especially when he and Barney get into an argument about who should quit their job, but Ted especially freaks out when Barney shows up on Thanksgiving morning with a mysterious little one strapped to his belly a la The Hangover.

While Ted does enjoy their brief moment of stardom when every hot woman in the neighborhood flocks to their baby on the street, he knows this whole idea is a mistake. And when Barney’s brother James shows up with his partner and their other child, we quickly learn that little “Hurricane Stinson-Mosby” is actually baby Sadie. Ted also gets some advice from James, who knows what it is like to want to be a father but not have the opportunity. Ted learns it is worth the wait. I was surprised at how painful this advice is for Barney. I mean, I know Future Ted stresses that they are both a rather messed up in this episode—and I know that Barney has grown quite a bit in the past year or two—but to have him admit how badly he wants a child is somewhat surprising. I guess we could also chock it up to Barney wanting to be the father he never had growing up. Well, stay tuned as to whether that happens a lot sooner than we all thought.

Daddy’s Home

I was starting to wonder what happened to Lily’s grandparent’s house that they decided to sell a few episodes ago. Tonight my question was answered! Lily and Marshall put plans in motion to sell the place but first had to take a look at the staged furniture inside. It was so impressive that they both wanted to keep the house—and live in it until they die, or ya know, turn it into a year-round haunted house or destroy it with sledgehammers as a family. Robin was not taking this news well at all. She tried to remind them how awesome the city is…where else can you get a bootleg copy of a famous Korean movie at 4am? But all she can manage to do is knock down every lamp in their ever-shrinking apartment. Kudos to the set designer for hilariously shrinking the apartment to the point where Lily wants an epidural just merely looking at Marshall trying to squeeze a turkey through their teeny kitchen door. But I think my loudest laugh came courtesy of Robin—knocking over her umpteenth lamp—screaming: “Have you ever heard of overhead lighting???!!”

Fortunately for us, this was not Robin’s only outburst of the evening. One they arrived at the house to spend Thanksgiving, she locked herself in the bathroom like a raging teenager because she thought everyone else was acting crazy. Marshall visited her with a cheese plate through the bathroom window and tried to get at the source of her anger. Robin would only say that maybe she needed Marshall and Lily more than they thought. Even this comment didn’t prepare me for the big reveal when a sad Barney arrived in the bathroom to discuss wanting to be a father. Robin’s pregnant!

Who is the father? Does Robin even know herself? Where was Kevin? Will Robin end up having the baby? So many many questions! I have to hand it to the writers—unlike Lily’s pregnancy “twist,” I didn’t see this bombshell coming at all. Even better, they had me laughing the entire episode right up until the shocking bathroom convo.

Just a few of my favorite lines, as there were many:

  • “Barney’s single again, it’s what America’s been clamoring for” (Barney gets a little meta about his situation, except he doesn’t seem too convinced himself).
  • “If all three of us were gay, girlfriend, we all three of us would have some fuuun” (Ted not picking between Barney and Marshall)
  • “Yeah but that was the 80s. When you could swing by any inner-city playground in your limo and scoop up some kids.” (Barney realizing that life is not like Different Strokes)
  • Marshall’s running gag with wanting a sign from the universe about what to do…especially the “who ya gunna call…Ghostbusters!” We all know Marshall and Lily like their universe signs, such as waiting to see the final doppleganger to have a baby.
  • Ted imagining life in suburbs…with a dog their child would ride like a horse.
  • “Daddy’s home” (Barney, with a baby)
  • “Did Guy the ‘guy’ guy get you a baby guy?” (Ted freaked out that Barney has a random baby)
  • “You know, we hate girls…we wish we were gay…guy stuff” (Ted explaining their decision-making process to Lily)

What did you think of this Thanksgiving for our gang? There was no slapping, but lots of babies!

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